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👣Sore Ingrown Toenail Salon Pedicure Transformation How To DIY👣

In today's video I will introduce you How to remove skin buildup Around the corners of that big toe Causing harm with my pedicure Gadgets and products I have A video follow this customer with Amazing results we'll be posting on The coming weeks as well so stay tuned Holloway known as flour Manicure on YouTube and expert on The field of nail technology Foot care specialist if you are new Welcome to here, please subscribe and convert On your notifications in case you are He was chosen as a winner and randomized Commentary game I want you guys to pay Closely pay attention to the texture of it The skin on both sides of her big toe yet Putting a skin remover as you can Watch literally the consistency of it Change the skin and soothe it by the time I walk around to remove it To be super soft How many times can you get your feet done yes Because you always do not choose me Don't write, yes I get back off Powder on my nails for my mom so I I usually like 3 week half so I am I usually get a little stuck for it The same time Shellac But it was all like waiting for that To dry before putting shoes in The right is special as it is worth at the time of the trip It is what got me into the gel if I was Do not find such an additional account as I am Radical whatever, but that's what got me So I would never do that It was like oh you can put it on shoes Immediately yes sometimes especially if You do it at the same time Yes Yes the threat Yes What did you guys do here see here Yes This is what we were doing in Toronto I got Canadian distributor I never liked that they did not get rich We have a world that raises our computers Now but it really is one now Yes but I used to do like teaching The thing in the hospital they have is where You can move your desk up and down Like this amazing Yes I bought one of Those permanent offices for my house I try To do everything Engineered Let me know if any of this Well inconvenient I'm like I'm left-handed so I love it Okay so what I think has happened The way you cut it is Cut here at an angle then Because your nail is at the bottom in the nail The groove of your nails goes so far She lets her know she is you This should not be cut, it should remain Straight because he then digs this nail In the skin down there is well on it It seems that he would know that he got Poked because they have a little scab on She does not feel rough means she does not It is not bleeding or anything but see That little corner that was that was Poking in your skin so that you cannot cut This way this nail needs to grow Respectively, I will just keep this Damp and you know that you can use Antibiotic ointment then I will work Wait until this is soaked again Hard and I can tell that this sore Because you jumped a little bit so I will Wait for it to come again from Water then we will get this accumulation Get out from inside okay How long have you been the first pharmacist? He graduated in 2014 Nice yeah you like it i really do it Busy yes pharmacies here a Slightly slower than Humera yes to you It's for five bucks [Laughter] My prescription that's what regular The price is as 4200 dollars once I pay I have a discount from the opponent $ 15,000 for the year and then pay it So it takes me there like 25 major a Really this is what I do all day Yes it got a little bit of The infection is in there so we'll cut it From this side as soon as you click on it He pushes her down Just hold your breath for a second You're right I'm going to pull this Oh my gosh there was a ton of Patients with lacrosse that have those American fees are high and that's what we have Blue Cross Blue Shield Yes this is I got the de Cartes Cup for you though Five or ten bucks yes you are wrong Person Yes Yes let me let me check in January for you will still apply here It is actual with her for college today it is What coupon does not cover okay so I am Still everything that flew across gets Their price and coupon goes on top So if you have $ 500 deductible And the voucher pays for 80 you pay The correct difference Well if they get a voucher for that why They charge a lot of money to us yes The manufacturer cuz they want People stay on it like there are people Cannot bear that copay first You need an illusion like us I want you to stay on it because when is this Generic turns just stay on it for that Why stalk copay cards Yes Yes Yes I just went straight today, they said It costs 50 grand each month The Holy Cow – Price This strange rare blood plasma says There is only one drug because it is so wow They can charge what they want and it is Strange because like the FDA has stuff for Such people who make these Special medications to get on the market Faster but then they let them measure price Now does this side of your toe hurt as well Not as much as others but I feel All sides of my big toes hurt yes You have time to do salt Epsom soak Yes a few times a week yes I do I just don't know what to do yet I try to use I had this reason toilet Now mm they are Baby and I just want to make sure I am Doing nothing wrong so I just was To kind of clean under after I do that Yes salt will help kill any Bacteria and help dry it a little Now I have to get the tissue away from over there Yes It will take about three months This swelling go down yes but that It will drop well that is how long It took my last client that actually It looked just like this Is there anything other than absence? Sunny to do with it I think you are You should get nails for breakfast stuff that It only has natural anti-microbial Things in it but what happens is that Moisturizes your nail plate and it will Raise the edges so as not to press Down to your skin a lot So you could go for a month Without any polishing on yes I just Help keep it nice and clean healthy Yes Polish next time After I finished working on the first The foot of the foot returns to the water While I work in the second foot When this foot comes again from Water Another foot is back in the water But there is always more skin that needs To be removed from every beautiful place The area and side walls are below You can place it in Doric order now if you are Remember I told her to flog on The right side of her toe was a little big A little hard and I was about to wait for Clean around this area until it comes out Of water for the second time so far This skin has loosened me more Sorry that little villain Grainy i forgot to enlarge and so on To get it close up we had to really zoom in Away and in the editing process for that little bit If they have a massage you see Yes We explored a real drive where we wouldn't Start or hot seats have like Game – It's Mustang Mustang when we get this right Shelby GT350 No Just A Designer Yes What is the blow he gets Engineering is like when they put it down In the clay model so it will help shape Mud model but much free drawing Lots of drawing on your oblique called Weapons it's like a fancy tweak you can Writing on but you can really like it Like I got a thousand kinds of pen strokes This turns to our rendering on Computer and even a lot of this kind of Stuff but then put it in the mud The front model of car shows and things You are the closest to engineering They kind of model this kind of Stuff yes yes yes yes no he is to The artist reminds me of the mantis prayer Well i'll try this slide in Go fast and see if I can feel it Ie a little hook of this Stab you okay this is where it is I dug a small hole in your skin so I am We will try to raise this [Music] Yeah nice to get really bad like plantar Fasciitis and There is a place in Northville that I am Nice find that she looks like a lot of Comprehensive medicine but it is like this Massage place mm-hmm and me only Tell her about my feet and she will Like look I do not really care The rest of my body my feet what is killing Me and it will bring like this Tools and stuff I never had like Satisfied that it will be presented then Go like I will go get another massage The cute girl, I still feel the pain yet But it was like Oh like it'll be like okay well You need to boil some parsley for it You get like if I bring crab like you Boil the parsley You got a stream of parsley just to drink This if tastes like a lot but trust Me it's like you know the fuss's juice Celery Listener I know very well it's like How about juice and there is such Another doctor like swears by Celery juice, which sold like you I think put the amount for it so just put one Drop it just like this and let it soak In your life so I need to try to wear Really wide shoes this week, too Nothing presses you The skin in your Naomi as long Not too tight it's okay Well how do you feel now the best you can You feel comfortable not to be pressed You are Thanks a lot for taking the time from Your day to visit my channel people like You are the reason for my success and me Much appreciate but remember Subscribe to my YouTube channel for everyone Remember the latest videos are free I will see you next time You are

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