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✅ Fruit Cake Recipe | X-mas Special | ফ্রুট কেক | Pressure Cooker | No Alcohol | Recipe #28


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Hello friends! I'm Salma Welcome you all your favorite channel SalmaTheChef Christmas is near! And feeling like tasting Xmas So, I present you free cake To allow everyone this cake at home For that I'll bake the cake on Come let's learn to make this amazing fruit cake The ingredients I took to make this fruit cake I'll introduce these first 200 g all purpose flour Few dry fruits soaked in 15 orange juice for 6 hrs In them, we have 40 g raisins Cut the raisins into 2 halves 25 g tutti frutti 25 g cherry pieces 100 g dates, seeds removed To squeeze orange juice, you can use hand juicer too See the juice is completely soaked in If you want you can keep soaked for more time Orange zest I grated skin of 1 orange 50 g sugar to caramelize 1 tsp vanilla essense 1 tsp baking powder 100 g melted butter Melt the butter on low medium flame Powder of little cinnamon & 1/4 Nutmeg We need 1 tsp of it 40 g walnut cut into small pieces 30 g almond for decoration To peel off almond skin Heat on medium flame for 1 min Then soak in water for 30 mins After that skin will peel easily 40 g cashew cut into small pieces 80 g ash gourd candy cut into pieces Pith of 2 oranges Need to juice these Took 4 eggs Egg yolk & white separated 125 g sugar, finely powdered in mixer grinder To make cake batter, juice the orange pith If you do not have electric juicer Use any method to juice the orange Our juice is ready Now, we will caramelize sugar Since, we are not using alcohol So, we need to use caramelized sugar I'm caramelizing sugar on medium flame When sugar melts & gets the brown color Reduce the flame to low Else the caramel will burn Sugar caramelized Add about 75 ml water & mix it Now, we start making batter Take flour, baking powder Cinnamon & nutmeg powder Mix these & sieve it Pour the melted butter in a big bowl Add the powdered sugar And mix thoroughly First mix little portion Then mix rest It will be little difficult to mix at one go Need to mix the sugar very well If available, use hand beater Else use a spoon to mix Batter of fruit cake must be tight Please keep that in mind Put the mix of sugar & butter in mixie We need to use the wet jar Add 1 yolk at a time & mix Mix all the 4 egg yolks like this If add all the yolks at a time, mix quality will suffer Pour the mix in a bowl Now, pour the egg in mixie Whipping gets very well with chutney jar You can see that the egg white turned to foam We will this foam like substance Discard the liquid Now, we need to heat the pressure cooker Take out the rubber gasket Actually, prevention of pressure building needed So, take the gasket out And do not put valve weight Took a 6

5 inch dia bowl Choose bowl/pan as per size of pressure cooker So, you can put in & take out easily But, do not take very small bowl Else it won't hold full batter Another thing to keep in mind The height of the bowl should not be too high Pressure cooker height compare to the bowl Should be 4+ inch taller Put 300-400 g salt inside the cooker Spread the salt uniformly Take a old 2-3 inch in height bowl or tin container Place the bowl in center Cover the pressure cooker lid And preheat for 10 mins on medium flame In meantime let's complete the remaining batter task Now, w'll grease the aluminium bowl Butter the inner surface well In place of butter You can use little flour mixed with oil too After that stick butter paper or tracing paper If we do this, once cake is baked It comes out very easily In a big mixing bowl Pour the mix of butter/sugar/egg yolk Add the orange juice to it Now, mix this very well Add orange zest & mix it Add 1 tsp vanilla essence Again mix thoroughly Now, mix the dry fruits soaked in orange juice Mix thoroughly Add the sieved flour Again mix thoroughly So, there is no lump formation Again repeating, batter of fruit cake Must be very thick, keep it in mind In case, the batter becomes thin Add some more sieved flour & mix Adding ash gourd candy to the batter Added the walnut Adding the cashew nuts Mixing it Look, how tight the batter is! Batter must be like this Add the caramelized sugar Add in checked quantity, so batter do not become thin Again mix it Now, the foam prepared from egg white I'll add it to the batter Need to discard the liquid Pour the batter in greased aluminium bowl After pouring, lift & strike lightly, shake it So, no air bubbles keep locked inside Decorating with almond Adding few cherries too Now, place the bowl inside pressure cooker And cover the lid Once batter is made, do not wait further Put it inside pressure cooker Be careful while placing Cooker is very hot Now, on medium flame Bake for 3 mins After 3 mins, reduce the flame to low Need to bake for 50-60 mins on low flame Baked for about 45 mins Checking the cake Put a skewer rod inside cake Take it out Little batter is sticking on rod Baking is incomplete, need to bake little more Baked for another 25 mins Checking once more No, no more sticking Our cake is ready! Turn off the gas Take out the bowl carefully Pulling the cake out from baking bowing See, how easily the cake came out Wow! such a lovely color the cake has Cannot explain, how nice smell is filling the air I feel like giving a bite now 🙂 I'll take the paper out & show the cake You can see how good the cake is baked Cake is not burnt anywhere Now, I'll cut the cake See how easily the cake is cut Look inside the cake, perfect bake! Proportion of dry fruits are good too Now, let me show the bottom of the cake Looks nice Try to bake cake following my recipe You will see your cake too Will bake perfectly like this If you like this recipe Then, please give a LIKE to this video Share with friend, put comment And please subscribe my channel SalmaTheChef Click the BELL icon too So, you do not miss the email notification of new recipe Please keep well And enjoy the Christmas cake 🙂 Good Bye!

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