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Granny’s mekici (Bulgarian doughnuts) recipe


In a large bowl combine all dry ingredients( except the flour) and beat them toghether with the eggs Add the baking soda to the yogurt and mix to activate it Add it to the egg mixture and mix Sift the flour Start adding it slowly while whisking using a fork(recommended for a soft dough) or a whisk

Then, knead a soft dough Knead until dough becomes nice and smooth (The more you knead the better the dough becomes) Sprinkle some flour on it and leave it rest for about 40 min(of course it depends on the ambient temperature, warmer temperature-shorter time) Make small dough balls and place them in a pot heavily covered with oil

Roll the balls in the oil Leave it stay for 15 mins more Pour oil in a deeper pan and place pan to warm up Oil hands, form round shapes from dough, making a whole in the middle Put to fry until they get beautiful golden color Flip on the other side Place them in a plate and dust with powdered sugar Some homemade fig jam 🙂 Bon apetit!

Source: Youtube