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Affiliate Networks for the Biz Opp Niche

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hello and welcome to another episode of my 100 days of prosperity challenge journey thank you for joining me today my name is Timesha so glad that you're here and today we're going to be talking about what we've been talking about its affiliate marketing and we've been talking about different affiliates tips and tricks to help you be successful in the affiliate marketing space and if you don't know what affiliate marketing is basically what it is is you are promoting another person or company's product and you get a commission for it so it's an awesome business business model you don't have to have inventory you don't have to worry about customer service for the most part and all you are doing is driving traffic to the affiliate link and if they buy something you get money awesome isn't it so anyway but in our previous videos we've talked about how to research your niche and find your niche we talked about how to research your target market and how to find your target market and so now we're talking about the offer what is it that you're going to put in front of your target market and what solution are you want to solve so for them so that they will purchase the product okay so since you did the research you know what your product you're not product you know what your target markets pain points are you know what they need as far as solutions that they're looking for and so you're offering them their solutions that is your whole purpose so now that you are done that we've talked about the major affiliate networks off offer vaults and Clickbank mind is leaving me today and then we also have talked about the major stores that have a conglomerate of difference things to buy from like Amazon and Walmart and of course you can find affiliates with or being affiliated with any company so it does not just have to be them most source nor most companies do have an affiliate network so if Walmart or Amazon do not fit your need or I should say your target markets need and then don't use them okay use what will work for your actual market okay so we talked about that today I'm going to specifically talk to the people who want to who are targeting make money online affiliates or sales people or whoever these are the actual networks that work with or provide products or tools for the make money online niche so they do have some other tools but it's not worth much worth if it is worth a lot they don't have a lot of stock in it okay so I'm gonna jump over to my or share my screen on my laptop and we're gonna talk about the two companies that deal mainly with make money online niche and that is jvzoo and warrior plus so let's talk about okay I brought you to this screen for a reason I know this is Amazon and we talked about Amazon in the last video but I had like a brain fart or whatever happened and I could not remember how to get to the best sellers list so I remember now so I'm going to show you this first before I jump on to the other two networks so if you go and you type in best sellers and you're looking for best sellers on Amazon so once you find the best sellers on Amazon of course you search and it will take you I guess to the screen because I had already found it so all of these are the best sellers online in it you have the actual categories on the side and you can actually click see all 38 categories and you can see the best sellers from every niche and then you can scroll down and it will start to show you the best sellers from every niche like the top sellers starting from number one so what if I guess is a book and so that is the best seller out of all of Amazon and then you can scroll down and find other ones and if you want to actually narrow them down by niche you can click on the actual niche that you are in and if you want to find out what other products so I'm gonna click on this Aztec secret Indian healing clay which I believe is something for your face or as a facial and body mask if I scroll all the way down to the bottom so these are sponsored products so we don't want that but okay what other items to customers buy after viewing this item and these are the other items that you can bundle with the Aztec secret Indian healing clay okay so you can bundle these items with it and then you've got yourself a nice bundle and you can make yourself a lot of money and you can also use this as a drop shipping thing it does not have to be straight Amazon affiliate and you probably will make more money that way if you create a store around it so it's up to you either way storm drop shipping or just marketing the link whatever way you want to do it but this is how you can create bundles and create up sales down sales bumps in your funnel okay so that is Amazon bestsellers and I wanted to make sure that I did cover that alright so let's talk about jvzoo first alright so jvzoo and I just basically set up my um my actual affiliates I just signed up to be an affiliate is what I'm trying to say so I have all of this down here and basically what you need to do is once you sign up you need to go to the affiliates link and you need to find a product because that's what you want to do now you have to think about what it is that you want to your target market to have what solution do you want to solve for that target market all right so I'm here on jb zoo's website and i have just set up an affiliate account and i've been working with this for a little while so i in order to find out or to get a to find out the products that they have you need to go to affiliates and unite to go to find products now if there's a particular thing that you actually want to promote like i don't