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10 Ways To Make Money On Youtube 2017

– [Nick] I'm gonna tell you ten different ways that you can make money on YouTube, and we're starting right now What is going on? My name is Nick, welcome to another video

If this is your first time here and you wanna learn how to grow your channel and make videos and all types of YouTube related stuff, make sure to hit the subscribe button and the bell notification icon so you don't miss anything One of the ways that you can make money on YouTube is by selling merchandise that is or isn't related to your channel To do this you would go to one of YouTube's verified sites that they actually allow you to post links directly from your channel to like Spreadshirt for example Since we are talking about Spreadshirt, let's say that you want to sell shirts off of your channel but you don't wanna sell shirts that are directly related to your channel What do you do? You can make shirts that are about anything

Just be creative you know, if you have a comedy channel make things that may or may not apply to your channel Or you can just make funny tee shirts in general and try to drive your YouTube traffic there And the same exact thing applies to any other merchandise like that, that you wanna try to sell I actually have these coming soon Start right now tee-shirts, that you are going to be able to get in the very near future on this channel


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You know cos we're about taking action here Real quick, let me know down in the comments below any unique ways that you've seen that people have monetized their channels, just to help out other people that might see this video Another thing that you can do to make money on YouTube is if you have a website, or a blog or anything like that, or if you don't have on you can make one And then set up affiliate offers or adds or something like that on your blog and try to monetize it that way So really what you're doing is you are just using YouTube as a traffic source, you're pulling those people from your YouTube channel and trying to get them over to your website

Now if you are a business, then that is a fantastic strategy for you but, if you are not a business and you're just trying to find ways to squeeze a little bit of money juice out of YouTube to pay for camera gear and things like that, then you can create a blog around it and send people there, and monetize your blog that way through adds and affiliate offers and other things like that Another thing that you can do to make money on YouTube if you are a creative person, which I'm guessing you are because you're making videos You can create a product of some kind that resonates with your viewers and try to send your viewers to that product Just make sure it's something that adds value to your viewers For example it could be a book, it could be a course of some kind

Or anything else that you can think of that would directly relate with your audience and that would add value to what it is that they are doing If you have a skill of some kind, if you are a programmer, if you're a photographer, a video editor, a videographer what ever What ever it is that you know how to do If you already have or if you can create a service around it to provide value to your viewers, then you can sell that too Of course you have your fan funding sites like Patreon that you can use to have fans donate to what it is that you're doing or, as a worst case scenario you can put a little PayPal link up in your channel header and try to drive people to give donations and things like that

And since the new mobile live streaming feature is out and they have the super chat with that which basically allows your viewers to donate money to you, you can actually use that as another way to make money from your YouTube channel Another way that you can make money on YouTube is through sponsorships If you have a large following, be it on YouTube or Facebook or Instagram or wherever it is, there are people that are looking for the eyeballs that you are in front of Hey uh, I'm looking for eye balls I heard you guys got some eye balls around here Is this uh, is this the right place? You know what I mean, YouTube is basically a stage and you're standing on it

Because of that, you know once you start getting a following people will want to work with you if you are interested in sponsorships If you do not know where to get started with sponsorship stuff, if that's something that you're interested in you can try to go Famebit or you can try to go to Grapevine Either one of those will help get you started, if you are not interested in picking up the phone or sending out emails to a bunch of people trying to work out a deal Another way that you can make money on YouTube is through affiliate marketing If you are not familiar with what affiliate marketing is, in a nut shell basically, you send a person to a particular website, they make a purchase and then you get a commission for that purchase, and it doesn't cost the viewer anything extra

You are just basically in the middle of the purchase and because of that, you get a commission for it Another way that you can make money on YouTube, especially if you're a vlogger is through content licensing In a nut shell, content licensing is basically people paying you to use the footage that you have shot Another way that you can make money on your channel is through setting up an email list so that basically you create an incentive of some kind for your viewers Your viewers sign up for that incentive in exchange for their email address, and then you create a news letter of sorts to where you're sending out emails on a regular basis to keep your viewers up to date on the topics that you talk about

Inside of those emails you can add affiliate links, you can add links to any services that you offer or any of the stuff that I've talked about previously in this list And you can even use it to let your viewers know when you upload a new video, which is pretty cool Another way that you can make money on YouTube if you have a large channel is you can do page shout outs You can do paid collaborations and you can even do paid playlist placements on your home page Sounds like a tongue twister it took me like twelve times to get through that

And you can do paid placements over in your side bar for the channels that you recommend or placements on your channel page as well, just strictly going to other channels And of course you have YouTube adds but one thing that's really important that you keep in mind with YouTube adds, you have to get a ton of views for YouTube adds to add up to anything worth while As long as your channel's got a little bit of traction turn them on because it does add up however, don't count on add revenue as your main source of income from your YouTube channel You have to find other ways to monetize your channel if you really want to get money out of your YouTube channel, so that you can buy equipment and what ever it is that you wanna use the money for – [Brian] I'm Brian G

You're awesome – [Nick] Brian G Johnson folks If you are not already subscribed to him also, make sure to head over to his channel and check him out He also does videos for YouTubers, and Brian I wanna say congratulations to you for hitting that ten thousand subscriber milestone within that first year, just like you set out to do Awesome work man, fist bump

If you are not already subscribed, and you wanna learn how to grow your YouTube channel and make videos and all types of YouTube related stuff, make sure to hit the circle icon On top of that is the square icon, that'll take you to tubertools, that's my website Or click on one of the other related videos Thank you so much for watching, I'll see you next time

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