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Affiliate Marketing – How to Make $3,000 in a single day using the Amazon Business Model

Closed Caption by YouTube hi hi hey hey hey hey what's going on guys what's going on guys what's coming up what's happening what's going on all right so we kind of started late we're starting about 19 minutes late if your name plates and stuff like that it's my babies eating around here or privileged to be able to work from home so excuse that let me see if I can share really quickly with everybody else what we got going on here so I'm going to spend some time here with you maybe 30 minutes you know this is for the meter so just so you know we are changing the focus of the leader we are in fact change the focus of the lead-up to cater to more cash flow okay more casual than anything else let's see here email client all right so there's a lot of people let me just tell you like there's a lot of people and make money in real estate but they just don't have the resources right and maybe you're one of those people and you'll be trying to make money in real estate when you're finding out I need some money for marketing you finding out there's a lot more complicated and you thought and you're wondering if this was ever going to be possible for you okay it's possible you know if you read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad you would understand that you should be asking the question how can I as opposed to I can't so it's absolutely possible you need to make a killer in real estate Nyjah stats and actually creating cash flow for your business okay so without yourself let's give it to ensure that all four here yeah you I'm gonna mute for a second here man you we're back wanted to make sure the phone is off alright guys so my name is all that you know being father here my Empire throw also on the creator of the meetup group used to the ng re i see but a game we're turning that to the 3008 glove so here you are part of the 3008 club okay that's what this is about all right so um but I want to tell you a little bit of myself how did that get here okay I'm gonna take my time maybe you cuz i started this like 90 minutes late so chances are nobody is watching us live okay but either way I'm just gonna be going to take my time and go through the information so my game my name is a lot and I started my journey as an entrepreneur back in 2004 and in 2004-2005 made my first check on ten thousand dollars after hustling for a whole year street I in 2005 December and that was the beginning and since that time I've been in fact infected with the bug and it's nothing I would ever do without being an entrepreneur any can I do I salamanca commotion what's a site officer okay so but here we are about what is the 2005 12 years later 2017 we're all right now they realized that so obvious but I went full time for the first time I went through time completely full time entrepreneur in october two thousand and six and there was something about working the job for the rest of my life that I just wasn't attractive to me um I realized that it was a 40 40 40 plan that means I had to work 40 hours of mine of my hours per week working probably for the next 40 years of my life making forty thousand dollars a year and I think it's one more 40 trying to pay back to forty thousand dollars Coulomb if not more so that was something that I was not interested in doing so I wanted to do something else entirely I wanted to do something where the planting deal is a little bit better I don't mind working hard all i know is working hard in fact my parents they're great teachers i ended up teaching now teaching this kind of stuff nutz regular traditional teaching but my parents are teachers and they worked hard they still working hard now that's so hard but it's to work hard because that's all they know that's all I know too I'm gonna work hard so the question is it's not if I'm gonna work hard the question is am I going to be able to make something mythical out of it okay I was not the question so the question was how long am I gonna be working hard or before I have the choice of not having to work and I chose twelve years ago that I needed a better deal than the 40 40 40 plan so i ended up getting into real estate and i started flipping short sales pretty short sales for the next two years by 2008 the market started to crash market crash burnt guess what was also included in that my business crashed and burned but it's a good experience to go through that was a was weird for me because even before the recession happening 2008 I wasn't exactly aware of the thing called recession I wasn't exactly a well that but uh it was good to learn that way the good news or the good thing at the time was that I didn't have a lovely lifestyle I had a lot of savings had a lot of money socked away and I started to leave on my savings at the time I think I leapt on my serious for another year until I started to bring in some money so I ended up on the Internet so in the in search for new deals trying to you know what can we do the memento at the time and and today coronary if you know him out there was my mentor in real estate he invited me to a home party to 80 that his house it was a presentation for a network marketing company and network marketing deal MLM some of you know what it is I'm way you know those kind of things the whole body they invite you and we try to sell you the business opportunity you supposed to do your own home party and just keep going like that for you know you have a big organization of people they make just a piece of all the activity their singles activities in their organizations and I didn't even know what it was all I knew was that if Anthony is doing it I'm gonna do it so I pulled out my credit card of course I had a lot of serious like i said i did have a job because i had not had a job since 2006 october and by the way i worked at finished for 17 years between 1999 2006 some very proud segments of my life that I'm very proud of so I was like to mention that uh but anyway I ended up joining this company and when I got home I