Affiliate Marketing Secrets To MAKE $100 PER DAY | STEP By STEP Guide For BEGINNERS

Hey friend are you struggling to actually make money in your affiliate marketing efforts and kind of sick of it? Hey my name is Chris from ChrisNjighacom and hey in this very exciting episode I'm gonna share with you step-by-step some affiliate marketing secrets okay some secrets that it took a little while to figure out that will help you put on one hundred dollars per day in your pocket even if you're a beginner okay so the beauty about this is that number one you're going to learn this secret I mean it's a ginormous secret that makes a difference in your affiliate marketing strategies that oh they don't tell you what man it is huge number two I'm gonna walk into a step-by-step strategy that I'm utilizing right now that is killer produces results even if you're a beginner alright you may take you a little bit of time but if you don't if you go you don't have a lot of money this would be perfect to you and then I'm gonna give you my number one recommended way to bring it all together especially if you like the training and the guidance on how to do all these things alright so that sounds like stuff you want to learn more about make more money online and stick around for that so hey welcome hey if you don't know this channel it's all about you the home business entrepreneur all right and empowering you with the mindset and the marketing skillsets all right to get more results make more money and finally achieve the breakthrough that you're looking for in your business so hey and that stuff that you like and you jive with that you want to learn more about that hey I encourage you to give this video like alright consider subscribing to the channel hey don't forget the bell so you can be notified whenever I drop new videos on affiliate marketing the secret strategies to make more money online which is pretty much on a Monday through Friday weekday basis right about now alright so let's get right into it alright we're talking about some affiliate marketing secrets alright step-by-step for beginners how you start making $100 per day I really believe this is really going to be helpful for you it's probably gonna be one of the more valuable videos for you because for me I put a lot of thought into this because this is exactly the stuff I'm noticing that has made the difference for me does it put a little bit of extra income in my pocket okay so one of the big things we're gonna talk about first is the big secret right the big secret that is in affiliate marketing that I think is no one really talks about alright and that is this this big secret is called your target market now maybe you've heard this before maybe you've heard this already right you say oh yeah I've heard about the target market you gotta talk to the right audience maybe you've heard it maybe you have it but I really want to delve into this because the strategy I might share with you talk to is gonna really play a big role in this when we talk about target market I'm talking about being able to find a very specific target like okay let's say for example you want to get into health and wellness okay that's great health and wellness but think about it there's a lot in health and wellness why there's Fitness there's nutrients there's like a bunch of different stuff what are we talking about oh maybe nutrition okay well what kind of nutrition well maybe we're talking about protein and stuff okay like the more specific you get there's a key the secret the more specific you get and whatever it is that you're trying to promote the more likely you're gonna make money because when you talk to someone very specifically there's something that happens that tells them hey this is your you're talking to me you're talking to me you're not talking to a bunch of other people you're talking to me that I need to pay attention and listen so I'm telling you this is a really big thing that a lot of people we don't realize is that you try to promote a lot of different affiliate products and stuff but she's not really nailed down who this person this means it who is the person that's really looking for this right you got to nail that down hey I'm looking talking to the person that is that is let's say is health health minded wants to get more nutrients and wants to build more muscle this is the person I'm talking not only there and help them wellness but they want to build more muscle I want to get them this protein product they're the ones I want to be lean right you gotta phone in on it because that's gonna make a huge difference all right so let's talk about step by step exactly how are you gonna start making money all right I mean this is the step by step for beginners that's gonna help you start making money and your affiliate marketing and how is that this is like my best strategy literally I was actually gonna keep this to myself because it's so good but then hey having abundance mindset so I might as well share with you this is perfect for beginners can anyway even if you use it I can still do it too right cuz there's plenty for everybody right I have an abundance mindset I hope you do too so guess what I'm sharing this with you this is the best strategy I can think of for beginner to start making money in affiliate marketing no matter what it is right here in it what is it one was a series of things one you can create a niche website okay why is this so killer it's because remember what I say your the whole idea to upsell to marketing to sell something is by talking to someone who has a specific problem a specific problem so step one if you're a beginner step one would be to identify a problem what is a problem that is happening in a particular niche right let's say people trying to lose weight and are trying to stay motivated and something you gotta find a specific problem that people are having hey I want to get lean I want to lose weight I'm a mother of three and I want to lose weight I don't want to be lean I want to gain muscle I want to be more stronger more energy there's a specific problem that someone is having with a specific person number two is you find a product that solves this problem yeah you find a product that solves it someone and you can find some protein or something whatever there's a bajillion products out there that will solve particular problems right do you want to find that that's how you make money and number three you connect connect prospect to the answer right to the answer which is your product you connect them and how do you do that by creating you could create a niche website alright you could create a niche website that specifically targets this problem how to put on lean weight if you're over 40 right and then what you're gonna do is that hey it's gonna require you to put in some work right you're gonna have to put in some work but here's what happens let's say you give yourself some time a month maybe three or four weeks cause you're working full time to gather the information here's the beauty buddy even if you don't know how to create you don't know anything about this niche you can do the research find out what's going on in that particular problem and what is happening and solve that problem so in depth lis with as much information as possible I mean reviews on the prana on different things testimonials all the information and literature you can find seriously you could dive in right and procreate this whole niche site that solves this one specific problem and then how do you make money is that hey all the tools and the resources that they would need to go ahead and solve this problem including your product can be links affiliate links on your niche site that solves this problem all the things that mother who had three kids who wants to put on lean weight he wouldn't need in order to in order to reach that goal you can have affiliate links in there you think that they will be able to deal with by I think they were more likely by because you're already getting so much value we just makes sense for them to buy from you okay of course it if you say whole queers in this website I have to create a website a blog that sounds like a little word okay I get it you know a niche site is what I'm thinking right but guess