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🍩 Chocolate Donuts 🍩 | Easy and Quick Donuts Recipe | Yummy Food World 🍴 67


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day I am here with the recipe of chocolate donught I have made this video in a easy way so that every one can understand it I hope you all will like it If you like our video don't forget to like and subscribe So, let's get started with the ingredients I took flour sugar milk 2 eggs salt yeast melted butter dark chocolate 200 grams small chocolate chips to decorate donuts finely chopped peanuts sugar pearl coconut flakes oil for making donuts break 2 egg in a big bowl if you are a vegetarian, you can avoid eggs whisk well after mixing well, add milk slowly and mix

when milk is mixed well in egg we will add yeast to it if you don't have yeast, mix baking soda and lemon and put 1 spoon to the mix melted butter add sugar and mix well add flour and mix slowly by mixing slowly, we can our dough soft after it is mixed like this, add all flour and mix well Now, we have to grease our hand with oil or ghee and kneed it for 2 more minutes See, soft it is after kneeding the dough, sprinkle some flour in a bowl and put that dough there Now, cover it with a plastic wrap and leave it for 5-6 hours I am opening it after 6 hours you can see it puffed Now, take out the plastic To roll the dough, we will sprinkle some flour keep the dough there kneed the dough slowly when it shapes up like this, roll it with the roller after sprinkling some flour on top we will not thin our dough we have to make it half inch thick after it is half inch thick, we will cut it in round shape, cut the middle part out too do it carefully on every donuts sprinkle some flour and leave it aside to be puffed cover it with something clean heat the pan and put oil in it we have to heat our oil in medium heat all donuts are puffed our oil is ready, now we will fry it one by one do not let the oil boil if oil is too hot our donuts will cook from outside but remain uncooked from inside So, always put your heat on medium heat donuts will float in some moments stir it so that it won't stick with each other when done from one side flip it check whether it's done or not out donuts is well fried from both the sides I am taking them out on a paper towel take out the donuts slowly make donuts from all remaining dough you can fry those small pieces too have it as it is or serve it with tea we will ready our filling for donuts heat water and put a big bowl above it break the chocolate into pieces and put in the bowl if you break it it will melt faster our chocolate is ready when chocolate is cooled a bit, start dipping the donuts Like I did I am dipping it in the chocolate crumbs Look how beautiful it is now dip other in every another toppings our chocolate donuts is ready Make it as I made it at your home and enjoy it with your friends and family what did you feel about our video? support us by liking, commenting and subscribing to our channel I will return with more yummy recipes, till then happy cooking

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