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Arbeitszeugnisse – Die HR Software: HRworks – Screencast Tutorial

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05YKqgsKVrk&w=560&h=315]

How to use professional references with just a few clicks To create correct phrases, see this video With HRworks any number of intermediate and final certificates can be created

These are created either by the supervisor or by the HR department The employee himself can apply for a certificate, like in this example Lara Korell As an administrator, you will receive a task and can open the corresponding view by mouse click You have the opportunity to get feedback from the supervisor This is integrated into the evaluation via the integrated workflow

If the supervisor logs in via the e-mail in HRworks, he can evaluate the different competencies and work areas of the employee He contributes special services in the appropriate field As an administrator you will be able to access the completed feedback on the Reference to work Double-click to get to the certificate overview and from here on to the testimony of Lara Korell Here you can see the grading of the supervisor and can take over this automatically

The notes are converted into common witness language On the right side, you get the preview of the certificate in real time, including introduction, company and job description Become employee information taken from the master data automatically in the certificate Click on any sentence to have alternative phrases displayed As soon as you select another text module, the certificate text adapts accordingly

By the way, you can adapt and extend the text modules to your personal needs You end the evaluation and get into the free revision of the Zeugnis text An external text editor is not required You can customize the supervisor's feedback and include it in the witness text Finish the revision

Give the certificate a title and enter the name of the signatory The changes are reflected in the certificate by updating the preview You can now print the certificate, sign it and give it to the employee This makes creating work references with HRworks child's play The work certificate generator is just one of many features in HRworks

Benefit from the all-in-one tool and contact us at wwwhrworksde/kontakt

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