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3 Step Formula to Making


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– You see banners all over the web, and you	ve probably even csidered, should you be using banner ? 'Cause I bet you don't even click on 'em yourself, so you're like, "If I don't click on 'em, "are other people clicking on 'em?" Hey, everyone, I'm Neil Patel, and day I'm gonna explain if you should be using banner ads (bright music) Well, the answer is yes

And the reason it's yes is because banner ads, if they don't clicks, they don't cost much, right? In other words, if everyone's doing banner advertising and they're not getting a lot of results, then the cost typically goes down Think of it as supply and demand If the cost is so high because the conversions suck, no one's gonna be using it Because they don't convert as well, banner ads typically have a really low cost per impression or a low cost per click Now, when you're using banner ads, there's a few simple strategies that you should follow

One, create banner ads for your remarketing campaigns What remarketing is is when someone comes to your website and they don't buy, you can remarket them so when they're browsing the web, they can start seeing adverts all related one's gonna click 'em

Try ong>toong> rotate up your banners at least once per week This will enable them onna continually get more and more clicks Last but not least, on: underline;”>make sure whatever messaging you put within your banner ad is congruent to your landing page For example, if on your banner you're offering discounts, ong>makeong> sure you emphasize that discount on your landing page

You can cross off the original amount and then put the discounted price on the landing page It's a simple way on: underline;”>to be like, "Oh, this company offered me X, Y, and Z, "and then they're even giving it to me "and song>ong>ing it ong>toong> me on the landing page" By following those tips and strategies and even doing banner ads, you'll start generating more income and more sales (bright music)

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