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🔥Earn $10 In 10 Seconds For FREE Working From Home! (How To Make Money Online 2020!)

All you do is click right here you move it over to this section here Then you pick what category you save it download it and you're in business Hey guys, my name is Victor Paredes and on this channel I create videos on how to make money online and I create those videos on the daily So if that's what you're looking for, then go ahead hit that subscribe button right now and don't forget to smash that notification bell so I can send you a notification and an update whenever I have new content so you don't miss any of magic and be sure you stay to the end of this video because at the end of this video I'm gonna give you a huge bonus I'm gonna show you another way You can start making even more money online right from the comfort of your own home

Alright, let's jump into this video All right, guys, I'm really excited about this video in this video I'm gonna show you how you can make 10 dollars and 10 Seconds and actually more than that I'm gonna reveal three websites for this strategy I'm gonna show you how just how easy this strategy is You don't need any experience to do this and this strategy is also completely free The best part is that it's world wide and anybody can do this Just follow along Make sure you don't skip ahead and you're gonna see how just how easy and simple This is and then I'm gonna give you a free Tool that you're gonna use to implement this Strategy guys Ok, let's jump into this video

All right guys, this is one of the 3 websites I'm gonna share with you I'm really excited about that Make sure you stick to the end of this video because I'm gonna give you the strategy step-by-step on exactly how you're gonna make ten dollars in ten seconds and More than that Ok This is an amazing strategy and you're gonna love it It's worldwide Anybody can do this

It's super super simple Okay Now this is a website where a lot of people go freelancers go to create gigs and to Offer their services Okay, the name of this website is People per hour dot-com Okay people were out Now I've done videos on this particular website before but not with this free strategy I've never talked about this specific strategy when I saw it It just blew my socks off

So stick with me This is the first of three websites Okay, people were our comments a legit website Okay Nine almost a million businesses have been involved within Almost twenty two million four hundred thousand freelancers and look at all much and money has been earned by the freelancers Now remember you don't have to have any experience or any skills to do this so don't worry about it and just be patient stick with me to the end of this video this Website has been seen on BBC Forbes C CNBC these are huge companies So this is a legitimate site Okay now Freelancers come to this website to offer their services Okay many services much like Fiverr

com the difference between the three websites including this one and Fiverr is that Fiverr is super saturated So in order for you to be successful on Fiverr You would have to have have an established business already a following already You would have had to have many outstanding reviews in order to get business There's just too much competition It's very saturated These are the three websites you're gonna be using because it's not saturated like Fiverr You have the best opportunity to earn the most money using this website now pay attention guys cuz here comes the strategy If you're enjoying the content of this video so far then go ahead and give me a big thumbs Up, and don't forget to smash that like button and also down in the comment section Make sure you tell me what country you're from so I can do even more videos on how to make money online that work in your area Alright Well, let's jump right back into this video You're gonna be doing logo design Okay now don't don't worry

Don't click off Don't say oh my god I can't create logos You're not gonna have to I'm gonna show you exactly how to do it with a free tool It's gonna be super simple now If you look at some of the jobs and the gigs that are available right now Logan is so first of all You've got a thousand forty people looking for logos You've got lower design $105 needle logo design $118 these are fixed prices We need a logo designer $39 new logo design and creation $26 I mean you can go on and on anything anything from 26 dollars an hour to a hundred and five dollars a hundred and eighteen dollars 150 I lowball that I said ten dollars in about ten seconds Because that's about as long as it's gonna take for you to create a logo and it's gonna be completely free Now this is the first website people per hour calm the second website You're gonna go to and I'm gonna provide you these three websites because these are the best opportunities You're gonna have to get the money that you're trying to earn Right these websites down The second website is going to be guru

com This is a similar website to Fiverr and two people for our dot-com Once again, it's not as well-known as fiber so you have a much better opportunity on here And it's a very similar website and design on Exactly how you're gonna promote your logos on this website The last website that we're gonna talk about is called upwork upworkcom This is an also another huge website very well-respected People are looking for freelancers like yourself To do jobs to create logos Okay, there is a demand for those logos I just showed that to you here right here you're gonna create a free account with people for our com then you're gonna go and create a free account with gurucom and then you're gonna go create a free account with upwork

com as a Freelancer okay, because you're gonna be selling your local designs now here comes the good stuff because all right Vic I don't know how to make logos, you know, I don't have Software to help me create these logos, and I don't have the experience or the skills to do it I'm not an art designer I can I'm not gonna pay 250 to 350 dollars for Photoshop and then learn how to do it in Photoshop well guys I'm gonna answer all of those questions right now with one free simple website and then I'm gonna show you How easy it is to create this design and sell it on these websites Okay, and remember guys this is world wide Anybody can do this, you're gonna go to the website called free logo design dot org Okay free logo design dot org and in a matter of seconds You're gonna create a logo That's why the title of this video is ten dollars and ten seconds You can actually are gonna make more money than that If you look at people who are are calm because you're gonna be able to create a logo in a matter of maybe 30 Seconds, maybe forty five even a minute and look at the money You can make by selling your logos to these people who are looking for good logos So go back to free logo design org, and I'm gonna give you an example So let's say a company is trying to find Al it's a ski shop It's a retail business So I'm gonna put the Ski shop, that's the name of their business

