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153 Free Baby Samples – How to Get Free Baby Stuff – 2019

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Hey Freebie Mamas! I am so excited to share with you today how I got all these free baby samples and how you can get some free baby samples too I have a blog post I've already created that talks about 7 different ways that you can get free baby samples but today we're gonna talk about my 3 favorites

Getting free baby samples is super easy and even fun! Stick with me to the end of the video and you're gonna find out my #1 favorite way of getting free baby samples Now I'm going go through them fairly quickly but because there's so many on this table I think we're going to start from the front and work all the way to the back And I'll try to go through quickly because there are a lot of baby samples here First, right here on this edge we have Dreft Laundry Detergent also Seventh Generation Free & Clear detergent packs and then we have Dapple, which i believe is to clean bottles and dishes

Yeah it says it eliminates milk film and odor Next we have two samples These are Bellamins, which are premium prenatal vitamins

I have two packages of Boogie Wipes Boogie Wipes are for stuffy noses and there are also some coupons on the back We also have La Roche Posay Sunscreen Lotion with an SPF of 60 Next we have Boudreaux's Butt Paste which is a diaper rash ointment and there's a $1 coupon on the back This is Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion – this is a really nice size sample

Some Cetaphil Baby Diaper Rash Cream there are two more These are Baby Wash and Shampoo samples These are really nice size samples 2 packets of Cetaphil I think these are for Mom

There's a Gentle Skin Cleanser and a Daily Advance Lotion Here's another great sample for Mom It's from an NSpa It's Coconut Body Butter It's a pretty nice sample size

And then we have these nice Prenatal Vitamins from New Chapter We have some Baby Dove samples I love Baby Dove – it's nice and moisturizing This is the Tip-to-Toe Wash and it's a really good sample size Also included a nice sample of Dove for Mom

This is called Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash Here you can see a bunch of samples that I received from The Honest Company There is Face + Body Lotion, Honest Hand Soap, Organic Healing Balm, Multi-Surface Cleaner and Shampoo + Body Wash I just realized that these Honest Company products – I did pay shipping for them It was a free trial and it came along with I think about seven diapers and some wipes

It was $595 for shipping But these Honest Company products are the only ones that I paid shipping for All the rest that you see here I didn't pay a thing for Here we have a small sample of Balmex Diaper Rash Cream with a $2 coupon

I think it's pronounced Mustela Baby Lotion Lotion from Noodle and Boo and Aquaphor Baby Lotion sample A sample for breastfeeding – it's called Boob-Ease Organic Nipple Balm from Zarbees Naturals – it's for immune support

We also have a sample of Pedia Care – it's only a single dose but that's kind of nice to have around And a couple of samples from Babo Botanicals, a sample of Lanolin, and a couple of diaper rash samples from Weleda Baby We have a nice little collection over here of a bunch of Johnson's Baby samples This is a great Head-to-Toe Wash We have Burt's Bees Tear Free Shampoo That's a nice size sample Some samples of Babyganics baby lotion These are both diaper rash ointments and also a Baby Aquafor Baby Shampoo As you can see I got a lot of samples from Aveeno This is Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion I think i have about five here

I also received these samples from Hyland's Kids This is some kind of allergy medicine and 2 more baby samples from Mustela This is some kind of cleansing wash Another great sample that I'm excited to have is this Purell Multi-Surface Disinfectant Cleaner A sample of Bio-Oil

Now this is for stretch marks I believe and scars So that's great to get rid of those stretch marks after pregnancy I'm also excited about all these breastfeeding samples I received Some Lactation Cookies – these are pretty great These are from Bessie's Best and the flavor is Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Sounds delicious! And one thing I've gotten a lot of are some of these disposable nursing pads These particular nursing pads came from Munchkin Latch – I didn't even know they made those And you can see that they have a couple inside right in here They're hiding in there and they also come with some coupons Here are some disposable nursing pads from Avent and I'm gonna show you quickly what comes in one of these little packages from Lansinoh Inside here you will get some Breastmilk Storage Bags and also a couple of samples of their Disposable Nursing Pads You can see I got a bunch of them and what's great about these nursing pads is that you can throw a couple in your purse or your diaper bag These are fantastic samples to have! Right here you can see I've got a bunch of free baby pacifiers and also some baby bottles These cute little baby pacifiers came from MAM They were actually inside some of the MAM baby bottles that I got for free