started to read up everything so I read everything up and I was ready I went in they also spirited everything I went in build a team of 60 people something like that and then they send me a check of twelve dollars and then I was like okay this could this can't be it right just to make any sense but anyway I my brother at the time was headed to join me Kristen's he went online did some search I did some search we found something we called attraction marketing which I'm now applying any business I engaging attraction marketing is very simple is you instead of you chasing people to become the chains if people start chasing you to find out what you know because you've given so much value into the marketplace and that's what I teach and everything today right I teaching everything literally you have to give so much value that it just back to you you know he it turns out that the secret to wealth after all been giving and giving and out giving everybody else right so and that's a that's a that's just so something I've heard all my life in church as a church boy but never really became a practical thing of people very practical like that here in it and actually putting it into practice so I let me let me share this on my wall on facebook maybe some people want to jump on as well let's see if we get something don't want see jump around so I don't anticipate a lot of people attending my life stuff because I don't watch live TV either anymore i watch everything on on on demand those days right so yeah if if anybody can feel free to join me alright so in anyway so yeah so I joined the company join the deal and the idea of building a team of people right that would use a product anyway and getting them to spread to more work for you of course it's smart and that's called leverage right if they're gonna use the product anyway and they're gonna tell their friends to come like movies when you go to a movie you tell your friends about the movies and the MLM industry has use this analogy for a long time you tell your friends about the movie anyway why not make money telling your friends about the movie everybody jumped on facebook each count on facebook is worth at least a hundred dollars it doesn't matter if you pay for it or not it's worth a hundred dollars go look at the value of the company on the stock market that's how you know right and and Yuri for people they make you click Share and you did all this sharing and liking and all these things even when you could like did you know that that's actually sharing because it tells the algorithms that it talking to share that content with more people that are connected to people based on your demographics right and it's kind of interesting how it works so you share all the store your activities on the internet but are you getting a to do that that's the question so then this company came along over the past few years has taken about under the exact stats right now but at least in the online retail environment their number one is called Amazon anyway amazon did it was using this model that i'm about to share with you right now that i just shared with you which is just sharing willing the sharing economy people buy stuff right and then they share that i bought it from amazon and then before you know it you're just two clicks away from another sale as opposed to people we had to do it back in the days right so it's something that's quite interesting that in the in the real estate real estate wholesaling investment arena right even as a rule tour it's a struggle it's a big struggle right still a big struggle because most people are struggling to to make money and multi boys just by name thousands upon thousands of dollars on direct mailing are wondering why it doesn't return the investment much less like brick like just break even much less bring it in any profit right ah direct mailing right now is overpriced because you literally can get away with not using in your desktop you can make a whole lot more money because of the power of things like Facebook Twitter Instagram right because at your fingertips you can reach the targeted audience like that just one click like for example right now typically will be doing this meetup at the physical location which we will try to continue to do that I'm gonna go check out as far from Newark tomorrow just to get out and network and touch each other because that's too powerful relationship right what the truth is that when it come down to the money oh you don't have to stress so much plus I'm build a relationship with you right now I still I agree that it's still much more powerful when you touch people visit me because when you meet people there's just something just energy that's just it was the more powerful when you do that so but in case we can't like for example for the past few months we couldn't that has not stopped I think last month because something happened not gonna make it here but it wasn't because I couldn't reach you guys on the meetup on the middle group right it was it was more because of other things based on logistics right yes that's it inside you some of you will not get but anyway I so we're here in 2017 and things are a lot more easier see one of the biggest things in business that you may not know yet right is cash flow we need cash flow you need cash flow I can't stress that enough okay see one of the biggest mistakes that I made in my real estate days the highest the biggest check i made for my realistic fields for $82,000 it was a good payday right I mean funny thing at that time was that especially as a young man I think I was 20 26 27 at the time I say young man you get that kind of money you you start you know you start feeling big you feel it feels like you're gonna make that every week and that's an illusion of course it doesn't happen that way right and not only that because you did that your productivity drops because you're feeling like it can you feeling invincible if you've never seen that kind of money before you actually go to numb for a few days without telling anybody which is exactly what happened to me and but it was good money with making good