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$1k Per Hour With Affiliate Marketing! 😲Top 4 Ways To Make Money Online in 2019

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– How would you like to make $1000 for just one hour of work? Hey it's LeahRae from ToddandLeahRaecom

And in this video I'm gonna teach you the four different ways that you an do that That you can put in an hour's worth of time and make a thousand dollars or more for that hour's work Now here's the thing guys, I am about as real as real can be and I'm not gonna lie and say that the very first time that you do this is going to be an hour's worth of work and you're gonna make a thousand dollars Absolutely not, that's something that you work up to, that you can get to If you put in the work, you learn the skills, and you take action, but I'm gonna give you the steps, exactly what you should be doing so that when you actually do take action and you get good at this, it's boom, it's money in the bank for just an hour maybe of work, it's awesome

Now this is 100% focused on affiliate marketing Why, because you can make really good money with it and you don't have to actually produce any of the products yourself which takes a lot of time and customer service, all that kinda stuff So we're focusing only on affiliate marketing with this Now the ground rules, if you wanna make big money, well, you're not gonna be working with like, Amazon associates and physical products Why, because you're gonna make only like five to 7% of a sale when you do that

Think about it, if you have a $100 purchase, you have an offer for $100 and someone makes a purchase with that If it's physical product, you make five, seven bucks Well, that's nothing to write home about You have to make a lot of sales to make any significant type of income Now compare that to, if your offer is a digital product for $100, where you're making 30 to 50% commissions

Well off of that one sale you can make 50 bucks Hey, they ain't bad Would you rather make 50 bucks of five bucks? Not that difficult to understand folks You need to work in the digital product space if you want to get to big income like this for a small amount of work, and you want to do it as quickly as you can On top of that we're really gonna focus on high ticket sales, high ticket affiliate offers

Why are we gonna focus on high ticket affiliate offers? Simple, math, and money Let's look at this, if you have an offer for $100 to a digital product and you make 50% commission, okay, great, you make one sale, you get 50 bucks Well what if that one sale, instead of being $100, it was $2000, you make a one-time sale of $2000 and you make thousand dollars That's 20 times the amount, that's crazy That is how you can get really big commissions from a little bit of work, is that you just need a few sales to make really, really good money

Imagine popping one sale like that a day, a thousand dollar commission, each and every single day Boom, right, that's almost $400,000 a year, that's awesome That's life-changing money for 999% of people or something So that's our two ground rules

One, that it is a digital product and two, that it is a high ticket offer If you need to know more about what that looks like, or you need references on what you should be using for high ticket offers, I'll put an info card in here so that you can jump into this next video after this so you can get some more information and details on how high ticket offers work and our number one recommendation for that Now the four strategies, the four strategies that you can do Affiliate marketing guys, it comes down to building an audience, okay, you need people to pay attention to what you're doing Build and audience then from that audience you're gonna drive traffic to your offers

So you gotta take your audience members, put an offer in front of them, tell them why they need to click the link, why they need to take the next step So you've got this big 'ol audience, then you're gonna have some of them are gonna click the next step to your offer, to become a lead, and start your sales funnel process for whatever your offer is Now if you have a great program, a great affiliate offer, that's really all you have to do, is create the audience and drive the traffic Well that's another amazing feature of affiliate marketing You could really, honestly, you get this process down, one hour a day, and you can make bank, you can make really big money because you're not dealing with the customer service stuff, you're not dealing with team building and product moving and all this kind of other stuff

You only are building an audience and driving traffic which can definitely be done in an hour a day So what are the four methods to do that Well let's start out with blogging We have a blog, a blog was our first thing that we got started with online It is critical to have something that you own

Well blogging can be great for making sales So if you learn the skill of SEO, search engine optimization, so when people look for something, they type it into Google, then your information, your article on your blog comes up They read the article, and you send them off, you drive that traffic to your offer Obviously, when you first get started, number one, you have to learn the skill, so you're gonna have to learn how to do the whole SEO thing Number two, is it's not gonna take you an hour to write a fully SEO'd blog post the first time you do it, absolutely not, but you can get there, you can write a great article and when you leverage some different tools and maybe outsourcing some of your stuff, you can definitely do that in an hour a day, for sure

So what kind of articles would you wanna write One of the easiest ones are review articles, these are where you can take, whatever your high ticket offer is So if it's a training course, if it's an affiliate program, whatever it is, and you could just add review to the end of it, and in the blog post, you're just reviewing the program Reviewing the training, reviewing the affiliate program, whatever it is, do it in a way that makes the SEO gods happy And so when people search for that thing, they're already looking to buy

They already have their credit card in hand They're like, you know, somebody told me about X, you know, grapety grape, and I kinda like what I'm seeing but I need to do a little research and look into this a little myself So what do they look up, they look up grapety grape, review Cool, they see, that your article comes up on that first page, they read it, their like dang, I like what they have to say, I like this program, I like this offer, whatever In your article, you're inviting them to make the purchase, you're telling them why they gotta purchase, right

What are the benefits to them You tell them to click the link to purchase, that's your affiliate link They were already queued up elsewhere, right, they got interested from someone else, but they're signing, they're closing the deal with you because of that great article that you put up and you got to rank up on Google So that's option number one Strategy number two is actually with Facebook

