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삶은 달걀을 날달걀로 되돌리는 방법

What's your favorite egg dish? Eggs have many ways to cook Depending on how you cook, the utilization and taste will vary slightly Like any dish Once learn it, can't get it back

If we boil an egg and suddenly want to eat a fry we just have to eat the boiled egg What if there is a way to get it back? Protein is basically a twisted structure Any change in the structure will change the properties Heating the protein activates molecular motion Structure is released Unstructured protein molecules meet with other molecules around them to create new bonds Continued heat will make the structure harder Eventually solidifies and becomes a solid This is called degeneration of protein Eggs are high in protein When heat is applied, the egg becomes a solid Once the property has changed, it cannot go back Called irreversible

But proteins are different Reverse method Mix the boiled egg, water and urea in one place Urea is the final breakdown product after protein breaks down In human urine It is used as a fertilizer or when making cosmetics When urea and protein meet, urea coats the protein and makes them slip Protein molecules are broken The solid egg turns into a liquid Just because it's liquid doesn't mean it's raw egg have to twist the broken protein back up again have to put this liquid in a machine that rotates 5000 times a minute If something rotates, the farther it is from the center, the faster it spins There is a difference in speed between the inner liquid and the outer liquid As the protein grows and shrinks, it returns to its original shape

And when it stops rotating, it turns into the same state as the original raw eggs But this reverting technique can only be white Cooking on strong heat will make the protein bond harder Cannot be reversed Vortex Fluidic Device to Unfold Protein Molecules Invented by a professor named Colin Raston of Australia 2015 won the Ig Nobel Prize for this device In fact, this technology wasn't really developed to turn boiled eggs into raw eggs Once use protein in medicine, it can't be reused and it costs a lot However, Vortex Fluidic Device can be used to regenerate proteins Save money on making drugs You will be able to buy medicine cheaper This technique can be used to make drugs that absorb better It is used to make drugs that can cure cancer

The idea of being able to turn a boiled egg into a raw egg feels like a stupid idea Sometimes this stupid idea seems to make a big difference in the development of science

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