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3 Mistakes in Social Media Marketing That May Come Back to Haunt You


Let's suppose.

You order your order on the web and take more time to reach. In addition, some items are lost from the package. Frustrated, you can express your concerns through the supplier's Facebook channel and hope to get compensation.

And due to repeated stimulation, the other end will have full radio mute.

Is this experience not very good? You think this trade may not care about you – how you trust it to bring you a good experience, but breaks this trust. So, you do what any frustrated person will do – you swear that you will never order anything from here and clink on the "Not like" button.


For social media strategists, there is a lesson to memorize from here. Social media marketing strategies may actually be shaken by some naughty and negative comments.

As a trade owner, social media gives you a limited opportunity to make a good impression. How to take advantage of these opportunities may make your trade or break it.

The evidence is in these statistics:

• 71% of users with active social media brand experience are willing to recommend it – Ambassador

• According to one study, only 20% of social media posts have serious emotional reactions on social media – Havas Media

• 42% of Twitter users want businesses to reply to their enquiries within an hour – Ambassador

As a social media marketer, the best way to improve your social media strategy is to first find out why it first has problems. Here are some errors you might have overlooked:

1 – Careless feedback on negative feedback

whether you have ever faced a salesperson, you will not expect him to become defensive when you complain or don't care about your concerns.

So why are your fans on social media?

Keep in intellect that whenever someone posts a negative comment on social media, other followers can see them. They will be interested in knowing your response.

This is an annoying scene for businesses. But this can be avoided. Methods as below:


Put some people behind the wheel : Experienced professionals like social media experts take a fair attitude towards negative emotions and know that it is useless to be careless about it.

For example, they know that the comment "Your service is too naughty! I want my money" does not reply and does not help anyone. On the other hand, a well-worded response helps your reputation and ease your mood.

To demonstrate, your reply should be like this: "We are sorry that your experience is very naughty. This way, you are more likely to alleviate frustrated customers.


Use on the web tools to alert complaints : It's easy to forget things you won't comeacross every day. The comments on social media are the same. You can't track each of them. No one has given them your inbox, and there is no guarantee that the followers will tag you.

To track all comments, you can use tools like Google Alerts to let you know when someone uses your keywords in their social media fields.

2 – Use social media management tools to arrange the same post on all platforms

Social media management tools allow marketers to publish the same content on multiple social media platforms simultaneously. Many companies use it to schedule posts. It also works for them, releasing the time they need to focus on other tasks.

However, people often use these tools as shortcuts to arranging the same post on multiple platforms. This is a lazy strategy that shows you don't care how your audience receives your content.

Keep in intellect that features that run on Facebook or Twitter don't necessarily work for LinkedIn. Each social media platform is created with a specific target audience in intellect. For example, a 140-character tweet is not suitable for LinkedIn viewers who want a more comprehensive post.

Use tools to schedule optimized posts

To get the most out of social sharing tools, first improve your social media strategy. Take a occasion to understand the unique features of each platform. Limit yourself to two or three platforms whether needed. For example, photo-rich posts are more successful on Google+.

Hootsuite and HubSpot are two of the many social media management tools that you can use to auto-post your posts and even see which channels are the most engaged. In addition to automatic content sharing, these platforms offer free on the web social marketing training courses to help you get the most out of every platform, such as optimizing posts for different social media channels.

3 – Easy social sharing button

trade owners often reserve the best content for their websites. For example, content-rich blogs and other content build them on their niche experts.

It also gives visitors the opportunity to stay longer on these sites. perhaps they want to look around and see what else?

Unfortunately, you can show what everyone wants to share – but whether the visitor doesn't have any way to share it, then it won't get the exposure you want.

To make your work:


Let your social sharing run on your mobile device : Statistics show that more than 15% of tweets are coming from tweets that are embedded on your site. This also proves that people share a lot on mobile devices.


Tool for creating social sharing buttons for WordPress : You can use the on the web tool to create custom social sharing buttons for different audiences.

When choosing the right plugin, a good rule of thumb is to choose a plugin that is more free of the types of social sharing buttons that you can create on different platforms.

For example, to increase engagement with mobile audiences, you can tell developers to download WordPress plug-in tools, such as Simple Share Buttons Adder, to create custom sharing buttons for your web or mobile audience and add them to all of your social media. In the post. Another plugin tool is Addthis.


Social budget : whether there is anything worth doing, it is worth doing. Tools such as Simple Share Button Adder can be downloaded and used for free. But whether you really want your sharing button to shine, it's best to have a budget and use it to order their professional or premium packages. These offer more customization options and retail prices of about $10 to $100.


Choose savvy content wisely : whether you want to take advantage of social media, your content must be what people want to share. For example, richly-rich posts share more than text-based content.

For illustration, please consider the chart. Studies have shown that the sharing of infographics on social media and "likes" are three times that of any other type of content.

wrap up

Use tools to keep you alert to negative comments and rely on professional help. Avoid lazy ways by abandoning the automatic publishing strategy. Keep an eye on the types of content you post, how your followers share content on the social platform of your choice, and optimize for mobile devices to expand your reach.

It's a mistake to think of social as a quick and easy marketing brand solution. It takes time, energy and patience. Understanding errors and pitfalls can help you avoid them.

By Farheen Shahzeb
Social Media marketing

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