All of these baby pacifiers were free and if I were to pay for them in the store, they range anywhere between $3 to $6 a piece so this is a really great value Here's the one from Chicco

It's Natural Fit It's a newborn pacifier And here's one of the MAM pacifiers I also got for free Here's another little MAM pacifier and a nice pacifier from NUK Now you can never have too many pacifiers

It seems like you lose them all the time, and the baby spits them on the floor, so this is great Now we're going to talk about all the free baby bottles I received I just want to mention that I have a whole blog post dedicated to how to get free baby bottle samples and I will link to that below this video These two right here were from MAM, so I got these free MAM baby bottles – they're about 4 ounces each They might hold closer to 5 and inside each of these baby bottles comes coupons and also these cute little pacifiers that I showed you before

I got a lot of free baby bottles from Philips Avent They are great about sending baby samples! So here are two more Avent baby bottles See these? These are called Snappies and these are actually breast milk storage containers I believe I got these from Enfamil I got these two free baby bottles from Dr

Brown's These are by far my favorite baby bottles because they have that green valve inside and that cuts down on the bubbles so it's great for babies that have Colic More bottles that I got from Philips Avent sorry about the crinkling Last but not least we have a Munchkin Latch baby bottle I know a lot of Moms love this brand (and they tend to be a little bit expensive) so this is a great way to get free baby bottles If you were to buy all the baby bottles that I showed you, they range anywhere between $6 to $10 each, so I probably got about $80 worth of the free baby bottles! Check out the link below this video so you can figure out how you can get free baby bottles too I'm trying to run through this video pretty quick but as you can see there's still a ton of free baby samples left! Here I wanted to show you these cute little Pampers wristlets These have come in a lot of the free baby gift bags I've received

It has a cute design and inside typically you'll receive a free Pampers diapers sample and some coupons Also usually they include packages of Pampers wipes As you can see, I have a bunch of these wristlets – probably five or six of them Pampers is really good about sending out these free baby samples But let me show you the newer design

This is the newer design of the Pampers clutch that comes in a lot of the free baby gift bags and baby boxes It's a cute little checkered pattern and I'm going to unzip it so you can see what comes inside Here is a Hello Mommy card from Pampers and inside they have some baby registry tips and other baby tips Like I mentioned before you typically will get a free sample of Pampers diapers, and these wristlets also include a travel pack of wipes So there are six Pampers wipes in here

Not only will you get free diaper samples from Pampers but I've received some from Seventh Generation and also some Huggies samples These come right in the mail with coupons usually included too I've even received these samples of GoodNites and they're many other Pull-Ups and other baby training pants that I've received but this is a three pack of GoodNites On this left-hand side of the table you can see I got a ton of free baby wipes a bunch of travel packs from The Honest Company

So here are some free samples of Honest Wipes – they have 10 in each Most of these Pampers wipes came in those cute little Pampers clutches I showed you There are also some free baby wipes samples from Huggies, WaterWipes, and even Target These WaterWipes are chemical free, made of 999% water and it has fruit extract in it

And like I mentioned, a package of Up & Up baby wipes – there are 20 in here This is the Target baby brand Here are just some of the free diaper samples I've received it's not everything I've received but it will give give you a good idea of what you can get Right here we have a bunch of Pampers samples these are from The Honest Company There are some Huggies samples

and I've even received some samples from Sam's Club – I believe their store brand is called Kirkland They're back in here I really love the diaper samples from The Honest Company because they come in really cute designs

