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Chicken shawarma The Best Recipe – Make It Easy Recipes


Hello, nice people from YouTube Welcome back to my channel in today's video I will give you a great recipe for chicken shawarma let's see the ingredients "The ingredients in Spanish are in the description of the video" We started cutting the chicken fillet in half now we will cut it into strips Once this is done we put the chicken on its side and we started working on the sauce for the marinade I'll put all the spices in a bowl first I'm going to mix the spices and then add the rest of the ingredients now I will add the rest lemon juice, vinegar tomato paste the yogurt olive oil I add the salt and I mix let's try the sauce before the marinade we add the chicken I mix well I put it in a bag closes easy to marinate it we can leave for 2 hours or we can leave it overnight they can leave it in a bowl covered with naylon or in a plastic bag that closes well we put olive oil in a pan at medium heat we add the chicken the cooking time for this amount is about 6 minutes Now I'm doing a shawarma sandwish I put garlic sauce I put the chicken click the photo above to see the recipe for this garlic sauce I put cucumbers using a pan to brown the sandwish adds a crispy touch to the sandwish it looks delicious I hope you enjoy this recipe I invite you to see my other recipes and of course do not forget to subscribe to my channel I see them next, bye

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