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How To Boost Your Energy Levels During The Day in 2019 – For Insomniacs

In this video, I will share with you different ways that you can boost your energy levels during the day so you can get through the day much easier Hi there, my name is Beatrix Schmidt, from wwwthesleepdeepmethod com As a sleep coach and speaker I help professionals just like …

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How To Make Money During The Government SHUTDOWN! (Expert Secrets!)

The United States Government is totally shutdown Closed for business Been that way for weeks Perhaps you heard And a lot of government workers are not getting paid, many of them in the Coast Guard So you know what the Coast Guard did to help them? Published this four-page document …

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Study Confirms That Old People Are Sharing Most Of The Fake News On Social Media

According to the results of a new study, those over the age of 65 and those identifying themselves as ultra conservatives were seven times more likely than any other age group in this country or political group in this country to share fake news on social media Now, this is …

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How to Fix the Housing Crisis | Philosophy Tube ft. Mexie

<Bad Australian accent> How's it goin' you f***in' nerds?! So, it's pretty much Internet common knowledge at this stage that Star Wars: the Last Jedi sucked floppy donkey d***s Which is a bit of a sh***r cause it could have been awesome! So in today's video Daddy Drivel's gonna lay …

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How to Use Kurzweil Software on the Mac

For this tutorial, I will be demonstrating how to use the Kurzweil software on a Mac computer Before you start this process, it is important that you have registered with the ACCESS Center, turned in appropriate documentation, met with an advisor, and requested and have been approved for this specific …

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Is email list marketing dead in 2019? – The #WeAreSlam Show EP8

Are email lists dead? Welcome to the #weareslam slam show a show where we share marketing trends best practices and ideas to help your business grow my name is Tyler Kelly and I'm here with my co-host Michael T Johnson and today we're talking about email lists specifically are email …

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The Importance of Simplicity in Your Web Design

Hey guys! Savanna Bell here with My Massage World and this week’s topic in the group is website design, so in today’s video I thought I’d talk about the importance of simplicity when designing your site Remember back when the internet was this cool new thing and websites were filled …

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