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Successful Social Listening

The success of social listening programs typically depends on access to the right software and a well-trained analyst, like me, Traci Sesko, from Campus Sonar, and three key factors from effective query building, exhaustive sources, and flexible analysis tools If you’re focusing on one or two of these factors you …

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NASA Competition Winners Start Successful Business

I actually entered into the original Astronaut Glove Competition as a artist I also met my now business partner Nikolay, as a competitor at that competition in 2007 From that we were invited to Washington, DC to meet other Centennial Challenge winners and at that point we were invited to …

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How to be SUCCESSFUL on YOUTUBE in 2019

– This video is all about how you can be successful on YouTube even if you're just starting out (exciting music) All right so I'm out here wandering out in the desert, in Yuca, it's kind of near Joshua Tree My parents actually just built a container house out here, …

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How to Start a Successful Home Business

How many of us knew how to start a successful home business when we first got started? Wouldn't you have just loved a how–to manual of dos and don'ts and an unlimited number of interested people to talk to? Exactly! If you're like us, you've heard a million successful home …

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