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10 Top Ways To Make Money On-line – Side Hustle Business for Teachers

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well hello and welcome to a different episode of the own the lifetime of your dreams YouTube channel I'm Timesha and I’m so delighted to have you ever here with me today so today we're gonna be talking to the teachers why because I'm a teacher and since I do know what it feels prefer to be one and to be in a lead the place it’s possible you’ll be strapped cash and also you don't really wish to do the entire teaching thing all year round perhaps you would like another idea as a substitute of tutoring or summer school but you continue to wish to make money but you wish to have time freedom to be at home with your loved ones then this list is certainly for you okay so what my job is or what I do apart from teaching notable education students I moreover am online entrepreneur and I help other online entrepreneurs begin build and sustain their business for the lengthy haul so even whether you’re a teacher and also you're type of trying to determine a fresh approach to make money online I can help you with that as well so please sign up to my channel because i'm supplying you with fresh day by day videos to help you be prosperous online help you withdraw that nine-to-five and be time and financially free and nothing better than cutting the strings of society that’s holding you bound so let's get began with the list the introductory thing that you are able to do as a teacher introductory of all why am I talking to teachers because the burnout rate in teachers is for real 25 percent of teachers teaching now are depressed in order that's one out of 4 so whether you go searching your school one out of 4 of y'all are depressed and whether it's not the opposite three it's probably okay so moreover although the rates of hiring teachers has gone up over time the pay hasn't really gone up in most places and there's still teacher shortages in a a variety of areas particularly math science notable education there even is a few English and ALL shortages and so because there are shortages you are feeling them since you're teaching that makes your course size is larger it implies that the youngsters that you simply're getting should not getting the elemental lessons that they need earlier because they could have had a sub for a year or two of their primary years meaning they didn't get everything that they should so you're working extremely difficult meaning burnout is inevitable and sometimes you only have to get absent from teaching to help you get yourself back in line and do something that you simply love in order that when the school year comes around you’ve an option of enjoying your school year or another choice of getting out of teaching altogether which I'm in that group the moment one okay so the introductory option you are able to do is create an e-book all right create an e-book or write a book period and I'm such as you I do know you're like oh my god I don't have time to write down a book we'll just take it piece by piece and you may write it on anything whether you’re keen on sci-fi whether you’re keen on music whether you’re keen on you understand teaching kids and you’re remarkable with pedagogy or you’ve a outrageous fresh way of making whatever or how can I say you're remarkable at teaching kids your specific content and also you wish to share that with the world then write a book all right it's a remarkable way once it's done once it's written it's done you don't have to fret about it and you only put it on definite sites and also you get your money passively doing it and there's lots of people who make money doing that so make certain that you simply don't count that out although it may take a variety of your time to do it number two whether you want making stuff along with your hands whether you want making jewelry or you understand you’ve a remarkable way of fixing stuff and also you'd like to indicate that off or you’ve ways of putting that online or you understand you're superb with welding or carpentry or anything of that nature you may sell those items online and make a gain with them so you understand whether you're superb along with your hands and you want earning money which who doesn't like earning money and you’re superb at making hand handmade products all the best way from jewelry or purses to something big like I don't know shelving or not drawers but I'm looking right at it but I can't cover call what it is true now cabinets or anything of that nature and also you show that you simply make and also you do remarkable work then that's something that you could moreover sell online okay number three you may create an online course okay and it doesn’t should be on the course that you simply're teaching though I'm lovely certain that might be easier right I nasty whether you're teaching Spanish and you understand how to show Spanish creating an online course on tips on how to teach Spanish or the degrees of teaching Spanish isn’t a far stretch since you're already doing that but it might be on anything that you simply love anything that you simply wish to speak about I nasty you're a teacher already use that skill pull those skills together and create yourself a tremendous course and there's many many distinct entities that we are able to use to put our information on the market and get money for them and again similar to the book once the course is created it's done you don't should do anything additional with it all it’s important to do is put it on the market and let the cash are available in okay number four teach or tutor online and I do know it's like well I'm already teaching I don't wish to teach anymore I got you but some people you understand still wanna teach still love the entire idea of helping a young intellect or old mine because it doesn't should be kids that you simply're teaching and tutoring over nine so that they have loved the thought of molding minds and helping people acquire knowledge and whether that's you then there are various distinct platforms that you need to use to show in tutor online and I gonna fracture all of those down I'm just going quickly through them to donate you some style of idea but I'm gonna fracture all of those down and show you the distinct places and web sites and platforms you need to use to help you get your point across or get these businesses or supplemental income streams going for you so that you simply don't have to take a seat there and depend solely on the income you bought coming in from teaching okay number five fitting a Content writer you don't understand how many individuals on the market me included who should have content to ensure that us to be prosperous online and whether you’re superb at writing my English teachers whether you’re outrageous and my math teachers you never know science history it’s possible you’ll be remarkable at writing we’d like people on the market who’re going to research your subjects and write information an article a book or something and something concerning the concept that we are literally promoting and B whether the actual online marketer online entrepreneur pays you superb money for the data that you’ve and the articles that you simply write so definitely look into that and once the article is finished you're done you receives a commission and it's over with okay and you may moreover manage other people in-the process so you may create your personal type of content writing firm and you may get a few people together three or four those who you understand can write remarkable content and you may contract them out and also you receives a commission a percentage of that so just a few ideas moreover number six making