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Affiliate Marketing, Newsletters, and Apps

Hi! This is the Daily Overpass My name is Eric and I make apps

Now today, I want to talk about affiliate marketing and building your newsletter from within your app Okay, so today I'm back in the office First thing I want to do is thank everybody for all the great comments you left last Friday on my- when I got the Mustang I showed you guys all that nothing to do with apps and I really appreciate all the congratulations and everything like that And I was Scott

You know, I drove that thing around all weekend and I was so tempted to do today's video from within the car Alright not even- just like still do the same topic but just sitting there with a laptop all scrunched up doing it from within the car, just because it's so nice to be in But anyway, I promise you today we'll do talk about something app-related So today, I want to talk about, today I want to talk about something that always been very interested in from the beginning Like if you read anything- if you read any of those spammy make money online articles or books, I've read loads of these books, or anything about content marketing, so I got a lot of the times with the news


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I'll talk about affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing for those of you who don't know, and I'd be surprised if there's anybody out there who doesn't know, an affiliate marketing is where you can subscribe to different services or different websites and become an affiliate of those websites So let's say, if you have a blog about magic, you might be an affiliate account with a magic shop They would give you a special link and then as you mentioned pulling a rabbit out of a hat- I don't know where I go, I don't know why I chose this one I don't know nothing about magic Alright, so let's say you do the magic rings thing and then you can include a link to buy your own magic rings here and something clicks on that link, it would have a special code in it

So when they go to the magic shop and buy those rings, you would get a percentage of that purchase because you helped sell those magic rings So, that's what an affiliate link is Early on in apps, we make- so most of my revenue comes from AdMob each month You know, it's pennies per impression really Yeah, you know more for clicks and everything like that

We have to have a lot of impressions and a lot of downloads But early on, I mean, I've been very tempted by those affiliate marketing programs and there's a whole new industry around this There's like, there's LinkShare, there's Clickbank, there's, you know, Amazon affiliates, there's loads of things out there and you could go and subscribe to all these different things And apparently, people make a lot of money this way or they tell you they do so They could sell books, I'm not quite sure, but I think a lot of people are making a lot of money through affiliate marketing, especially through high ticket items

So, if you're gonna sell like- I think selling a stereo would be better than selling a toothbrush for example So, I've been really interested in the synapse, and I played around with it a little bit early on by creating house ads in AdMob A house ad is an ad you know, basically put into your own apps, you don't have to pay for it because you're using your own ad space I would create house ads in AdMob and try to use some of these Clickbank affiliate links And I found that you know, AdMob was disabling these almost you know within a couple hours, because they were just so so spammy and everything

If you look at Clickbank, I mean, man, it's like a lot of the stuff in there is really bad But you know later on, I read- well, you read a lot also from content marketers and affiliate marketers that building up your email list is really important And in fact, for the first three years of Ear Spy, you know, all the millions of downloads we were getting, people are asking me are you getting everybody's email address? Are you getting their personal information, everything? I said, no I'm not getting any of that Because you can't just- you can't just- you could ask for it But if you have an app, it's called Ear Spy, nobody's going to give you the personal information

I mean, I wouldn't, right? But you could have- say a newsletter registration like on our website We have the Overpass Newsletter You know, you can subscribe to that, but I wanted to have something that would entice people on Ear Spy So the idea was rather than just do something that says subscribe to our newsletter, we say let's create a content, like a course So, we came up with a spy training newsletter

So, have a look over here on my screen, I'll show you kind of what I mean hereHere's my MailChimp account If I go over to lists, you see we have different lists that people subscribe to But only one of them really has any significant numbers in it, which is spy training Alright, so it's just got like 3,000 people in it , which is not a huge amount

The email open rate 174% , 07% actually click on something, so you know I'm not sure if that's good or bad But it is what it is If I go into automation over here, basically what happens if somebody goes into our app, and then subscribes to this news- to the spy training- I'll show you this in a minute, they'll get, they'll go into this automation loop, spy training automation

The nice thing about MailChimp is you can set all this kind of stuff off the autoresponder So, let's say we got a new user in today, we get like- we get about 10 or 12 a day Somebody comes in and they you know, click on that, they put in their email address They'll get- they'll immediately get the welcome email which has a little article in it about how to become a spy or something like that And in the next or 1 week later, we have a trigger

So, a week from now they would get the second one A week later they get the third one And I think we only go up to 12 weeks So we got 12 week course So, every week we do something different

