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(손반죽)How to make soft and fluffy dinner roll/모닝빵 만들기

60 grams of water, 6 grams of instant dry yeast, 100 grams of milk, 50 grams of sugar, 6 grams of salt, one egg, (flour for bread) 320g Let's knead it Cover the vinyl Leave it for 15 minutes

After 15 minutes, please knead until the dough is smooth Put 50 g of butter and knead If the dough is smooth, make it smooth Plastic cover Start fermentation (about 1 hour) Double size

Depends on temperature and humidity (After about 1 hour) Divide the dough into 12 pieces and smooth the surface Cover with a damp cloth or damp cloth and store for 15 minutes After 15 minutes, make the surface smoother Plastic cover: Begin fermentation to double size (about one hour) It depends on temperature and humidity

170 ° C (338 ° F) for about 8-10 min in the oven Melted butter Thank you, I wish you blessing My recipe for translation will continue Please subscribe

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