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AdMob Case Study: Bravolol

Bravolol believes that: Everyone, rich or poor, should be bred So Bravolol uses In-App Purchase, Plus In-app Advertising's business model

(user) can do without paying for money, You can use the content and features we provide In order to achieve In-app Advertising's business model We have adopted Google AdMob In order to make the full version of the ads to achieve the best results AdMob can provide a good ad fill rate In addition to this, it also includes traditional banner ads, as well as full-page ads

The features and benefits of ADMOB AD MEDIATION can help us systematically, Manage ads from multiple publishers one-stop In any country, Admob can provide a guaranteed ad fill rate It also places great emphasis on localized advertising content (About Bravolol) Bravolol is a team that develops foreign language learning applications The application we developed has More than 25 million cumulative downloads

Bravolol also uses one of Google Play's great features Is a user review provided by Google Play Through this feature, We can communicate instantly with users In the exchange, the user put forward different opinions They reflect the deficiencies found during use, And pointed out that there is a need for improvement

This allows us to make timely corrections It also makes the process of launching the app more smoothly (Why choose to work with Google) The cooperation between us and Google is Google Admob offers high quality ads So that users do not think that advertising is a hindrance, It is some extra information Recently Google made a good opinion, Is to change the position of the banner ad, To enhance the user experience It’s easy to monetize your app Open up your app business with AdMob

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