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360 Chef: African Peanut Stew in the Instant Pot Recipe How to Make

Hi there! This is Geoff from geoffmobilecom I'm in the kitchen today and I'm going to be making a recipe in the Instant Pot called African Peanut Stew

It is really delicious I made this one time before and it's made with a lot of great ingredients Please come a bit closer and I'll show you the ingredients for today's recipe Alright have a look down here you can see the ingredients for the recipe I've got two large sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped into 1 inch slices

I've got one onion chopped into small bits I've got 3 or 4 cloves of garlic minced, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of dried ginger (you can also use fresh ginger if you want – I'll put it in the description of the video) I've got half a cup of peanut butter – this is just all natural peanut butter I've got 1 teaspoon of salt One can of diced tomatoes

I've got a 3 or 4 cups of water, 1 cup of quinoa, which I rinsed in the strainer, and one bag of chopped kale That's frozen kale First thing we're going to do is turn on our Instant Pot on saute mode So I'll push the saute button and I'll push it until the display says "normal" I don't want it to be too hot as I'm just going to be sauteing some vegetables

So as you can see here I've got the pot starting to warm up I'm going to be adding the oil I've got about 1 tablespoon of olive oil Now we wait for that to warm up in the pot It's been a couple minutes and I'll add the onions to the pot

I'm going to saute this for two minutes or so until they soften Give the onions a stir so they don't burn The onions have been cooking for two minutes and they're nice and soft On the Instant Pot I'm going to push the cancel button to turn it off I'm going to add the garlic and then I'm going to add my powdered ginger, as well

Just tap it in Give it a nice stir I'm going to add three cups of water Scrape the whole bottom of the pot so anything like flavors or spices on the bottom will be released off the bottom Next thing I'll dump in the sweet potatoes

I'm going to add the can of tomatoes I'm going to add the peanut butter on top Add a little bit of salt I'll add the quinoa right on top and I'll just give it a stab so the quinoa is submerged in the water But I'm *not* going to stir

I'm just going to stab the quinoa so that it's covered in the water That way it will cook better but it won't touch the bottom of the Instant Pot Everything's in the pot Take your Instant Pot lid – make sure you have a sealing dial at the top and you have your sealing ring (silicone ring) in place and it's evenly set around the metal part there I'll lock the lid on, turn the dial to seal and I'll set it at high pressure (pressure cook) for seven minutes, and I'll turn *off* the keep warm setting

That way when it finishes it will be able to shut off naturally So after the Instant Pot starts heating up inside it will build up pressure and you'll see some steam coming out of the valve at the top When there's enough steam inside the pot the little metal valve will rise to the top and the pot will seal At that point the pressure will continue building in the pot for another five minutes or so, until it reaches its full high pressure inside the pot At that point it will beep and it'll start counting down from the time that we sat which was seven minutes

After seven minutes the pot will beep and it's technically done but it's still high pressure inside the pot Because we turned off the keep warm setting it will actually start releasing the pressure naturally through the outside of the pot We'll allow it to do a natural release for ten minutes which is basically just letting the pot sit for ten minutes and it naturally releases the pressure After ten minutes we'll turn the dial at the top to do what's called the "quick release" to release the rest of the pressure Just a moment ago the steam was coming out of the Instant Pot and the valve at the top, the metal valve, rose to the top

Now the Instant Pot is still bubbling inside It's building up steam and in about five minutes it will start counting down from the time that we sat which was seven minutes So the Instant Pot just beeped and now it is counting down from seven minutes In seven minutes we will hear it beep again and then it will automatically shut off because we turned off the keep warm setting and at that point we'll let it sit for ten minutes to do a natural release and then we'll do a quick release of the pressure the rest of the way Okay so it's been about ten minutes

I'm going to now unplug the Instant Pot from the wall and I'll move Instant Pot underneath the vent here Now using the wooden spoon I'm going to turn the valve on top of the Instant Pot I'll turn on the fan as well The rest of the pressure will release So the pressure's pretty much all released

I'll move then pot back over to the counter and in a moment the little valve on top will drop down There we go! So when you open the lid, make sure you open it away from your face because it's very hot And make sure not to touch any of the metal parts with your hand Give the lid a little bit of a shake so that the drips of the hot water don't land on your feet Then carry the lid over and put it by the the sink

Now I'm going to add the frozen kale I'm going to just dump it into the pot and I'll use the whole package because I really like kale Very good, I've dumped in the kale I'm going to give it a stir to mix in the kale and now you can start seeing the consistency of this stew If you want this more like soup you can add more liquid, but for me I like to have a really thick peanut stew

Stir it gently so you don't break the sweet potatoes up too much When I mix in the kale it thaws in the pot Now I'm going to make a little close-up video of the mixture Mmm looks amazing! Wow! I'll serve some into a bowl Then I'll do a taste test That looks really good Wow very nice! I'll make a little close-up video of the serving

Beautiful! Mmm mmm mmm! It looks wonderful! All right so this will be the taste test of the dish Have a look here – it looks really amazing I love the combination of flavors Here let me try it out! That's awesome! It's stunning It's super amazing! I could have this all day! Well this recipe is very much thanks to the cookbook author named Megan Gilmore

Please check out Megan's cookbooks and I'll put a link in the video description as to where you can buy her cookbook online or check it out from your local library This is one of my favorite dishes because it's vegan, vegetarian, and low fat, and it has just super awesome flavors You definitely won't miss the meat It is so delicious and I hope you try it at home If you do give it a try, please let me know how it went! For more videos for me please click the "subscribe" button below, and I'll see you back again very soon! Have a great one and happy eating! Hope you enjoyed this 360 cooking video

Bye for now! So good! It's amazing

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