If I just show you kind of what these look like, here's a new email as an example, you know spy training number six investigate- the investigative techniques series on how to interview people or interrogate a subject So we've got, you know, Sandee's been putting all these designs in there, and we've got like just a nice little thing, right? And we- and few of these we have affiliate links, but they don't do too well I'll go into that here in a minute, so it should be really easy to put these into your app, and the benefits of having a newsletter as opposed to just having just a link like I was trying to do what the house ads before, is that if you get enough people on your newsletter subscription, you could theoretically market more to them later Like you could you know, if they don't buy on the first newsletter you get to try and sell it again on the second one made and even after that goes the twelve emails I could send- I could continue sending thanks to those 3000 people because they agreed to receive those emails

Now, I haven't done that very much yet Actually haven't done it at all, except for these these twelve But it's still something that- it's a possible revenue stream if I can make it work So, it should be easy to put this in your email now Now, Android, sorry, Android and iOS both have components that use you know, the iOS that use the MailChimp API

So, you can put a form in there and have it communicate with the API and everything kicks off from MailChimp and MailChimp is just one of the subscribers, you mean there's Aweber, there's I think Infusionsoft, there's there's other email providers out there We use MailChimp just because I kind of like the look of it But you know, I have the a team in India that we're working on the Ear Spy Android version and this was like two years ago, and I said you know I want to put this newsletter thing in there I have them you know, I've put everything together, I start writing, started writing some of the content, and these guys took ages on it They just could not get it to work

They would get you subscribe to the email, but they wouldn't get the the responses back and everything like that I mean, it was so– even now, I can't believe I wasted so much money on it Because when I looked at it, I thought, dude, that's easy In the end, what we did- yeah and this is, I mean, this is not because- I don't know if the plug-in or the component is difficult, but you know sometimes, you just have these kind of issues So, in the end what I did was, I just wrote to cut in there myself, just you click on a button it opens up a web page, so let me just show you over here, in the iPhone version, here I got the simulator up over here, like you're in an iOS app and then just go into settings and then you'll see I had features, you know, the in-app purchase and stuff like that

Then down here you can see spy training newsletter and if you click on that, basically all it does is take you to a web page and which is on a WordPress site Then that way, I mean, you've got a few components- like a few API components and everything out there, which are you know, fiddly to get into your app and it's gonna take ages to test all of them in a minute Opening a web page, there's a lot of Java Script components that do that So this is much easier, just to go in and say, okay I go in here and then I could have my signup form here, I can test it over and over again in a browser just to make sure everything works And you know, it's just- and because it's a web page and not just in the app, I could put this on the Ear Spy Facebook page

I could put it on the Overpass Facebook page, all this kind of stuff And try to spread that a little bit more alright And that's where you're pretty well we're at, 3,000 subscribers which is you know it's it's actually getting pretty expensive See, my copywriting skills are not what they should be It's either affiliate marketing is overhyped and it doesn't pay as much as people say, it does or I'm not doing it right

Because we're getting the subscribers through, we're putting the affiliate links in there and we just not making a lot of revenue from it But, it's kind of thing where- it's kind of thing where I have confidence that it can work I'm just not doing it right There's a lot of things like that you think either, you know, I can't discount it completely because I might not be the right person doing this and actually getting out there and doing stuff so like a lot of the ads that I'm selecting or the affiliate companies that I'm selecting might not be the best I use a lot of like Clickbank stuff at first and as soon as you do that, MailChimp will shut you down

They'll suspend the email immediately because they'll say you know, they don't want to be caught up for spam and everything like that, which makes sense They don't want all their other emails going straight into spam filter because some idiot put in some some sleazy Clickbank thing Anyway, just really simple, that's kind of one of the ways we're doing it We talked before about the ways that you can make money with apps You've got, you know, your an app sales, you got in-app purchases, you got advertising, you got promotions and then this is another way you could start building your newsletter and start reaching out to your audience

That way, especially if you can find something that would entice them to come in and do that, I mean, you could give something away like say, you have some locked content and you just say you know you can unlock it by subscribing to our newsletter, and then you give them a code on that first email or something like that That's something we're not doing yet, but it was something that we thought about doing early on Anyway, I hope that's been helpful, you know, if you guys had better success for this and there's anybody out there, oh, you know, really smart app developers out there, if you've been using affiliate links and email newsletters and everything in your apps and it's really working for you, let us know about it Cuz I'd be really, really interested in knowing that Anyway, that's it for today

I will talk to you guys, tomorrow

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