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Let’s Learn Chinese – How to Apologize in Chinese (feat. FAN BINGBING)

Hey guys, Cinnabarhorse here with another video on learning Chinese Today our topic is going to be Learning how to apologize in Chinese Which is something, if you've just come to China You'll probably be doing that a lot Because you're not really familiar with the culture too much Our …

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steamed chinese buns (baozi)

Hi everyone Welcome back to Gao's Chinese Cooking Today, we're going to steam some buns with shrimp and lamb filling Let's make the dough first Dissolve the yeast in warm water And then add all purpose flour The goal is to make a firm dough Rest for 30 minutes and …

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Chinese Samosa Recipe Video – Noodles Samosa Recipe

Namaskar and Welcome to nishamadhulikacom Today we will make noodles samosa These are also known as Chinese samosa The stuffing is prepared with vegetables and this Indo-Chinese samosa is a favorite street food Kids love eating this samosa Let's see what all ingredients are required for making noodles samosa Maida …

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