So you can see they come in all kinds of designs – these are some nice girl designs here are some other designs they have for boys So you get the idea I do want to mention that I have a blog post dedicated to 11 Different Ways You Can Get Free Diapers So I will link to that post below and not only can you get diaper samples like this for free but you can get WHOLE packages of free diapers, so check that out too! Look at all these free formula samples – aren't they great? Normally a full-size can of formula ranges around 25 to 28 ounces, and it will cost you anywhere between $21 and $25 per can Now these cans like I said are sample sizes of formula – but you will still be able to try a lot of their baby formula

Requesting these free formula samples is a great way to see which brands work best for your baby Now even if you're not formula feeding, you should still request some of these free formula samples because most of these companies like Gerber, Enfamil, Similac and even Nestle will give away Free Diaper Bags In those diaper bags not only will you get free cans of formula like these you will also get other baby samples and breastfeeding supplies So from Gerber I got a free nursing blanket and baby bibs I also received from Enfamil some breast milk storage containers and a lot of other breastfeeding supplies So definitely go request your free diaper bags from the formula companies I will include a link below this video telling you how you can get those

I received about 11 FREE cans of formula and a bunch of these Enfamil single-serve packets This is well over $100 worth of free baby formula! Here are 4 single-serve packets of Enfamil infant formula and here are 4 more Enfamil infant formula packets – this is the Gentle Ease Here's a sample of Similac Pro Sensitive there's another Similac sample – this is Pro Advance for Immune Support and here are two more free cans of Similac formula

Here's Enfamil Newborn Formula another free can of infant formula from Enfamil Here's a free can of Enfagrow which is a toddler formula Here's another free can of formula – this is Enfamil Newborn formula

I also go this free can of Gerber Good Start This is the Gentle formula Here's another free can of Gerber formula – this is Gerber Good Start Gentle and this one is made with Iron Check out all this free baby formula! Like I mentioned, there's over $100 worth of free baby formula here! And we also looked at other things you can get for free – like diaper samples, baby bottles, pacifiers and tons of little baby samples of your favorite baby brands! So I'm sure you're wondering How do I get all this free baby stuff? What did you think about all these free baby samples? Aren't they awesome? As I mentioned at the beginning of the video – there are 7 different ways to get free baby samples but we're going to talk about my 3 favorite right now The first way is to get free baby samples from your doctor's office or your local hospital I've found that most doctors offices have closets FILLED with free baby samples – you just have to ask! I've gotten some free baby formula, diaper samples, baby bottles and lots more free baby products just for asking! Also, when you go to the hospital to deliver your baby, most times they provide all the baby essentials you'll need for your stay – Free Diapers, Formula, Baby Bottles if you're breastfeeding you may even get a Free Breast Pump and other nursing supplies The hospital's providing you with everything you need for your baby and you can take those things home The second way of getting free baby samples is by registering with the manufacturers directly Most times all that means is signing up for their newsletter

They'll send you free baby samples, coupons, special offers stuff like that I've been very successful with just emailing companies

like Dr Brown's I got these free baby bottles from Dr Brown's just for sending a quick email asking if they had any baby product samples available Or you could just call the manufacturers directly

On my website I provide some of the 1-800 numbers that you can call or you can just check out their website to see how to go about contacting them Many of the customer service reps are more than happy to send you free samples A lot of my visitors have gotten free Gerber samples that way – just by calling the customer service line And there's always snail mail believe it or not that still works! You can send a letter and request free baby samples We just talked about two easy ways you can get free baby samples The first get them from your doctor's office or your hospital The second

contacting the manufacturers directly – whether by email, phone, or by letter and now, we're going to talk about my FAVORITE way of getting free baby samples In my opinion, the best way of getting free baby samples is by creating baby registries It's totally okay to have more than one baby registry

and they give out some of the best FREE baby gifts! Want to know why this is my favorite way to get baby samples? Free baby registry gift bags! These are awesome! Target is one of my visitors favorite free gift bags They are really generous with their samples, they give lots of coupons I know some of my visitors even got free $20 gift cards to Target

