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✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Computer

How to make a Working Computer (Subtitles By Gamesfordays) Hello! Today, I'll make a really cool computer! It won't be very functional, but it'll act like a real working computer! 😀 (Like A Pressure plate thats all) There's quite a bit of redstone behind this thing, but nothing we can't handle There is a ton of redstone

We need to connect the pressure plate to what is called a T-flip flopIt Loops The Button And Makes it a button lever or lever button I dont know HELP ME It's a thing that sort of makes signals act like a lever would With this, we'll be able to make the computer do all sorts of things Hmm, something's not right [Error Redstone problem] Oh, I see what I did wrong There we go, back on track

Now the T-flip flop works! As You see, There is an Input Within The Redstone block! This is basically the entire structure, we just need to place some redstone stuff Don't Worry If You Find All This Confusing Just Watch Over And Over I Have A Layer Overview for you! <3 what the world is that As You Might Imagine, Diffrent Things Will Happen When We Touch The Pressure plate Two or 3 note blocks will sound when an input is activated you make it up Lets Make The Computer Work!

Finnaly! Well Im Done Here plz help

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