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AdMob Workshop México D.F.

In 2013, 90% of the apps that were downloaded were free And in fact, what you can tell is that the prices of the apps actually went down

So, nowadays most of the apps are lowering their prices In many cases, as Jime was saying apps are free and the way to get a profit is by using publicity So, what we want for publicity is not to be negative on the contrary, we want publicity to bring value to the users Focus on making an excellent user experience, is what we're really looking for What we wanted to do today was to have the chance to talk about this tool

To be able to spread the word so you can know it's there That you may think about it when you start to monetize your app Or better yet, when you start to create your app you may already have it in mind when you're developing your business plan Thank you very, very much

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