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Study Confirms That Old People Are Sharing Most Of The Fake News On Social Media

According to the results of a new study, those over the age of 65 and those identifying themselves as ultra conservatives were seven times more likely than any other age group in this country or political group in this country to share fake news on social media Now, this is …

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How to Perform Reps for Most Muscle Growth

JESSE: You know, one of the best things that Jeff’s taught me since I’ve been working for him has been, it’s not just the exercises you choose, but it’s how you do them [mechanical noises] JEFF: Jesse! Whoa! Whoa! JESSE: What’s up? JEFF: What are you doing? JESSE: All right …

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On Page Optimisation. Getting the Most out of Your Website | Limitless Digital

On page optimisation, it's probably not something that you've considered with your website A lot of web designers don't really do that for their clients And by that I mean when you've you know you've done the hard work and you've got clients or potential customers to visit your website, …

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