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Chicken Shawarma and Jerusalem Salad Recipe

[MUSIC PLAYING] Why not stay in tonight and save a couple of bucks by making your own takeout? Hi, everybody, I'm Kari Karch, the Kenmore in-house chef, and today we're going to make some Chicken Shawarma with Jerusalem salad First things first We need to grab some chicken that I …

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Home Shawarma with chicken at home

Mmmmm! Love the Shawarma! And today we will show how to cook at home Cut the chicken fillet in small pieces and fry in a pan until cooked Cut into strips pickles, Cut into small slices tomatoes Lay on the table the pita bread and grease it with mayonnaise Lay …

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How to Make Shawarma Piyaya ft. Chef Wawe

this is how you cook and make shawarma homemade first, you get some harina (flour) with water para hindi magpilit kapoy English ba then, K di nyu na pagpansina ang palibot kay kalain gid then, i- tawag sini- kailangan ang gamitun nyu nga pang-ipit is Carlo Rossi kay tung tung …

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Chef Vinod Nair on Knorr Chicken Shawarma

My name is Vinod Nair I'm the Executive Chef for Lulu Hypermarkets, and a co-creator for Knorr We worked with Knorr chefs to create something which is the basic and then we can modify it according to our requirement Knorr Chicken Shawarma Marinade is not just a ready-mix to us, …

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