know if you want to do something with video so you just type in video you know you want to help your customers subscribers potential clients you want them to help them with video you click search and then all of the video will pop all of the video products will pop up alright and so you have to request for you have to request for approval to actually promote the product so if you promote the products and you do not request request approval then what will happen is they the seller will get money but you will not so you will not be able to get Commission on this so you must ask and the approval process is not cards you just fill up a little link and basically please inform me or how you want to attend to and promote this new awesome new software and so you just tell them you know I am going to talk about it on my blog or I'm going to promote it on YouTube or I'm going to set up a link on my website but however you play promoting this that's what you need to put here okay and that's pretty much it on how you do it so let's talk about this these little buttons here on the side this button means that there are recurring payments so that means that if you buy it or someone else buys it they will have to pay over and over again it's like a subscription okay so they're gonna pay for the subscription every month okay so they get it for I believe they said $30 at first okay so after they get it for $30 they get over a new every month and then they also have a funnel so it's not just the very first product they have they also have all these other products so this is the pro things Apple and membership so that's I can't move it so that's this the third thing down which right now is 20 dollars and 48 cents but it also has the software that you can buy it also has a pack for the software that you can buy and it also has training things training and things for the actual software so it has a nice little package a nice little bundle that you can get you get 50% Commission's off of this and it also gives you all of these wonderful tools well information about the product like how many has been sold so far was a conversion rate it of what the conversion rate is earnings per click and the average price of each of the items and how much has been refunded which it's not a lot of refund so out of 105 people have refunded so that's not horrible not horrible odds at all so this is a pretty good product and then this diamond-shaped thing over here means that they are premier seller meaning that they are have sold many products on this platform and they their products have done well so those are generally people you want to work with because you know that there so not crap they're not shabby they actually you know take the time to take care of what it is that they doing and they are gonna promote quality and so you want to be with basically sellers like that and so you can go through you can't ask for approval unless you give approval there may be there will be a delay on your Commission's they can delay you up to 90 days a jvzoo which is very long but there basically is a trial as testing you out and want to make sure that you're not just famine the link that you don't have all just people whole bunch of people buying the products at first and then all of a sudden refunding it like a week or two later they want to make sure that what you're doing is legit to bring traffic to their link and that you would bet you are quality and so basically once you prove yourself though the delayed Commission's will start to go away and you can get instant Commission's so that is jvzoo guys and I'm trying to think if there's anything else I want to say on this but I don't think so so that's how you find your um your your products on here and you also can be a seller one here and you also oh no I want to talk about this so you also can find the top sellers on here so if you click top sellers you can see what products are selling well in this affiliate marketing network so you can see that for today Cedillo Sindel agency this product right here has been rated number one for today for yesterday and for the past seven days at for the past 30 days so studio has been a very very good product and if I'm screwing up that name please forgive me and then after that today lead simplify was but yesterday it was someone else so yes daniel has been killing it so if you want a sure thing then you know for sure this is going to be your product and you know the other ones aren't bad because SEO dragon Fe was is number three today but it was number two so people are still buying it number seven and for the month don't see it so so for at least for the past week it's been doing well so this also gives you a very good idea on what is selling and what's selling well in this platform and you can also do two by total sales like who is doing well by total sales as well and so that is that is that and I also want to talk to you about the launch list so the ones that just started just put their products out you can also see how well they're doing they just put their products out and they got 250 sales already so they put their products I don't know how often this is updated but it hasn't been updated long maybe within the last week apparently so they're doing well they're killing it so this is definitely something that you want to look into if you are trying to start or find products for your actual target market this jbjb zoo has a good a good repertoire of different things that you can get into especially if you're the in the make money online niche okay and so the last one we're going to talk about is warrior affiliate so not a word affiliate or your plus whoo alright boy your plus we're gonna talk about war your plus today and what your plus has a similar type similar