money making good checks and then you start to slow down towards the end of the era 2008 the market crash right and then you make thirty thousand dollars and then you'll be looking looking at three months as fast she's still looking for the next thirty thousand dollars then I started to pay attention to a concept called cash flow ok cash flow see if you talk to anybody anybody who has created any level of success and I mean sustainable success you don't have to be a million just sustainable success over time right the one thing they will tell you is cash flow because if you keep food on the table right you don't have to look over your shoulder you have the peace of mind you will push away all the ins iety so you can build your business without fear not my cell without fear but with minimized fear right but if you're always looking over your shoulder for the next meal and you don't have anxiety attack use an effective productivity is going to attack yeah it's gonna attack your decision-making skills it's gonna attack everything so the best way to overcome that in my opinion the number one of the best ways is to have cash flow not talking to that because with what everybody's chasing detail you just make two thousand dollars on sleeping at home but you're gonna wait for the next two months three months to flip the nest home you don't even make five thousand dollars even if its twenty thousand dollars right if you have to wait for the next two or three months to get that money you're not really in a business yet the best business is cash flow that's why you have a lot of people right now preaching to rent to buy and hold right so you can rent but even that requires so much energy requires so much of emotional physical and all that energy right and um you know but there's better ways to create cash flows okay or let me say it faster ways and plus you don't have to not buy an old and rent okay this is just an additional thing to create all kind of cushion for you and that's what I want to focus on in this marketplace to teach you how to do again using the Amazon model okay using the Amazon model so it's very simple they allow you to give you a custom link okay the link is how you got here today you clicked on the link in your email or maybe on facebook and you ended up here right good now that link when there's a custom link that you can be given that when people click on it and end up buying something you can make anything from from you can make anything from one dollar to twenty-seven thousand dollars just from somebody by making a buying decision now let me ask you a question how many people do you think are making buying decisions online right now as we're talking right now how many who do you know i'm making by decision now in this area we're going to drive traffic traffic of people clicking right traffic of clicks right okay now this one more problem that we have to bring it down right remember what I said in the beginning in the rich dad poor dad the question is how can I not I can't I can't it's not even a question okay see successful people know how to ask quality questions right so let's start from how can I as opposed to I can't right so the question as a but all i hear you need quite a few clicks is true not every clip with we turn to a sale it's actually very true okay let me give you an example so for example i was just this is other situation that i'm working with another one of my project that i will show you guys later but um i sent about in my chest sent about 31 clicks through it and in this mother sent anyone please through it and 81 clicks to its 81 plus 31 that's about 110 right 110 that yeah 110 and in the house that let me continue the other thing I was doing right so I stopped driving please to it and I was talking to one of the gentleman's that put that particular offer together that was full of product right and was that all you have just looking your bank account as five hundred dollars in midnight whoa it's five hundred dollars and lo and behold it was true there was actually transmitted or is it just so you don't think I'm lying to you let me show you I'm actually going to show you right now let me see if I can switch screens and go there see and jazz playing a application window oh okay there we go alright so much is it going to go here speech alright so you should be able to see me now you should see my screen out perfect so you're looking at my facebook i'm actually going to go into this particular back office and i'll show you an example of what I'm talking about so is real life okay as having the conversation and the guy literally took my logging in right now ok and now and I went into commissions and stats so you can have multiple offers like this all over the place you can have multiple offers and all you have to do is learn how to drive clicks learn how to drive traffic lend out I just sent you a simple email to drive traffic to this particular video right you're not the only one that's gonna watch this a bunch of other people are gonna watch it over the next several days if not years right but this video's leave on youtube for a long time right so again this is called residual income and TTU residual income right now so I'm going on to my commissions right and you see that last 30 days five hundred and eleven dollars I don't know if you can see that last 30 days five but now how did this happen right how'd this happen let me see let me see if I can see some more information let me go over to overview okay so here I can see how many hits 115 115 turn to 510 dollars and ninety-nine cents right to sales generated how much clicks per sale so per clicks per sale 57 clicks to make one say all right not bad right so how do you how do we drive all this traffic online how do we do this right let me go back to the screen so I gay so how do we how do we do something like that right how can we do it every day so you can bring it 500 hours per day what if it's two hundred dollars by day would that make it different see your cash flow today if you're bringing in hundred dollars per day that's three thousand dollars per month are