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Сильнейшая Мотивация | The Strongest Motivation ОТКАЗ ОТ СМАРТА# ВОЗРАЩЕНИЕ РЕТРО АППАРАТОВ

smartphone phone doesn’t matter how I call you how I model you It is worth thinking whether it is really important whether everybody can the second is the same smartphone you have today as they began to be as close to each other as possible you probably think someone is very interesting the bed of the green screen the camera can be the iron is not you too far I got that watch on almost everybody anyway who is blue 9 with his sensory gadget or maybe there is a very important phone os or sous un to think and someone really wonders why your smart best water is generally not very good in fact, we are all very tired of this obsessive modern phones each on the other we are tired of waiting for the release of another supposedly fresh model which is essentially nothing will be different the other we are tired of the fact that constantly spend a lot time to modern smarts are afraid to admit there to ourselves we hear the opinion of others we repeat after them we forget about really significant things in our lives children are our children we forget about them because we have another one a heart for a child that we don’t want to let go of, think how often you spend time with your children and relatives and friends how many of you take time your new baby touch ask your real children how their friend touch takes the drive away from them that they are interested in other than the smartphone what answer will they understand whether you will understand them we are moving away from each other a friend where a woman is what we do because it's okay tell you everything now modern smartphones and there's no getting away from it because you forgot the most the main way out is always to just frown to look for spots to impose on others opinions if you follow him ask yourself a question and you stand without a modern gadget ask the right questions for what you need a smartphone to play watch a movie and envy and social networks but what about real life all the time life from the picture under the glass and it means I really live in the end why then computer player and other equipment you at home you tell me the phone replaces it all at once I will say that each of us is deceiving himself before altogether deception of my relatives and friends to know what I think about this is not when the time is spent on a modern smartphone is not the famous dracaena time used on trip 7 and on vacation walking us your girlfriend football game in the yard with my own son, I will clean you endlessly because the phone to flop for the day should be the new phone the full sense of the word cool never uselessly spend on the screen one way or another you can work This is when in your hands will be a real phone that will not look like one doesn't look like your friend's phone which will cause true lighting securely in your hands how do you think why the company nokia did downloads with you the old model is probably no accident probably because the world is already tired modern the principality why more and more people are pulling their hands to the old it phone and yes it just came that time you want it all then you feel like tying you to your own worth thing which is not takes a lot of time you can handle tasks that will be of us will arrange a retro mobile type to spend more on elely indeed knows you take something to offer comes to protect and what element of the dream to give out on fresh and fresh here the air then he is another chance so

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