That's all you're gonna do is get the name of their business You're gonna type that in okay, and then you're gonna select a category Now what kind of category uh, what kind of business is it? It's a retail business so you're gonna go down to retail click on that and then all you're gonna do guys is you're gonna click get started and Look at what its gonna do It's going to create the logos for you Look at this Okay Look at these options here I mean look how if look how impressive these logos are and it says the ski shop the ski shop the ski shop Now you can hit the second page

Let's go to the second page Okay, and look at how many other options are there are? Outstanding opportunities now here's what's cool about this Okay Let's say you like this logo if you select this logo You hit add? Now you can change the background This is fully editable You can that you can change the colors you can do whatever you want to this logo and all this is free guys There's no charge for this So let's say I want to add an icon

Okay, I'm gonna click an icon I'm gonna show you how easy this is Okay, I'm gonna put ski, that's all I'm gonna go ski Look at the options you have to use Look at this and this is just one small category guys This is completely free Look how quickly I'm creating I'm spending more time explaining this but look I'm gonna show you how quickly you can create a look I like this one I'm gonna select this one i'm gonna click add' Look at that it added it and I can move this around I can put it right here and create a logo Look at that that looks cool But you know what? I like I like the idea of putting the ski or the the skiers head Inside the oh of the shot

Let's see how that looks That's kind of cool Look at that Look at that logo guys Ok, you can change these stars You can add different elements You can change the color of the logo

You can change the text I Love this logo That's all I guess all you need to do Look how quickly I made that logo guys and all you do is save it you download it and then you go to Your people per hour calm if that's what they were looking for and you submit it You send your proposal and you do the same for guru calm and you do the same for upworkcom guys Really really cool way to start making some really fast money worldwide free no experience needed no skills required and Anybody can do this world wide Great opportunity to make some side money and really start supplementing your income With some side cash So guys I hope you see the value in this strategy And in this video people are asking me Vic

Can you show me something that works in my country? They can you show me something that actually works ok Well, this actually works now you guys have to put the effort in creating these things You got to put the effort in working though, and you've got to be consistent with it You can't do you've got to do it more than once okay guys, so I'm encouraging you to try this strategy and Work at it and if you don't get the results you're looking for the first time we'll do it again because you can't quit guys That's the biggest problem with online Entrepreneurs in my opinion is that they try something Once if they don't get immediate money falling from the sky and they're completely rich then it's a scam or then it doesn't work Well guys, you got to put the effort in Okay, I'm showing you the strategy I'm giving that to you because I love my audience and I'm giving that to you for free All you gotta do is go act on it hold yourself accountable on a daily basis and put some work in it But you got to get to work man Okay, you got to get to work Okay guys, so a great strategy to start making some side money This is called an active income So what that means is that you have to actually Complete a task and then you get paid once the task is completed then the money stops So basically you're trading your time for money if you want to learn how to make a full time passive income online like I have an Income that's being generated even while you sleep or an income that's being generated while you're on the beach with your family and Friends enjoying some fun in the Sun on that Much-needed vacation off to that exotic island that you've always wanted to visit But you didn't have the time or maybe even the funds to do it enjoying excursions like scuba diving and jet skiing Any doing and doing the things that you want when you want with who you want to do it with? That's the power of a passive income the freedom of time or if you've felt handcuffed to that Nine-to-five much like I did and want to break free from that Working everyday 8 10 12 hours a day feeling stressed and underappreciated All of that just to make somebody else rich Or if you're just tired of that daren't Graphic that you have to jump into every morning just to get to work to make somebody else rich And then you have to jump right back into that after working 1012 hours that day just to get home To your family who is waiting for you if you want to break free from all of those things if you want your freedom if you want to Empower yourself to do the things you want to do with the most important people to you and if you're ready To walk through that door of opportunity that's right in front of you right now I'm gonna leave a link down in the description of this video for my number one recommendation On how you can start earning a true passive income online Right from the comfort of your own home

This isn't for tire kickers This isn't for freebie seekers And this isn't for time wasters This is a real legitimate Business that has changed my life and it can change yours, too but you've got to take action and you're ready to elevate your business and elevate your financial status and Your family then click on that link down in the description of this video and remember guys It's time to invest in your business and it's time to invest in yourself

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