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3 Best Foods for Kidney Stone Prevention


The formation of kidney stones is one of the most common concerns of most people. Unhealthy eating habits and inadequate water consumption are considered to be the main causes of urinary calculi formation.

The accumulation of dissolved minerals in the inner layer of the kidney results in the formation of stones that can range in size from large golf balls having a crystal structure.

As mentioned earlier, the lack of sufficient water in the body leads to the formation of kidney stones, because the lack of water supply can not dilute uric acid, the urine is more acidic, and gradually lead to stone formation. The most common symptoms of this disease are bleeding and burning sensation, while urinating, vomiting, pus formation in the urine accompanied by fever and tremors.

Doctors and researchers recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle, backed by a nutritious diet plan, and most importantly, eating at least 8-10 cups of water or healthy juices can reduce the risk of kidney formation. whether you have enough water, it will help your system dilute the chemicals responsible for the formation of stones.

In addition to water, adding the first three dietary habits to the diet can play an important role in preventing kidney stones. Such as:

1. Increase in citrus intake: from

 The best sources of natural citric acid are lemon, orange and grapefruit. Citric acid prevents the formation of kidney stones. It helps break down the potential rock formation into smaller pieces and is discharged through urination.

2. Includes calcium (vitamin D): from

 Reduce oxalate content by adding more calcium to your diet. Health experts always recommend extracting calcium from natural sources rather than supplements. Milk, cheese and yogurt are considered to be the main sources of calcium. In addition, dark green vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans are also a rich source of calcium. It is also essential to increase the intake of vitamin D as it helps to absorb more calcium. The lower the calcium level in the diet, the more the oxalate level increases, which is the main cause of stone formation.

3. Fruits and vegetables: from

 Although it is recommended to drink enough water and healthy liquids to prevent the formation of stones, doctors will regulate the consumption of water-containing fruits and vegetables to remove stones. Containing fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, raspberries, oranges, cucumbers and pineapples helps to keep your body hydrated, reducing the opportunity of stone formation in the kidneys and urinary tract.

The accumulation of stones depends on many factors, including hereditary and medical cases. It also proves that a person may have kidney stones multiple times in his or her lifetime, while men are the most serious patients with chronic stones. Preventing the cause of this complication is a difficult process that requires some patience and determination. The main symptoms of stone formation cannot be ignored until a fatal jump occurs.

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