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Social Media

Candidates hire managers Hey, are you guys using social media to find a job or find candidates? Because if you're not doing yourself a disservice You know if you meet somebody out at a networking event And you love to make me work with them or you know, maybe get hired by them You know go out connect with them on LinkedIn see what they're into on social because I tell you what The agency world if they're good at what they do in the staffing world They're definitely using social media LinkedIn Instagram Twitter, you know all of them, you know We're still in a personal business where it's person-to-person and the machines have taken our jobs yet You know the days of posting out job and getting a qualified candidate within 48 hours is it's almost non-existent So if you're out and you shake somebody's hand and you meet them, you know See what they're into go out on social Don't be a stalker But you know connect with them on LinkedIn and other media's in that way, you know, you never know who you might meet I hope it helped check out more control


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