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2019 Digital Nomad | How to Make Money Living Abroad

Look Now, I don't know about y'all, but I can't be single and broke, okay

It has to be one or the other, it can't be both What's up YouTube people? Thank you so much for tuning in to JasmineTTV I am Jasmine T Today, I would like to touch on something that happened recently A few weeks ago your girl was featured in Travel Noire

If you don't know, Travel Noire is a digital platform that focuses on black Millennials They offer travel guidance and advice and they share the stories of travelers from all over the world It's pretty dope actually, it's really cool They have a segment called The Black Expat and one of their contributors asked if I would like to be featured in this segment and I was like, "Of course" Alright, I was so hype

I was so ecstatic I'm still hype The title of the article is "Living in Poland Allows Me to Pursue my Side Hustles" so I figured it would be good for anybody that found this channel through Travel Noire, like if you read that article, and you found your way here Welcome, but I wanted to share what those side hustles are and how I make money in Poland Now, I've done similar videos to this in the past like different ways to make money and we kind of like brainstorm together Those were different situations, and I've learned a lot since doing those videos So I want to talk about how I currently make money in Poland, okay So let's go through the list of my many jobs

Now job number one is of course the language school here in Warsaw I only teach four classes a week at this language school When I was interviewing for jobs I made sure to clarify that I didn't need to work a required amount of hours because I knew I wanted to work on personal things, and I interviewed for three jobs and they all told me that there was no required amount of hours to work You are an independent contractor, and you can work as much or as little as you want, and you can work for different schools if you want And just to let you guys know for the language schools in Poland, I interviewed for three language schools and I was offered the job for all three

And I'm just letting y'all know they're hiring Okay, they are hiring out here in Poland/ All right so now for jobs number two and three, they're both with online ESL companies I work for a company called iTutor group also known as tutor ABC and I work for another company called Cambly Now with I tutor I've been with them for like nine months and I could definitely go through the pros and the cons of working with I tutor and I might do a separate video if you guys want I could do a separate video all about working with I tutor

With Cambly, I've been working for two weeks they don't pay as much as iTutor The most you can make it's like 10 dollars and 20 cents per hour but they do have Cambly kids which I hear pays a bit more, but you know I don't teach children Okay, I'm just not wired to be dealing with kids and it's just not for me Now with iTutor, they pay a lot more You can earn double per hour than what you would make with cambly, and that's why I stick with iTutor, but they are a lot more stressful, okay

You could teach children or adults and right now I'm only teaching adults and it is less pay only teaching adults, but I don't care I'm just, I just want to teach kids iTutor, your students are either gonna be from China, Taiwan, or Japan With Cambly, they're from all over the world In the two weeks that I've been teaching, I've spoken with people from Saudi Arabia, from Kuwait, from Turkey, from from Japan

It's been pretty cool just having conversations with people from all over the world from here you know right from this table, so it's been pretty cool So those are jobs 2 & 3, my online ESL companies Job number 4 which I consider a job is YouTube because it takes a lot of time and effort If you have a youtube channel, if you're interested in starting a youtube channel, you know editing alone takes a lot of time I'm not even talking about the time that it takes to record because it takes me a long time to record because I mess up a lot, like a lot

Like editing a video, I'm lucky if it takes me two and a half, three hours just to edit the video, and after that I make the thumbnail, I upload it and since I've started adding captions, that's another 30 minutes to an hour because I like to proofread everything and make sure that everything is spelled correctly So that's just me There have been times where editing can take up to 10 hours depending on the type of videos, like the apartment hunting in Warsaw video Ten hours man, at least ten hours to do that video And if you're like me and you're not an organized person and you're procrastinator; so I usually edit my videos like the morning of

The day they're supposed to go out, I start editing like that morning so uhm be better than me okay be a lot better than me Youtube is definitely on the list, not the most lucrative at this stage, but I really do enjoy doing it and my friends even ask me like how much money, like how many views does it take for you to make X amount of money and it's not based solely on the views When ads play on the video it depends on like the type of ad, how long people watch the ad, if people click on the ad, like all of those factor in so the longer an ad plays, the more income it generates for the youtuber So for your favorite youtubers, it's nice to let the ads play I do that personally

Myy favorite youtuber is KevOnStage and when I watch his videos, I always let the ads play I want him to get all of his coins, okay So that's my fourth job and the fifth thing I work on is GetYourMugcom So you know on this channel, whenever I do interviews or whenever I do sugarless tea episodes, I always have a mug

And I thought to myself, if I'm going to have a mug, why not have them a mug that I designed? Something that represents me, something that represents the channel, and so I started GetYourMugcom and the method I use for this is drop shipping, so I actually have a package here GetYourMugcom, I don't do any of the shipping, I just create mugs, all right I create mugs I built the website, and I'm responsible for marketing

It's definitely a learning process as well because when I was in Korea, I started a cosmetics line I'm learning from my mistakes When I got back to the States, I launched that line, but I was responsible for labels, for packaging, for shipping and so when I came to Poland I didn't want to put that on Mother or any of my family members to take care of shipping so doing it like this really allows for me to still be free to travel and still run the business remotely, so it's been pretty fun and I've just been like making mugs, like oh my gosh they packed this in here very well all right So I have this one Just things that I wanted to say when I when I had like a real office job, things that I wanted to say in the office right so "Before you ask me

Did you ask the internet?" Like Google it, you know, I don't know I find this so cute! So this is something that I'm working on and is really forcing me to learn things like Facebook marketing like there Ads manager so right now I'm testing ads on Facebook for GetYourMug, and I've learned how to do this by watching youtubers such as Beast of Ecom, Gabriel St Germain, and just like watching videos on like how to run proper facebook ad campaigns and I still have a lot of learning to do but I am getting traffic on my website, and I'm even getting add-to-carts but no one has like pulled the trigger yet on a sales, but I'm gonna figure it out alright

So I'm telling you all of this to let you know this is what my life looks like in Poland, okay I'm teaching, I'm doing YouTube, I get to work on projects like this, and I still have time to play tennis once a week I have time to go to a social event, and I'm not stressed about bills I'm not stressed about my rent or anything like that And then this summer, I hope to start traveling because you know I'm still in my residency application process so hopefully by July we will be traveling and I say we because me and you, your Mama and your cousin too, we are going places this summer

Hopefully, in July because I want to go to London, I want to go to Budapest, I want to go to Amsterdam, I want to go to so many places, and actually on the JasmineTTV website ,you can even see, I put like current location Of course, right now it's Poland, but when we start traveling, I hope to change that current location often and to share experiences and vlogs from all of these, from all of these places and I think that'll be pretty cool and the way that I set up all these jobs like I can do it remotely As long as I have my laptop and stable Wi-Fi, I'm good You know like I can go somewhere for two, three weeks at a time and be fine, so yeah Poland, man It might be for you I just wanted to share that with you, if y'all have any questions, definitely drop them in the comments below Let me know what you guys thought of the Travel Noire article and check out JasmineTTV

com Don't forget that if a video doesn't get posted one week, there will be an article posted, okay So definitely check that out as well You can follow me on Instagram @JasmineT_TV and I'll see you guys next time Bye!

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