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you need to be putting your business out there it needs to have an open and constant message on and digital marketing hi if we haven't met before my name's John Ruman i'm an international business coach consultant and corporate trainer I'm actually having a 7 week course coming up here soon Wednesday as a matter of fact and the course is going to be actually discussing in week 4 marketing so today I'm gonna hit why it's so important for businesses to actually have a social presence and some kind of basic steps you can do to move in that direction so even if you're attending my course you'll still find this value so hopefully you have at least a Facebook page at a minimum depending on if your b2b or b2c business should determine whether you have a LinkedIn page or not and if you have a us-based company or not would determine if you would use Twitter and then if you have a 18 to 45 demographic then you would begin to use Instagram in Trinidad where I'm located at least for now snapchat does not exist as a platform except for those who are very young that being said it is the fastest growing platform with a second being Instagram an Instagram is much bigger platform so it makes sense but at but snapchat if you're not aware but think of it as if you go into Facebook or Instagram and they have the stories function the entire social is based on stories in other words 15-second clips that determine your post so it's kind of a different platform but there's a fo mo fear of missing out component the scarcity component which is why it's so popular so for those of you who don't understand so that's kind of social so let me hit ya a little bit in the digital marketing spectrum because I think you'll be find it beneficial websites are still important a website is a representation on the digital space of your organization it's your online business card for lack of a better term even if you don't have a website you can make a one-page splash landing page that has much higher representation than even old web pages so don't necessarily be resistant to it it's not expensive I would always encourage to have someone who knows what they're doing to help you but if you don't you can use several the hosting platforms that can do a well enough job for most people again once your business is at a certain level around for a year or more I would seriously consider looking at a website unless it's something that you don't need credibility or you'll never have products that allow you to channel them to your website you know these kinds of things may or may not happen depending on what you do regardless you Jinyan a social platform I actually ran into a business a few weeks ago that is has kind of a set group of clientele but they aren't really known as the people who create the product there's products they create that have brands that everyone knows and the challenge they have is do I create a digital market or a digital presence and is this something that people would benefit from or not in other words would they grow because they they spent some time and energy doing this my opinion is yes they could probably very easily create that niche within as opposed to what they do now and I could probably brainstorm with them and ten or fifteen minutes to come up with several product lines that they could actually be using that they're not using now that leverage their skill set to the social world long story short even companies don't seem like there's a correlation with the need with digital and social there is people are going to visit you if they can know there's a presence for you and their periphery you have a higher chance of being hired rather than being someone who's been around for a while but doesn't have any kind of existence so and a couple things on the digital of social specifically try to continually provide value try to use stories try to use images and pictures mix them up because some people just look at the picture and some people will watch the entire video understand and try to pay some attention to the rules that social has none necessary the rules the Preferences that the platform's have for example the reason you're seeing me now is because I'm on Facebook streaming this right now and what happened is Facebook told people who liked my page and they probably maybe a little bit people other than them that I'm live and what it allows it is to show up in people's feeds even just people who like my page and then it allows me to expand my reach little by little so live although it can be nerve-wracking allows you to get your word out there without spending money it involves time it requires you to come up with content that's of value but trust me you have a message the world needs to hear so if you're not spreading that message now's a great time to start actually earlier today Rochelle who is the executive assistant on our team did it live and it was incredible thank you Rachel if and when you see this you were great so what I would invite you is if you feel we're motely insecure about any of the following your mindset for success do you have negative self-talk do you beat yourself up is your business not financially strong as you'd like it to be would you like your business to be stronger than it is today even if you don't have a business this course would work well for you do you have KPIs set up for your organization if you don't know what a KPI is you need to take this class how often do you spend on growing the product and services that you offer the topic of today's call how often do you do social marketing or and you really try to develop that how are you growing your sales customer service referrals etc what are you doing to develop your team how is your office space being developed and last but not least how are we managing your time and how are you delegating if any of these topics are of interest to you you came to the right place and let me tell you what is gonna happen so the course starts on Wednesday night it goes for seven weeks each class will have an hour and 15 minute live teaching session I'm trying to keep the group small so there will not be huge groups for each group and what I will do is answer questions and tailor it as much as I can to the group I'm actually talking to and provide the high value content if you're aware of my material you'll probably notice that most of the week's the topics of the week's I'm talking about are actually classes and workshops I've done before so what I'm taking is a condensed but a very meaty pulling of data from those workshops to give you kind of the hard-hitting stuff so it's going to be really great and a really great value so they will be live on Wednesday night so one week from this Wednesday they start now at 7:00 pm


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and they end at 8:15 and that's Trinidad time so those who are not in Trinidad it'll be off by whatever your time zone is and what else the investment is 1200 TT dollars you can do half up front and half in the fifth week or the online version and unfortunately it's only one payment that's 180 us for that so that is the investment it'll be well worth your time you're going to love it it'll help you to get to where you need to go I appreciate the opportunity to help you today I'd love your feedback on anything I should be talking about when it comes to the social media and if there's any questions you have or areas you think I should be answering please ask them so I can answer them on a live for you thanks so much

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