on or writing online comparison lists now you understand whether you're like me you wish to know with one product what makes one product better than the opposite and so many individuals are searching online to seek out what’s the finest thing to get into what’s the finest product to purchase what’s the finest business to link so many and so so I nasty it's endless you understand so whether you understand about things whether you understand about distinct it's perhaps you're remarkable at cleaning house and you understand how distinct products clean and you may speak about that or whether you’re whether you’ve kids and you understand about distinct toys and the way distinct toys work and react with children and what can be better whether you're superb at cooking and food and you understand what you understand which foods can be better for distinct people and I nasty the it's unless y'all I nasty the ideas just flow and flow and flow and flow and so don't hinder yourself by the truth that you're only a teacher what else do you want what else are you into I nasty go forth with that and be remarkable with that I nasty there's the probabilities are endless I nasty it's just a lot all right number seven begin a blog and again you may begin a teaching blog because there are people on the market I do know the attrition rate is horrible for teachers particularly fresh teachers because they don't feel like they’ve a support so whether you wish to go on the market and be the go home person about how teaching is you understand remarkable and be that support person through your blog for other fresh teachers coming up what can they do what do they should have arrange in place after they begin teaching that's a remarkable Avenue to do it in whether you don't wish to do this whether you only say you understand I don't wish to do teaching you may begin a blog on anything whether you want sci-fi you understand whether Game of Thrones was your show because it only in the near past went off or any show whether you're into anime or anything like that you could write blogs on this and again it’s important to be capable to wish to write and like to write down but you may write some amazing blogs on these items and go on the market and create content after which monetize that website so that you’ve people paying you for the content that you simply create okay so I don't have time to get into all of that but whether you're interested definitely leave me a comment in-the description box and I’d definitely you understand donate you a video on that as well network marketing network marketing to me is sort of a PLC okay and we have now to do it here all here besides and mainly what it is is you’re getting people to link your group and you’re promoting a product or service from another person and part of that product or service cash remitance plan is that you simply create a bunch of individuals underneath you that may help advocate for this product or service and so you receives a commission not only in your efforts but for the efforts of your team and so it's like a PLC but you only get additional cash remitance for it all right you're creating a bunch which are talking about like-minded things y'all are attempting to advocate for a identical goal and also you're giving knowledge to your group they're supplying you with knowledge and on the identical time y'all are creating money the place the PLC you don't get any additional money for it but that's type of like what it is all right number nine YouTube videos all right creating YouTube videos and that goes back to the blog whether you don't like writing like me I'm not the best at writing but I can create a video all right so I can sit and talk in fore of a camera and remarkable I'm not the finest at it right now either but I've gotten loads better since my introductory video so and as I progress and do more I’d do better and it's the identical with you whether you understand how to show a specific subject now my dog is whining okay so whether you understand how to show a specific subject or can tutor or to donate tutorials there's TeacherTube all types of things or whether you don't wish to even worry about content you wish to do something totally distinct begin a YouTube channel and teach or talk concerning the topics you wish to speak about and eventually once you get a definite variety of watch hours which I accept is a thousand no 4000 watch hours and a thousand subscribers then you definitely receives a commission in your YouTube videos they begin putting advertisers on it and also you get additional money for that and also you don't should well it’s best to create more concept but you don't to create anymore a complete bunch more videos next that you could just chill for essentially the most part and get to look at the cash are available in but you there are some pros and cons with that but I'll consult with you about that we talked about YouTube videos and end but not minimum affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing I really like because you are able to do this with any of the opposite any of the opposite 10 income producing sources that I just talked about so any of the opposite nine I should say because that is the tenth one but you are able to do affiliate marketing with any of those and whether you unite the 2 then you’ve multiple streams of income which is an awesome approach to make money online because not only are you getting one income stream coming in you’ve multiple coming in plus you're still teaching until you don't wish to anymore and that’s an awesome thing and whether you have an interest in fitting an affiliate marketer and getting the knowledge and training that you want to be prosperous I’ve a remarkable program for you and it's in-the introductory link of the outline box there's an affiliate marketing program plus you may create your personal group whether you wish to and make money off of that group as well and it is a remarkable earning potential and we rock at this thing and also you joining my team will certainly make you money so I definitely want you to link me alright so hopefully this was a worth to you whether it was make certain that you simply donate me the thumbs up and like my channel because i'm supplying you with fresh videos similar to this each day day by day basis lord have mercy each day – so you could be prosperous and make the changes and make the life mainly life changes that you really want and whether that’s what you wish to do whether you’re bored with the grind and you’re bored with the teaching and you’re in a type of four steps of burnout four stages of burnout and you only desire a distinct way then try seeking one among these other ways of earning money online and see whether any of those would jive and work better for you and pursue that yes teaching is rewarding but I moreover discovered that any style of teaching is rewarding to me and the truth that I'm on here now’s a type of teaching and I of this kind loads better than sitting in a classroom teaching stuff that I believe may or is probably not suitable to my students all right so hopefully you've gotten value and hopefully I’ve if you with a remarkable list and whether you wish to know more information on any of those you may definitely hit me up in-the comment section of my description box or you may have a look at my description box and hit me up or any of my contact information it's all there for you and let me know what you would like it what you're keen on and I’ll definitely help you in your journey to financial and time freedom so until next time my comrade make certain you think that big dream big take action so that you could be own the lifetime of your dreams bye now you

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