you making that doing work in just 30 minutes per day right now no right so here's the good thing about the whole thing about driving clicks right driving clicks to a particular link and people buy and you make commissions that's how Amazon drove all the traffic that it grows to become amazon become the biggest online retail like the world today that's exactly how they did it they allow people to make a small commission from the total sales right if somebody saw something for two dollars they allow you to make thirty cents fifty cents right they allows you to make it sometimes up to a hundred percent there's an offer out here that people actually sell right there when you make it seal the sales actually forty dollars but they will pay you eighty dollars because the forty dollars is monthly so they can afford to pay a commission of eighty dollars up front because they know that they're gonna make forty dollars every month after that's how Amazon build their business now in the traditional sense of real estate wholesaling or anything like that you can't really do things like that things are moving away too slow results are moving way too slow you could drive a few clicks today and make a few sales tomorrow right you could have 1000 fix today and make three four five sales tomorrow right and that's a good thing and that's how it works custom link that's yours right all you have to do is drive traffic through it how do you drive traffic I just give you an example and you came here because you saw a link in an email and you clicked on it you're here that's traffic that's called clicks okay and it's that simple and wait when one of those people that quick over a real human being right on the click over and in making buying decision because that was a custom link that's tracking commissions back to you you make money like I just show you to sales fashion and and leveled out right it's actually ways out here I'm going to show you how to make up to seven thousand dollars from one sale okay so this is something that i started doing back in 2009 okay so 2010-11 in two thousand eleven and twelve i decided to launch a product called the seven-figure ice elevated I tried fifteen thousand dollars for it and I make quite a few sales just from people making buying decisions we tell story we share something of value it makes sense to the right targeted audience and then they decide to buy we make money in fact I had one guy actually purchased from Cypress island something like that from Europe and never showed up to collect the dakotas coaching program you never showed up to collect a proven any paid me five grand for that program at the time so only internet is very easy my point is that you're not gonna have a bunch of people pain just for no reason by the way that's not guaranteed as a matter of fact you're not gonna eat that you that you would get results because I'm just share with your work works what's for me and how Amazon did it right there's no guarantee in life there's no guarantee you're gonna wake up in the morning okay but this is what's possible this has happened to me I just showed you an example of it and and to be honest with you at the example i'm going to give you right now it's about making three thousand dollars per day so I can do this I've been doing this already as modified this particular one about to share with you I'm already doing it it's modified right now in the last 30 days at 9k so it's in nine thousand dollars now instead of me just saying it why don't I show you again too right so let me just go ahead and show you all right so instead of me just saying it i'm going to show you this particular one there we go we're going to go here we're gonna go here go here i'm gonna go here i'm going to actually log in one load out unlocking just so you can see that i'm logging out and logging in alright because i'm already logged in here loadout ok so I'm gonna be completely honest with you here ok I'm building this is fresh it's brand new but I also want to do it in my local market so chances are you're watching me from here New Jersey I want people in my look market to do this with me and benefit out of it ok did I just login I think I just did right yeah right there so i'm going to log in the game right and i'm gonna go under my business i'm going to go under my earnings and you can see my earnest right here today it's not really that good but what's really not that good seventeen dollars that just came in for free or what i'm not sure but in any way Oh yesterday did five hundred thirteen dollars and 49 cents last 73,000 486 last 30 days nine thousand two hundred and seven dollars last 365 days it's pretty much in the last one year this is something I picked up about one year ago I haven't taken a serious up to now ok I will take any serious up to now and this money is coming from production test completely purely passive income mini not even my personal production okay all times sixty thousand dollars in one year for something you did not take serious if you had a job i was paying 60,000 i won't you be happy even if you go there to spend eight hours per day for five days a week 40 hours a week right exactly so that's again proof so thats the spirt of a coup that i'm showing you right now and that's what i'm using for the 3000 take club and how you can access is very simply equal to three thousand day a 3000 day dot CLU be does club www 3,000 a club and you want to go there and get started how much does it cost to get started one dog now he's one dollar gain right now is one dog to just get started now here's what you're going to get for that one dollar you don't have access to a trial membership I think it's 14 days I'm not sure but I think you can log in like I just long enough that you're sure you can log in but why put on me you're gonna be assigned a personal coach okay see that all a deal about you drive clicks and people just buy and you make commission right some of you may be right here that's some simple to you all I right after where you went to school for computer engineering which I didn't tell that story NJIT company generic right but