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Resep Donat Kentang – Potato Doughnuts Recipe

Potato Donuts today i will cooking potato donuts ingredients: all-purpose flour 500gr potatoes that have been boiled and mashed, 125gr butter 25gr sugar 5 tablespoons egg instant yeast 1 tablespoon bread improver 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon salt, vanilla and 100ml water put water into a bowl egg sugar salt vanilla …

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PB&J Doughnuts

Hi guys Im Caroline and I am Alejandra Today we are making Peanut Butter & Jelly Donuts We are gonna make a really simple Doughnut dough, and we are going to start off by using some warm milk I have little yeast hereand just a pinch of sugarand while thats …

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Home Shawarma with chicken at home

Mmmmm! Love the Shawarma! And today we will show how to cook at home Cut the chicken fillet in small pieces and fry in a pan until cooked Cut into strips pickles, Cut into small slices tomatoes Lay on the table the pita bread and grease it with mayonnaise Lay …

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