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🏆 Graham Cracker Pie Crust Recipe How To 🏆

welcome friends welcome back to the kitchen real short one today over the next few weeks on on the old cookbook show I'm gonna be making some pies and all of the pies need pie crusts and they pretty much all work with a graham cracker crust so I thought I would do a graham cracker pie crust recipe video just as a primer so that you're ready for the videos that are coming up so I've got a sleeve of graham cracker crust graham crackers our graham wafers or graham biscuits or whatever they're called where you live that's about 200 grams and I'm just gonna pulse these to break them into a fine powder now I'm doing this with graham crackers grain biscuits gram wafers whatever you could just as easily do this with arrowroot biscuits arrowroot makes a great pie crust and there's also so also a lot of pies that use soda biscuits although I'm given to understand that Americans call these saltines so the same proportions the same method but any of those other cookies will work even Moorea biscuits I really like pie crusts made with Maria biscuits as well so I've got a nice powder and powder goes into the bowl next into the bowl is three spoonfuls of white sugar if you want to be pedantic you can do three tablespoons I just kind of spoon it in and let it happen as it happens and then the final thing is 1/2 a cup of melted butter and we just stir that together and you just want to stir this together until you've got all of the graham moistened with the butter and it will sort of pack together or stick together and I think that looks good so my pie plate next we're doing pies from the 1930s 1920s and 1930s and in the 1920s and 1930s most pie plates were 9 inches and shallow as you go earlier than the 1920s most of them were 8 inches in shallow nowadays today most pie plates are 9 and 1/2 inches round and very deep so this amount will do a nine and a half inch or 24 centimeter pie plate deep dish pie plate crustal be a little bit thinner in the 8 inch you're going to have a nice thick crust which I kind of really like so I'm just going to spoon it in and you can use your hands for this part you can use a spoon you can use the back of a glass I just start by packing it down on the bottom and then moving it up the sides and I add a little bit more as I knead it you want to pack this in pretty tightly make sure it's a good firm pack now the oven is preheated 350 degrees and it goes in for about 10 10 to 15 minutes you don't need to get any color on it you just want to set it together and there you go graham cracker pie shell so graham cracker crust is really great for a whole class of pies that are called translucent pies they're usually lemon meringue or a lime meringue or even orange meringue they're also really good with a class of pies called a magic cream pie and we're going to be making magic cream pies so we're going to be making one out of the 1930 Borden Eagle Brand condensed milk cookbook it is a lemon magic cream pie really great we'll be making one of those with a graham cracker crust and then we're also going to delve into the murky world of the key lime pie I've done a lot of research I've gone back through a lot of South Florida newspapers all the way back to the invention of condensed milk to try to find the evolution of this pie to what we know it to be today where did it start so come on back for that one in a couple of weeks thanks for stopping by see you again soon you

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