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How Podcasters are Making Money?

What is a podcast? According to the latest studies about 64% of Americans know the answer And if you’re one of the 124 million Americans that’s listened to one, you’ll know it’s basically just a fancy word for a pre-recorded audio series distributed over the internet The term itself was …

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SSS “You are Loved” Blog Hop

Hi everyone, I'm Amanda, welcome to my channel I'm sorry that I disappeared The last weeks I have not felt very well and besides, as you know it was Christmas, New Year and I have not had much time to make videos And the video of today is part of …

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Are Discounts Worth it for your E-Commerce Business?

I want to ask you how much does discounting play into your overall eCommerce strategy? It's funny, with ShineOn a little bit– A lot of these ecommerce stores, their status quo is to have discounts listed as a tool Is that something— do you use it a lot? Doesn't it …

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Study Confirms That Old People Are Sharing Most Of The Fake News On Social Media

According to the results of a new study, those over the age of 65 and those identifying themselves as ultra conservatives were seven times more likely than any other age group in this country or political group in this country to share fake news on social media Now, this is …

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