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포켓몬스터 피카츄 도넛 만들기! How to Make PIKACHU Donuts – Ari Kitchen Doughnuts


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Hello! It’s me , back with another video! Look at many people requested for doughnut recipes! So day I’m going to show you how to quick and easy banana flavored then I’m going to transform them into doughnuts! So let’s begin! Today’s ingredients: 1 ripe banana the more ripe it is, the better it will taste! 50 g of sugar 130g of medium flour 50 g of butter or oil 1 egg 65 ml of milk 1g of salt 3g of baking powder half a cup of chocolate chips (also omittable) 1 small spoon of banana extract (this is omittable) Step 1 – Mixing the ingredient Smash the banana into a bowl, then mix it well with sugar Add in milk and the egg and mix it well

Then add oil, salt, and banana extract Sift the powdered ingredients together The mix is all done, but we all know how well bananas and chocolate goes together right? So I’m gonna add some chocolate chips Step 2 – Baking Bake for 25 – 30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius OMG it smells so good! I can’t wait! Now I’m going to make Pikachu’s ears and arms

Step 3 – Designing Pikachu’s ears and arms I’ve decided to use banana chips for Pikachu’s ears Since they break easily, it’s better off to use scissors See? Nice and clean! Poke them into the doughnut I’ve used almonds for the hands Step 4 – Coating with chocolate This is coating chocolate that is banana flavored

Since Pikachu is yellow, I’m using yellow chocolate! Banana doughnuts and banana chocolate! Yum! Melt the chocolate then dip in only the top of the doughnut After dipping them in chocolate, if you tap them like this, the chocolate smoothens out Repeat for the rest! Just like the hands, I’m going to use halved almonds for the feet Once they harden, stick them in the doughnut as well What do you think I should put in the hole of the doughnut? I think Poke balls are the perfect match! These are mini madeleines that were at my local market

You can really use whatever that’s round for them! Step 5 – Making poke balls Melt some white chocolate, then color half of it red Ari’s tip! Use a toothpick to cover the balls in chocolate without making a mess! Cover the balls in chocolate just like Poke balls I used icing for the outlines You can also use a chocolate pen for this Step 6 – The tail, eyes, nose, and mouth Print out the shapes of the tail that match the doughnut size, place parchment paper over it, then trace it with chocolate

After they harden, stick them on the butts of the doughnuts! Draw in the eyes the nose and the cute mouth Wet the toothpick beforehand to help with drawing the shapes out Dot the eyes with white chocolate The blushing cheeks! This is leftover chocolate from the Poke balls Now let’s place the Pokeballs into the doughnuts

Aww! It’s so adorable! All done! They look like chubby Pikachus LOL If you ever have any suggestions for me, please feel free to write them in the comments below Follow me on Instagram for updates, and search for Arikitchen! If you’re not a subscriber yet, make sure you hit that subscribe button, and go wild on the like button as well! See you soon! bye bye!

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