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NO KNEAD DOUGHNUTS / vegan & deep fried


vegan donuts ingredients (list in the description) flour sugar yeast salt, gluten mix in another bowl, mix the wet ingredients soy milk margarine flax egg vanilla extract mix incorporate the dry ingredients cover and let rest all night the next morning spread the dough and form your donuts arrange them on a baking sheet cover them and let them rest and now you can fry them or bake them but the fryer is still better fry for about 45 seconds on each side or until they are slightly brown repeat the process let them cool and then you can decorate them spéculoos spread with speculoos (fondue) and speculoos reduced to crumbs Oreo vanilla icing (icing sugar, milk, vanilla extract) and oreos crumbled to pieces coconut vanilla icing, grated coconut chocolate melted chocolate, chocolate decoration

Source: Youtube