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Andre the Chef⎮his favourite dish⎮recipe in german and english (with eng. subs)

I was told that I have bought bad Tomatoes Welcome to my kitchen


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You're going to start cutting all up you're going to come back when it's all done I'm going to eat then Hi everyone welcome to our kitchen As you can see we are here together because is going to show you how to make his dish I am going to assist him What are we doing now ? We're going to make my dish

As already said it is a Tofu and Vegetable bowl rice, sometimes also Quinoa or Bulgur Let's start You're going to cut everything up Then you'll be back when all is done I'll do rest Our ingredients are as follows: We have some rainbow kale

Baby carrots Peppers, broccoli, celery, an onion Tomatoes And then on top the Tofu Some spices

Usually we go with Oregano and marjoram That's just our favourite flavour Olive oil of course to sear And finally the rice That's gonna be a quick one

Why is it your favourite dish? Thats a good question It just tastes extremely good You once made it for me from all the leftovers and just told me to eat it and it just tasted really really good

Since then we have it at least once a weekand I am very happy about it That's my part

You're gonna call me when it's ready right?! You've brought so much variety of food into my life Yeah and as you can see, it's not even that hard You just have to throw everything into a pot and just let it cook for a while

Add some spices That's the secret Just let it cook for at least half an hour, so that everyhting becomes nice and mushy Never put the onions at first, because they burn easily We only use a little celery

Our new cooking trowel, a watermelon Be honest do you miss eating meat? Very rarely I eat meat once in about 3 months, when I crave it too muchBut it's not like I really miss it at all, because I know why I go without it

I'm going to start cutting the tomatoes Is that ok with you boss? Yes, that's ok We're going to put them in at the end because they will give off a lot of juice and it will get a little saucy My assisant always says: "a lot of herbs" So we just throw in a bunch

Some more Oregano We use Oregano and Marjoran for almost every dish, since we just love the taste of it and we read that some herbs build up so many antioxidants to get you through the day / week Even the dry herbs, not only the fresh ones Our last pepper I can never taste it but Ann always wants a lot of salt

You could eat it already Concentrate please! There's football on TV and these two guys are super distracted We're just going to add a little bit of garlic powder Just a little My cut up onions, that took so much effort Just take a glass and fill it up with as much rice you want Then just drop it into the pot and then just add double the amout of water to it

It's simple as that These just need a little while to get soft and give off the juice I was told I bought bad tomatoes, because they are too hardbut it'll work out Put on the lid Now we jsut wait Okay, this took about An hour right?! Naah, more like 45 minutes

The longer you cook it the better it gets Everything just get's softer and mushier because of the tomatoes And you've added some water Exactly, I have added some water to cook it ever better You don't have to, it depends on your taste And now we're serving

A little rice the rice has turned out a little dry I don't want that much rice, that is my portion You can just serve it next to it, on top, wherever you want Are you proud of your work? Very proud indeed

This is how the bowl looks like It has everything you need as an athlete, or not an athlete I'm going to try it Do you like it ? Did I do well? Very yummy, thanks babe You've done a great job aswell

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