type thing they also have top products that you can look at so if I look at that I could see what's selling well and um you know this on both places joshua zamora okay so he's doing well in both of these platforms so his product must be doing must be very very good and so you can see what what products are doing well the top sellers as far as today yesterday the last seven days and also the last 30 days and octane is doing well too so you can see what is doing well the top 10 and so you can actually watch those products and then you can also this one you also have to request for approval as well so after you see what's doing well you can request for approval and after you get the approval you can go ahead and start marketing those thing those products you know where you said you're gonna market them alright so if i go back to the affiliates these three are the sponsored so they pay to be in the spot so if you go down to below that you can see that of course this one as a feature offer they so this one is highly publicized it's doing extremely well he's in the top one percent vendor meaning he's making a lot of money and he's making a lot of philly it's rich off of his products he has three other offers that you can click to view he also has recurring payments and he also has contests so people are affiliates are you know basically promoting this like crazy because he has content and let me show you what these contests are so let me so basically this is the first and only autoresponder that compar combines the three most profitable marketing channels so that's even I'll text and Facebook so it does all of that and let me talk to you about this so your commission range the price range for this products is fifty five to sixty seven dollars and the commission range is twenty seven fifty to one-hundred and thirty nine fifty nine because it's reoccurring right and so all of these is basically on the first page how many sales he's had how many the visitor value so how much each visitor is worth much the conversions are and how much his refund rate but this is his pulse for his product and basically the post sakes how well the affiliate marketers are doing so it's kind of like the gravity in Clickbank so that's what this means so I want to quickly go down here and his contest basically is from oh it's two days so oh it already ended so basically when you promote when the contest says is for you get the top seller gets five thousand dollars two thousand for the second seller at seven hundred or the third top seller have five hundred for the fourth top seller so people are sure have been killing trying to sell this stuff and that's just for Phase two and for overall there is a main contest it doesn't really say what it is it's a total revenue contest and basically it shows who is on the leaderboard who is selling the most of these products and yeah so I think you probably get money for that or maybe you just get your name on the board it doesn't really say but you get for the overall contest but that is that is what you get for phineas let me see if I can go back to where I was all right so that is warrior plus guys it's basically very similar to JB's ooh I believe this one also let me check for sure might be jvzoo I believe jvzoo also also offers other products let me make sure before I tell you wrong yep so JB Zoo offers other products on business finance education which wasn't many entertainment gambling health and fitness they did have a lot in health and fitness but it just depends on what part of health and fitness you're going into whether it's a good option or not for you and this for this promoting this but other than that their main focus is basically making money online niche and that's the same thing for warrior affiliates so I hope I gave you value and I hope that you enjoyed this video today so if you did make sure that you give me the thumbs up button the like button and subscribe to my channel I'm giving daily videos and I want you to be in the know what you'd be successful I want you to kill it and crush it and win in this affiliate marketing digital marketing online marketing network marketing I want you to kill it in this game right and you can do it I believe in you so please follow me on my journey because I'm I'm trying to help you win all right so also if you want to have some type of something in your hands like notes and outline to help you figure out what your next steps are as far as affiliate marketing I got you just for hanging out with me I got a free gift in the description box is under video credits or its above it it had it has a checklist for all the videos that I have done on affiliate marketing plus actionable steps that you can take and check off to make sure that you are doing the right thing for your affiliate marketing business okay and lastly if you want to know what it is I'm doing and you know how am I getting all this knowledge in you know how you can be on that same team and you get all this knowledge too when you put it to action and you win and crush it in the affiliate marketing game please join me I have in the first link of the description box is my number one learn why your earn money making system I love it is called legendary marketer it is my go-to I have it has a wonderful Facebook community wonderful community overall it's there to help you you got people that are helping you that have been crushing it in the game for years and I just love the system so if that's something that you may be interested in then make sure you click the first link below and we would love to have you so until next time my friend make sure that you think big dream big take action so that you play on the life your dreams by now

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