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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial: How To Sync Audio & Video (For Beginners)

– So how do you sync your audio and video in Premiere Pro? In this video, I'm gonna show you the easiest way on how to do it, so let's get it – [Announcer] You gotta just press record

– Hey, what's up? It's Omar Eltakrori with Think Media helping you build your influence with online video Sometimes we do tech gear reviews, but also we do tutorials, just like this one So if you're new here, consider subscribing So before I get into the tutorial, I wanted to just let you know that I'm going to be essentially referencing the How to Start Your Premiere Project, so just, I'm not gonna go through the full extent on how to go get to a sequence and then syncing it all up So just keeping that in mind

If you haven't seen that video and you want to make sure that your settings are right to even begin with, check that out I'll put it in the YouTube card and in the description below But let's get into it All right, so for this example, I kinda have a testimonial, or like sit-down interview-style thing I have two different angles

I have a wide angle and a tight angle And then you can see the audio from the camera right here below However, this isn't the audio that I want for it to be used for the main actual project I want the audio that's from my recorder that we used from the boom mic to be used And so, I have two different audio files here

I'm just gonna drag 'em all on their own track This is very important that you do so You wanna make sure you drag out all your assets onto separate tracks Now, once you do that, all you have to do is select everything that you want to be synced Now, it's really key, again, that things are dragged on their own track

So once I select it all, and if you didn't notice, I just hold down, click and hold, and then I drag a box You can also, you know, Command+A if you're using Mac or Control+A if you're using Windows Select everything that you wanna synchronize So I'm just gonna draw a box around that which I want to sync Right-click, and then I'm gonna hit Synchronize

And then you wanna just make sure that the audio little selection is selected and then track channel one Hit OK, and then voila, Premiere does all the work It's the coolest thing ever I feel like Premiere didn't always have this I mean, this is, now it's kinda getting old, but when I first started editing, this wasn't the case

I kinda had to eyeball the wave forms, and it was kind of time-consuming But super easy Now all I essentially do is I'll just delete the scratch audio, 'cause I don't wanna use it And now I have everything I need I can come over here, delete tracks, and then I delete my audio track, just to keep it clean

Boom, like now I got my, you know, clip And then we're good to go Now let's just say that you did select everything you wanted to be synchronized, and then you right-click and oh no, Synchronize is grayed out The chances are is that you just have something in the way So you might have selected an extra clip or a video clip that really is in the way

Like I said earlier, make sure all the assets you want to sync are on separate tracks So if you could see here on the left side, I'll just zoom in, I have a clip that I accidentally left right here, and I accidentally selected it So you just wanna make sure that that's either deleted, or you're not using that to sync Now, if you wanted this clip to be synced at some point, you definitely want to just get it on its own track, and then you can synchronize it If you notice, boom, now you can synchronize it

And so that's just if you're Synchronize is grayed out All right, so that's how you easily synchronize your audio and your video in Premiere Pro This was a very simple example Now, if you have a more complex situation where you have a bunch of audio clips and a bunch of video clips, I would say creating a multi-camera sequence, which we have a video on that, I'll make sure I link that up in the YouTube card and in the description below But if you got value in this video, smash the like button for me

Thank you so much And question for you is, what is your biggest pain point in Adobe Premiere Pro? Would love to make more tutorials like this to help you out And also, make sure you check out our Premiere playlist We have a ton of videos on just teaching you basic things on Premiere Pro so you don't mess up your videos, mess up your quality We're all about Team Crispy here on Think Media

And so, check that out You can click or tap this screen, and we'll see you in the next video Peace (groovy music)

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