You should definitely register with Target I also recommend registering with Babies 'R Us (sorry for the mangled bag) but anyway, they give out lots of free samples too Babies 'R Us was one of the places that gave me a bunch of those free baby bottle samples and lots of great coupons BuyBuy Baby is another great place to register They had a really cute window cling that says "Baby On Board"

lots of samples, lots of coupons, so don't forget to register with them too Many of the baby samples that I got right here came from registering with these companies What's so awesome about is all I had to do was fill out a quick registry online, put a couple of things on it, and then go to the store to pick them up

So that is a fantastic way of getting free baby samples – you just have to pick them up in the store! There are so many perks to creating baby registries – not only do you get free gift bags, but a lot of times you will get a registry completion discount Usually that's about 15% – I know Target is 15% let's say you had your baby shower already and you didn't get the crib or you didn't get the travel system

that 15% coupon can go a long way towards those big-ticket items Or you can use the coupons to stock up on diapers, wipes, things you're going to use all the time So not only can you get free baby registry gift bags from Target, Babies 'R Us, BuyBuy Baby and some others but you can also get free baby boxes from other companies

Check these out Here are some of the free baby boxes I received for creating baby registries! Many people don't know this, but Walmart will give you a Welcome Registry Box This is what I got from Walmart and inside there were Johnson's Baby lotion samples, Babyganics samples, lots of little random samples and some great coupons This is the Noobie Box – it's the Pregnancy Edition – and there's all kinds of free baby samples in here I even got lots of FULL size baby products like a Burt's Bees cloth diaper, packages of wipes, and some new baby brands that I hadn't heard of So those were really fun to try

I also got the Free Hello Baby Box from BabyList There were some really great freebies in here I got a free Sun Hat, I got tons of baby samples, a bottle, some pacifiers, all kinds of random free baby stuff It was really awesome So I totally recommend that you register with BabyList

One of the great things about BabyList is that it's a universal baby registry, so that means that you can put items from ANY registry all on one list Even if you've registered with Target, Walmart, and Babies 'R Us – you can combine all these registries on to ONE list – it's super convenient! And they give out some really great samples And last, but not least – Amazon They've partnered with lots of companies like Pampers, Seventh Generation, Huggies, The Honest Company I've gotten my most favorite freebies from Amazon Now I will tell you that you need to be a PRIME member, but if you're not a Prime member, you can get a 30-day FREE trial by clicking on one of the links below this video So in those 30 days you can try out Amazon They have awesome perks like FREE 2-day shipping

20% off diapers and wipes every day To me, having an Amazon account is a no-brainer but you can try it free for 30 days, and in the meantime request this free baby box See if you like it, and if you don't – just cancel your membership within the 30 days and you still get to keep this free baby box

Why I love the free baby box from Amazon is it has $35 worth of free baby stuff in it I've gotten full size packages of wipes, baby toys, a swaddling blanket, all kinds of goodies Not to mention a ton of free baby samples! You can get some really great baby freebies when you register with these companies It's so easy because all you need to do is fill out your online baby registry and then go into the store to get your free gift bags And in the case of the free baby boxes, they mail them directly to you for free

If you're interested in seeing exactly what came in each one of those free gift bags and baby boxes, check out my other videos! So to recap – my 3 favorite ways of getting baby samples is #1 – asking your doctor or your local hospital #2 – contacting some of these companies directly and being put on their mailing list to get free samples and coupons And my favorite way by far is by creating baby registries to get free gift bags and baby boxes I'm really excited about all the free baby samples I got, I'm you're gonna love yours too I even tried counting them and lost count somewhere after 150, but isn't that fantastic? Wouldn't you love to get free baby samples like these? To get your free samples, click on the links below this video

I hope you enjoyed this video If you did, please "Like" it and Subscribe Don't forget to ding that little bell so you'll be notified the next time I post a new video So what are you waiting for? Go get your free baby samples! Thanks so much for watching and I will catch you next time Visit: Freebies-For-Baby


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