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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | 3 Steps To Finding The Best Offers To Promote

– There are virtually unlimited products and out there that you can as an , which is super cool because is one of ways make money online But flip side of that is that with so many things you can promote, it�9;s easy to get overwhelmed with deciding what exactly you want to promote and how you should be promoting it


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Well, hey, I'm LeahRae from Toddandleahraecom, social media marketing expert and online entrepreneur, and in this video we will be walking you through our three super simple steps to figure out exactly what the best affiliate marketing offers are you to promote and the best way to promote them so you can start making money as soon as possible (upbeat music) Alright, so exactly how do you find the best affiliate offers to promote and what is the best way to promote them? As we dive into this, I want to let you know that we have awesome videos like this coming out all the time to help you build your online business, to create your brand, to grow your audience, generate leads, and make sales, so make sure to subscribe, hit the little bell button notifications so that we can help you reach your goals So first, let's talk about your brand Your brand is really important when it comes to building a sustainable, full-time income in affiliate marketing

Now, why is that? Think about the way affiliate marketing works You make a recommendation on a product or service, and then people make a decision to buy based on your recommendation They click your affiliate link, and when they pull out their credit card to purchase, and you get credit for the referral So, the key piece to this formula is that people trust your recommendation And this is where your "brand" comes in

You want to build a brand and a reputation as the go-to person for a specific subject So, for example, we have built a brand around helping people start and build online businesses Others have built brands around beauty and makeup, or technology, photography, gaming, essential oils, weight loss, ketogenic dieting, and even things like knitting and quilting The people who are the most successful at this, at what they do, build their brands around a specific subject So think about what you want people to come to you for

What do you want to help people do? What is it that you have a love or passion for that you would enjoy teaching others about? Now, it's really good if you already have some level of expertise in that subject, but honestly, you only really need an interest in it Why is that? It's because what people are looking for the most is information from people who are like them For example, if I'm looking for information about DSLR cameras, I really don't care what a professional photographer would say about it, or how they would use it What I really wanna know is what other moms are saying about a camera For example, is it durable enough to survive a family with young kids? Is it easy to use? Does it take good pictures without having to adjust a bunch of settings? What features do other moms use and find most helpful? Is it easy to carry around in a purse? Things like that

And you don't need to be an expert to tell me those things You just need to be someone who can talk to moms about what they want to know For example, you may be a pet lover, and you may want to help new pet owners train their new pets If you are a homeschooling parent, you could help parents interested in homeschooling If you are an accountant, you could help small business owners become more efficient with their bookkeeping and expenses

Or if you love the idea making money online and learning more about internet marketing gets you excited, you can share some of the cool stuff you are learning with others looking to get started So step number one, what you want to do is write down a list of a few options for yourself Options that you could see yourself getting excited about, you could see yourself talking about on a regular basis Once you've done that, you'll be able to narrow down you list and make your choice Number two, once you've figured out your brand, it's just a matter of figuring out what products, services, or opportunities are out there that relate to that brand that you can promote as an affiliate

Think about what kinds of training, equipment, tools, support will help your audience along their journey So if helping people with their pets is your thing, then a new pet owner could use all kinds of stuff, physical products, like a crate or kennel, training pads, reward treats, collars, leashes, chew toys, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera And while those are nice and you should write them down, as I've previously mentioned in our "$100 a day affiliate marketing blueprint" video, you're going to get much higher commission rates and make more money with digital products So how about looking for an online obedience class that you could recommend to your audience? 1-800-Petmeds has an affiliate program, Chewycom has an affiliate program, AnimalDen

com, SpoilMyKittycom, ClassicHoundcom, they all have affiliate programs, and there are tons of online pet training courses that are out there that you can become an affiliate of as well and make 20% to 40% commissions on Now it's time to do some Googling Obviously, it makes sense if you can simply refer people to products and programs that you are already using and like, but you may need to seek out new products or programs and try them out to see if you can recommend them

When you find something you want to recommend, you can often snoop around on their website and see if they have an affiliate program or just do a Google search for an affiliate program for that company If you don't find anything, you can contact the company independently and ask them if you can be an affiliate and help promote their products If it is a physical product, you can always use Amazon's affiliate program If you want to learn more about Amazon's program and how to sign up, we covered that in our introductory video about "What Is Affiliate Marketing" I'll make sure that it's one or the video pop up for you within this screen at the end of this video so you can just click it to check it out if you want to

But the best products to promote are going to be things that center around the brand that you are building and that have a common theme That's really the key Because when you build a brand and build an audience of people who have a common interest, that's when people keep coming back to you over and over again and buy stuff through your links time and time again Now if you want our recommendation for an awesome training program teaching you how to build an affiliate marketing business that also comes with a great affiliate opportunity, simply click the link at the top of the description to learn more about it It's our top recommended program for anyone serious about making a full-time income as an affiliate marketer

Now I want to hear from you What ideas are you kicking around for your brand or offers? Comment to let us know If you already know what direction you're heading, comment and let us know what your decision was And finally, if you have any additional questions that are related to affiliate marketing and how to be successful, make sure to comment below as we will definitely get back to you and answer those questions And be sure to give us a thumbs up and share this video with anyone who might find it helpful

Again, this is LeahRae and I'll see you soon (upbeat music)

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