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Affiliate Marketing Obuka #1 Uvod

Greetings to everyone here with the Wealthy Affiliate Today, I want to explain to you the whole process of earning money to help you understand the most important thing about this kind of marketing since many people do not understand how it works Most of you probably think this is too complicated but not really It's very simple and does not take much time to start your business online I'll get a couple of themes in this video, and I'll give you the whole process of earning online Of course, I will not be able to cover all the ways in this video as there are too many ways to earn money but I will tell you about the essence, the simplest way The website is the cornerstone of your success The best way to illustrate the process of earning is this diagram you see Explain how this process works first of all, I want to mention that the website is nowadays the most important for online income Without a website you do not have the foundation for your success and you do not have the chance to make money Here's an example, if you do not have a foundation for a home, it does not make sense to start building it The website will be the foundation With us you will be able to host up to 50 different websites so you do not have to worry about it As for the making of a website, you are using us a program with which it is extremely easy but I will talk about it in the next lesson It's important to remember that the website is the foundation for you, the heart of everything On it you can sell other products, your products, to pay advertising You can make it work as long as you have your own website In the following lessons, we will help you to select your target group and create your own website in this target group The process of earning money Let's start the process now from the beginning to get to know the matter slowly here we have your audience, your audience on the Internet is huge, over three billion people are online and you can attract anyone from anywhere in the world to my site The internet is full of opportunities, imagine when you could make every single person on the Internet make one single dinar That would be huge money if you have ever held a store at the local level You lived in a city with, say, 20,000 inhabitants It was your audience on the Internet, you have over 3 billion people, already already recognize the huge potential of affiliate marketing we will teach you various techniques with which you will attract people to your website but slowly, all in its time to return to the essence You have an audience, she searches for something on google, finds you a site, joins it, buys a product, and you get money Here I will give you one example of speed I will type ways to avoid scams online In English, this means avoiding fraud Hundreds of thousands of people perceive it on the Internet every day because they are afraid of scams you see this first website that has been searched, this is my website Therefore, if someone hits a Google site to avoid fraud, it will send it to my website there will be much information about online frauds There is also information on how to make money online and get more on this site I promote Wealthy Affiliate as well as Jaaxy and many more products that bring me money this is my target group, you can choose whatever you want the target group They were golf clubs, dog breeding, or anything else It is only important that you are interested in this and enjoy the work that is, to repeat the process, goes like this: someone is looking for something on google, joining my website, for example reading this text and clicking on the link in that text Here is an example of how it looks if they click on this link, it will lead them to the description of the product I promote If they buy this product, I get some money though that product is not mine I get the money because I brought someone up to now There are millions of different products that you can advertise maybe it works like you are too much now, but just for the amazone, you can find millions of items and that you "resell" If you've ever been at amazón you've seen that they have a huge number of different products so you can promote a blender, a book, a camera, an ice cream machine literally everything and from every product you can make money I hope you already notice how much this is a great opportunity and how virtually anything can bring you profit Here's to repeat the process again Remember it forever this is the most common trace your audience is looking for something on google and finds you site there are still ways to find you, but we'll learn it later they see on your website a product that you promote say from the amazon click on it, buy it and you automatically get 10% of the price of the product This is one way to make money online and it will be your beginning and you will learn it in your first few courses Of course, there are still many ways, but for the beginning we will keep this most lonely one I hope this video has at least helped you with understanding affiliate marketing profits In fact, for starters you need only the idea of ​​what you will promote and you need a website in the next few lessons, we will help you to create your first website and thus create a foundation for you for future success how time passes you will earn more and more and it is very likely that this will be your only job in life when it develops a bit

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