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10 Step Guide to Getting a Cochlear Implant

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– Have you ever or a loved one been struggling or diagnosed with hearing loss? Are your hearing aids not plenty? Now what? Introductory, contact a hearing specialist who will recommend the choice hearing solution Next, exhaustive a routine hearing evaluation to determine whether you’re a candidate for a cochlear implant

A cochlear implant is a medical device that uses sophisticated software and state-of-the-art electronic components to supply access to the sounds that you simply've been lost Unlike hearing aids, most hearing implants are covered by Medicare They’re too covered by many insurance plans, and typically Medicaid Did You Know? Cochlear has a committed Pre-Surgical Insurance Support Team to help guide and assist you thru the insurance approval process Attach with a mentor who can share their experiences with you

Search for information online And meet with experts to feel educated and assured Work along with your doctor to find the choice date to your surgery and question questions along the best way That is the fun part! You’ll be able to personalize your experience by selecting from a number of colors and accessories that you simply feel will work choice to your lifestyle There are numerous options to select from

Surgery day has arrived Chill out, it's a routine procedure, and it only takes a few hours Typically you'll be back to your routine within a few days In the course of the operation, a insignificant incision is made behind the ear, the implant is placed and secured The team will then test the implant to ensure it is working properly and fasten the incision


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Be patient, get comfortable along with your fresh device, and begin your journey to better hearing The follow-up process typically includes, adjustments, cleaning, and maintenance by visiting your implant specialist Our devices have a five-year guarantee and one-time loss replacement, no questions asked Living with a fresh implant takes time, tolerance, a number of it, and practice to get probably the most benefit out of your cochlear implant Connect the Cochlear family, a community united by sound

Cochlear gives you greater than hearing, we offer you hope We supply this hope through innovative choices of wearing options, wireless connections, and personalized services, to help you hear now, and all the time

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