anyway that's besides the point the key thing here that you need a coach you need a mental okay number one I can be your coach it could be a mentor but you don't have hands on you're gonna be assigned a hands-on coach and a mentor that's going to walk you all the way from pain that one dollar to making 27 thousand dollars commission per sale alright so now let me show you something really quickly because it's really is really sweet how much you can make a single sale from some of this stuff right I'm going to go back here and show you some stuff here okay you go so you can see my commissions on the side here you see one dollar 85 cent commission right there you can see of five hundred dollars 498 let me play it up a little bit for $90 right there you see a bunch of procedures three dollars fifty nine cents and you can see some red right which means somebody Bobby said no this is not for me and that's the beautiful thing about this you can say hey this is not for me you can cancel anytime okay you can see a 816 idols commission right there okay that's a nice one right this was just on like a pre 15 right you can see in $96 almost a hundred dollars right there let's see you can see in nine hundred and seventy dollars right there 730 thirteen dollars oh and I'm not doing any sales I'm not doing anything I don't have to sell nothing okay and let me see if I can drop this down a little bit more to 1000 and it just comes in and comes in like that I don't have to do any selling they do all the selling for me all I do is as simple as what I just told you I just drive traffic I just send people in it okay and what is the product the product is training okay marketing training see a lot of people jump into a business jump into multiple different businesses open the corner store without learning marketing without learning digital age marketing okay well people are starting to pay attention like listen if I don't know something about facebook or twitter instagram how to market on the internet but business is going to feel flat out Phil on his face that's what's gonna happen right so let me see I think there's something that could team here rice plus ego and this search we're gonna go all the way seeking we can see the big checks right here you go slowly there you go so 869 $96 right some eleven dollars right there nine hundred and seventy dollars 710 two hundred dollars two hundred dollars two hundred dollars 997 sixteen hundred dollars ray you see those 199 125 you know completely from residual income complete embraces this is completely wasted or I don't have to do it none of that ok so that's what I wanted to continue to share with you here ok at least for the first one I want to give you a chance to see what we're up to now I also continue if you start this business this is a new business ok for you and it costs you one dollar to get started it's a franchise style they do all the seven for you ok and all you have to do like i said is to drive a few clicks and you start collecting commissions like that the activities that drive those kids will be 30 minutes or less per day to do in three days a week semana file if you have only one day a week it's doable unlike real estate ok so if you wanted to go full time real estate all this why you couldn't because you don't have cash flow you don't have food on the table you have to go back to the job right yeah you have to face reality and realize it is to kind of time consuming if you know anything about it's time consuming never mind what they tell you or you could just send me a deal I'll do it you're right okay some of the gurus who do things like that but they're hoping that you will find out the real deal by yourself right but here when you work on the internet you bring your money you have cash flow and then you have deal you have cash money coming in and then you can go back to real estate and say listen I got some money to play I can mark it properly now I can pick up a few properly myself because I have some good savings right and and just because you realize you woke up one day and said it meant one guy hola and he said I could make money on the internet how because I buy shoes on the internet anyway why not make money from it because I know about Amazon anyway they're making so much money I wasn't just took thirty percent of fedex volume away because this makes so much money they chose to deliver their own goods so think about that and you're out there sit on the sideline just waiting and buying you know waiting and hoping that Trump is gonna bring all the jobs back someday that's not gonna happen so sorry it's not gonna happen that's just not reality okay technology is taking over and you you deserve you deserve to take advantage of everything is asked to offer does that make sense so that's what I have for you if you have any questions you can email me at my Empire throw it's my Empire it's my one word okay you have to have one word that drives your world my Empire Pro X gmail com send me a quick email you can also email me directly from the middle group if you came from the middle group you can private message me on Facebook I'm accessible but I'll just get started for one dollar before I ask any questions because if you get started first oh you know your question will be answered priority of course and of course your coach your course that you can be assigned to will answer all the questions you have once you pay down one dollar and you get a hold of them will call you the email you to try to get ahold of you you should be I get a hold of them because they will send you all the information in an email within five minutes or can you started of how to get a hold of your coach and you need to take full advantage of it because again you can make up to twenty seven thousand dollars for sale just by simply driving clicks them exist so get started and if you have the questions again you know where to find me and i'll see you on the inside of the three thousand a club so again where you need to go is wwwcashwant

com all right i'll see you on this side piece

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