what it could be it just as well be an e-book write an e-book very easy ebook you could create that would have all the information on there or you could create your own course really right either one of these would work if you're really a beginner you could start with an e-book do the research right come up with at least 10 to 15 different points of pieces of content if you're doing a niche website you'll come up with 10 15 20 different pieces of content to put on the site that will solve the problem in a very very succinct and as detailed as you know you would want the information if it were you searching for it that's how you can test it know if it's good right and then or just do the e-book and quick valuable piece of information and content you put inside the e-book along with your links to all of this okay why is this my favorite strategy right now why is this secret like my best secret right now to make affiliate cells effortlessly number one it's hardly salesy right there's no sales really you like you can't you're not selling anybody anything because you're literally providing so much value upfront they're people like oh my god this is so helpful trust me I've done this with a few of my ebook this is so helpful Wow thank you I'm gonna go ahead and definitely buy this and check this link out in this product they're going to do it because you've given them so much value up fun number two it's highly targeted remember what I was saying it's a paradox because people think they they need to talk to Oh more people to get more people to come to them and if they don't talk and if they narrow down too much you miss out on a lot of people but it's a paradox my friend it's actually the less people you are specifically talking to the more sales you may the more money you make this is the secret that I'm talking about the more specific and highly focused you can make your target and you're talking to a very specific person more money you make because people feel like this is for me you're talking specifically to me and they know they need to pay attention well the other person knows that oh you don't need to talk to me because that was a press you weren't gonna make sales to it anyway number three it's really flexible dude let's say you're not into like you know niche market of women getting lean with you know after 40 that's okay you solve the problem you're put in a month two months what the work to create the niche website or maybe create the ebook in the course you release it you make some money and you can move on right you're understand that makes you can move on to something else solve another problem it's not what you aren't you guys don't we solve problems number four if you do this right loke can't nobody beat you ain't nobody gonna beat you who gonna beat you who can sit there and do the work like you just did nobody's gonna beat your stuff people are going to love your stuff and come flocking to your name because you're the authority in that particular niche number five you gain you gain the experience of learning a particular market right this the appreciation and the fulfilment of solving problems in a particular area maybe you didn't know nothing about and now you have all this knowledge and information from it now it's so it's so real it's so rewarding really really right and the fact that the man you become an authority someone people pay attention to you become an influencer which is the one the number one way to make money online these days and then number six long term income the long term impact you think that ebook you create that course is going anywhere anytime so probably not it's gonna be there for the long haul making you residual income passive income long term money I'm telling you this is the secret I realized it and it's blowing my mind is a born yours right now cuz it's blowing mine right now I'm blonde and I already know about it I'm telling you alright so I gave you the I gave you the number one secret right the target market the paradox is just focusing on one niche market I've given you the step by step by step of how you could do this and really start making money now the third way is that hey you're Chris you're probably asking yeah yeah well you know I don't know how to create a website or blog that seems so techie I don't know how to create a course or an e-book or how to get started well guess what my number one recommendation for you to help you the beginner is the program that I'm recommending in the link in the description below all right check that program out okay because it is a marketing program it's going to help you the biggest challenge that most people have with these types of things that are gonna make you long-term income through the long term online and the really impact people is marketing you don't know how to market you know people don't know how to market they don't know how to let people know that they have something of value they have a message to share that's something that is important to tell you lack of marketing right and so this course is this training program that I'm recommending to you this marketing platform not only does it help you train you on how to do this step by step is going to walk you and train you on how to create valuable content either in an e-book on a niche website or create your own course whatever the case but it's also a way to make some money okay you can make great money as an affiliate marketer promoting courses and strategies to help learn how to market it's really a win-win you're learning and earning all at the same time it's my number one recommendation for beginners check the link out below in the description below okay get started with that they have a great $10 trial for you to start I highly recommend it as a great way to start boosting your skill sets in training because remember we talked about empowering the mindset but you also have to have the skill sets to I think we do have the skills you it also reinforces your mind that hey you can do this you know a lot of times you're probably thinking ah this sounds like a lot of work I don't know if I can but you're saying that because you doubt yourself you don't have confidence in yourself you don't have confidence in your skills but if you boost your skills investing in 15 20 minutes a day learning some training strategies that top marketers are using all of a sudden you come you start having the skills right and then if you have the skills they couldn't do it what happens you have more confidence in yourself your mindset increases all of a sudden that increases your ability you can gain more skills and now it's not now this positive feedback loop right which is awesome so that's it my friend hope this was helpful all right I hope this put it together for me this is the secrets that has made all the difference I'm utilizing this strategy right now okay niche websites niche ebook niche niche course whatever solve a particular problem in a particular niche right create valuable content around there and then put your links and your everything in there because that's a great way to make the sell and by helping people okay more people you help the more money you make the money will come as you impact other people's lives all right I think that if you go that way you can't go wrong all right so hope that was helpful hope you enjoyed it right you did hey definitely give the video like alright if you found this valuable and you like more content like this hey cuz it ascribing to the channel alright I know by the way hey like I said my number one recommendation for the program to help you make more money online you the trainings you need create this long will create this type of value and create long term income in your life that won't that will free you give you the freedom you want to be live the life that you deserve that you were chosen designed to do hey click the link and the description below alright so I send my friends until the next exciting episode this and this next episode has been on a pillion marketing secrets I showed you step by step how you make $100 per day even if you're a beginner until the next exciting episode be blessed stay hungry and I'll see you on the next one peace

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