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사르르~ 5초컷💕푸딩푸딩한 초콜릿 푸딩 케이크 만들기🎂

Hello, this is Ari 🙂 Today’s baking tutorial will be!! Sweet chocolate pudding that melts in your mouth! I will be making simple & easy chocolate pudding cake

Mmm! This pudding is different from the puddings I’ve made before When you think about a chocolate pudding, you might think about the ordinary pudding visual and texture As I’ve said before, you will be saying “Wow!” by this one’s visual and creamy texture! Then let’s start today’s fun and creative cooking! Zoom! Today’s ingredients! First, dark chocolates! You can use any chocolates you can easily get from the market But as chocolate is main recipe, it would taste better if you use yummier chocolates, right? Cocoa powder and sugar! I’ve prepared brown sugar, but you can also use white sugar Brown sugar has its unique flavor to make chocolate taste deeper

And agar powder There may be people who may wonder if it’s possible to use gelatin instead of agar These ingredients are made from different raw materials and have different textures So prepare agar powder for today’s recipe~ Lastly whipped cream and milk Today’s recipe doesn’t need eggs or flour

If you are sensitive to dairy products, you can also use coconut milk to substitute whipped cream or milk Parchment paper or wax paper! Whisk, spatula, sifter, and mixing bowl Get a mixer or food processor ready as well Then let’s start! Step 1 – Boiling As mentioned in the beginning of this video, today’s recipe will be simple and easy Pour all the liquid ingredients to the saucepan

Whipped cream and milk Next step is to add sugar and agar powder As agar powder is a very fine powder, it may clump when added it alone So make sure to mix the agar powder to sugar Agar gets activated above 90 degrees, so stir well with a spatula when bubble starts to form from boiling

When the steam and boils up hard, remove from the heat and mix in suitable amount of cocoa powder And add chocolate together in the sauce pan and mix it well If the chocolate pieces are too big, it will melt better when you chop it into smaller pieces Turn on the heat again to boil until bubbles form, and then remove from the heat again Step 2 – Blending Blend the boiled mixtures

You can use a food processor or mixer for this step The batter is already done Isn’t this really simple? Now I will be pouring it into the pan You can use any baking pan I have this mousse pan which I bought before, but you don’t have to prepare this kind of pan

Any pan that fits the batter will do You can use a bowl, plate or even a cup But it should be easily removable, so prepare parchment paper or wax paper as well When you pour the batter, make sure the smooth side of parchment paper is up I’ve tried getting the similar baking pan

This is a baking pan for pound cake, and I also prepared a milk carton You can place parchment paper inside to use Lastly, I will try to make this creamier texture by sifting once more to filter any lumps of chocolates or chocolate powder Step 3 – Pouring into baking pan Now pour it in while putting sifter very close to the baking pan Don’t you think the density of this batter is just awesome? I’m not sure if it shows on the video, but it’s important to make the batter very smooth and cream-like texture

You can imagine how the texture will be like when it’s finished, right :)? Step 4 – Cooling and hardening ( Leave it in room temperature for 1 hour ▶ In fridge for 2 hours) Cover the top with parchment paper and leave it in room temperature for over 1 hour to completely cool it down When you put it straight into the fridge, water drops may form on the surface of the cake Let it completely cool and harden in the fridge~ Step 5 – Remove from the baking pan Now the pudding cake is hardened in the fridge! I will try to remove it from the pan Look at the texture everyone T-T Cocoa powder for decoration♥ Tada~~ Chocolate pudding cake is done! Now I’ve sprinkled cocoa powder… Message came! Kakao talk message came! Today’s highlight! I should slice this You may think about scooping up for a pudding cake, but not for this cake! There is this happiness I feel when I slice and see the side of the cake

Let’s watch When I slice the side, I can feel this pudding like texture xD Look at the texture everyone!! The smooth sliced visual makes me somewhat happy :3 Bon appetite! This is like eating chocolate fudge Mmm~~~~~~~~ It literally melts in your mouth in 5 seconds

The texture is similar to babarua which I’ve made before It’s little heavier Thumbs up! … That’s it? There are days in a year when you feel like, “Ah, I seriously need to gobble up some sweets!” Don’t wait and try making this! This will handle that day’s stress and Well, how was Chocolate Pudding Cake I’ve made today? If you enjoyed watching please hit the “Like” button below And if you haven’t subscribed to ARIKITCHEN yet, please subscribe to my channel as well Then I will see you guys in the next video! Bye!

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