And Facebook, really groups in particular, you can do some crazy stuff with Facebook groups these days I really would never promote networking and just trying to talk to people on Facebook that you're just gonna waste your life, that can take forever, but, you can leverage ads and Facebook groups to build an audience to get them engaged and to invite them to take the next step I've gotta good friend who's just crushing some high ticket affiliate offers because he's built an audience He's built an audience successfully He goes into that audience, in that Facebook group, like once a day, makes a post, does a Live, whatever, and that audience is just super, super tight with him

And it's big, it's a few thousand And so they're making purchases, left and right, of really high ticket stuff, because it's really, really a targeted audience for his offers And he's really built up a lot of know, like, and trust factor, so you can do this with Facebook groups You can also do this with ads and you can also run ads to build your Facebook group So, there's a lot of flexibility with it on Facebook, but leveraging some paid traffic and Facebook groups is a great way to make high ticket sales

Now I'm not saying that you just set up an ad and just drive them directly to a high ticket offer No, you definitely need something that starts low ticket if you're driving just right from an ad on Facebook You make it simpler on yourself, just drive traffic to invite people to your group and in in the group is where you nurture them And you provide them lots of value When they've built up that value, built up that know, like and trust factor, yeah, they're open to a high ticket offer

Now are there more paid advertising options, absolutely, that's number three guys And just paid ads in general You can look at Google ad words, you can actually set up ads with Google, you can set up ads with YouTube, the same kinda thing, they're the came company essentially You can get in front of people's YouTube videos, you can use search traffic so if people are searching YouTube for certain terms your video can come up So again the same idea

You could take the name of the offer, the program, the training, whatever it is that your high ticket thing is, and then just add review to the end of it You could actually set that up as an ad in Google or on YouTube So when people are searching, to learn more about this thing, you can be the one that gives them that more information then has a link, just handed to them, you know, here's the link to click to purchase And that's your affiliate link So leveraging paid advertising is a great way to go

Paid ads are a great way, a very leveraged way, to put in a little bit of work, set up your ads, maybe each and every day, you're tweaking it, maybe you're adding a new variation, you're doing something, so you're not putting in much time each and every day But you're driving traffic into an offer Now if you're looking to really, really do this paid traffic thing You do want upfront, low ticket, low cost item that gets people in the door and starts your funnel So don't just like throw, like I said with the Facebook ads, same concept guys, don't just put an offer in front of a cold audience that you're doing traffic to, your paid advertising, that's like a $5,000 offer

That's really, really unlikely to work Instead, have a low ticket, you know something that's not expensive to get a qualified lead coming at ya, where they spend five bucks, they spent 10 bucks, 20 bucks, 50 bucks and that's where you're driving traffic from your ad You're gonna get some revenue from that where you can pay for your ad You can kind of break even from that and then everything else, the people that go further in the purchasing the high ticket stuff, and that's where your profits kick in Now number four is with YouTube, YouTube videos, and especially YouTube reviews

Same concept, right, take the program you're doing, the program your offer is, just take the name of your offer, add review to the end and shoot a video about it explaining what the program is, the offer is, and really letting people have an honest, realistic look behind the scenes and have the link ready for them that they can purchase with, and that's your affiliate link Once you're used to doing videos you can definitely shoot a video a have it up within and hour And if you don't wanna deal with the after, post editing stuff, just do a live video It's even easier, it's even faster to have that out in front of your audience and have them clicking links and you making money Plus, when it comes to YouTube, when it comes to blogging, those things in particular, yes, it may take you an hour or even let's say four hours when you first start, whatever

So it may take you four hours to do a YouTube video and you're very first one or something crazy, that's okay, that's okay, we have to start somewhere, but that video, maybe you don't get a sale that very first day that you publish it, but it's gonna be out there and searchable People can find that years later and that can continue to bring you sales down the line So with blogging, with YouTube, you're like, building up all of these assets that are working for you, bringing you new people, bringing you leads and potential sales So the more that you accumulate, the more videos that you do, the more sales that you're making So it's not a one for one, this is more of a passive income kind of thing where you're creating great content, you're setting in up that people can find it when they search for it, but let's say you get really, really good at doing your videos and you can shoot it and have it up in an hour

You're a pro, that's awesome So you do that, you spent one hour today, well when you publish it, maybe you get some leads that end up as sales over the next few days from that one hour, that could continue for the whole next week, right If it ranks, for something that's big, that could continue for months, or years I've got friends who's channels have taken off and they've got a handful of videos that have just crazy number of reviews and they've made so much money from just like, one single video One video that just took off on them, they have made hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars

So, that one hour's worth, you never know how big that's gonna get Now to learn more about how to master this world of affiliate marketing, even digital marketing in general and high ticket offers, trust me, it's gonna take more than just a couple YouTube videos You wanna click the link at the top of the description so you can get our training It's gonna teach you how to go from zero to six figures, six figures and above So top link in the description, click on that as this video ends, and get access

Now please know, that we are rooting for you I'm here, I'm shooting this video for you, I wanna help you create the time freedom that you and your family deserve So if this is the first video you're seeing of my face, then you need to subscribe, hit that little subscribe button, hit the bell for notifications, that I can help you do that That is what I wanna do, help me help you So subscribe, again, this is LeahRae from ToddandLeahRae

com, the next video should be up here above my head, head over to that one next and I'll see you soon

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