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Andy Bates Doughnuts: Street Food


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Hi, I am and welcome back my Videojug series on In this episode we have come to Kerb market in London's Moorgate to find out what is going on in the street food scene in the capital

[Music] Coming up we have got Mexican food, curries and tasty [Music] For this episode, I am with my friends Jo and Betsy from You Doughnut Hi girls Hi Hello

I love your doughnuts I have traded with you for a while Yeah I have got to eat your wares almost on a daily basis whenever I trade with you What s yours so different? I think it is because we do it by hand and they are all fresh and little doughnut bites

do you come up with your flavors? And, what flavors do you do? We do, our most popular is salted caramel with toasted pecans It is the best doughnut I have ever tasted Yeah, you love that one! And, we have at the moment a maple coffee syrup, which is a new one we have got We serve that with cardamon sugar and toasted pistachio nuts We, kind of, experiment all the time with new flavors

Like we try and think of what we like and what we see and what inspires us [Music] So, Jo, how are these doughnuts freshly made? Well, we do it all on site We come in, we roll the dough up We mix it at home and then give it time to rise, then come on the stall and set up Then, I will get all my hands involved in rolling it out, cutting on these

I see, getting involved And then, yeah, the yeast will make it all fluffy and they rise and then, they will puff up So, like these ones here So, that is our first process We do everything on site

We mix the dough off site and then everything else is on site If street food is your scene why not click on the subscribe button! So, how long do they take to cook? They take a few minutes Right And we cook them until they are just golden on the outside Why did you go bite sizes? Why quite little? Because Bite sized doughnuts? because, sometimes you do not want to eat a huge, massive doughnut

I do! Well, we did not Yeah, you might! We did not, so we thought, why do we not make something that is bite sized? Right! So, what have we got? What type of sugar have we got? We have got cinnamon and cardamon Oh, cardamon, I think, for me! Cardamon, for all of them? No, half and half, then Four, there, I will put five in there and four in there Right

And then shake them about What makes these so special is that they are fresh, still hot Yep! and there is no other way to eat a doughnut, is there? No, definitely not No? No! They were rolled just hours ago Wow! Yeah May I have a sprinkling of pistachios? Can I dip in there? Do you want to do it yourself? Just a little bit on there

And there we go, doughnuts from the sweetest girls on the street Thank you very much, ladies Thanks You are welcome Well, that is the end of my episode from You Doughnut

What I have got to do now is enjoy these! [Music] Andy: So, that is the end of my Videojug Street Food series I hope it has inspired you to get out there and try some of the great street food that is on offer throughout the country

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