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🛳 Dropshipping : les pistes qu’on ne vous dit PAS pour booster votre business

Speaker: I have a quick question to ask you It's been several weeks since I started my e-commerce , drophshipping and I stumble a little, I have trouble developing my business


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There are people who are interested in the product but it does not necessarily convert And so, I just want to know what can I do to make so that customers buy the product directly? Olivier Roland: Because for now, you started your e-commerce site but you do not have any traffic That's it ? Speaker: I'm getting a little traffic of about sixty people a day Olivier Roland: That's good Speaker: Since the opening, which is about three weeks, I managed to make three sales directly through Facebook, but I do not understand why it's not more knowing that there are people who are still a little interested by the product

Olivier Roland: So that's an extremely big question because it depends on so many different parameters Do you still have a positive ROI on your ad or not? ROI is the return on investment, that is to say that for one euro invested in Facebook, do you earn more than a zero on sale? Speaker: No, not at the moment Olivier Roland: Oh yes, so you are at a loss and more Speaker: Yes, for now, I am at a loss Olivier Roland: I'm not a big specialist in and e-commerce and advertising Facebook, but clearly, you can do simple tests or splits tests

You know how to do it already Speaker: Yes, I know Olivier Roland: That's it, to find the variations that work best, the hearings that work best There is also something that few people in e-commerce do but ultimately that is possible is to create content free in the form of articles, videos and all that will potentially attract people who want to buy products Olivier Roland: So, you can give the domain Speaker: It's in the interior design Olivier Roland: Ok, so that's it, it's perfect So, you can create content with tips on how to make interior decorations at home and you know that people who will go to read articles, videos that you proposed, it's not guys who are interested in dwarf hamster racing from Peru

They will be there, they want to decorate at home So you're going to say: it's great, it's good, I also have an e-commerce store who is right there and you can pick things You see ? You can also create content around these products that you create that will attract and that will really give good content to those people who can potentially buy Do you know the BonneGueule blog? Speaker: No Olivier Roland: Go see, this is the biggest blog of men's fashion in French and today they have physical shops where they sell clothes Go see how they present their products on their blog because they bring a value, if you want, thanks to their content that is just amazing

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