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BBNaija Nina's DM Fleeing Again, Plays False Bentley Gift for Her Birthday (Photos)



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The former roommate of Big Brother Naija, Nina's direct message, has fled again and reveals how the reality star is planning to rent a Bentley and buy it fictitiously for her birthday.

A leak of her DM revealed a conversation with a friend where she had asked for the number of a car rental company in order to rent a Bentley for a month and to deceive her supporters and the public she had acquired for his birthday.

This must certainly be an embarrassing situation for the model because the discussion details her plan to break the internet by announcing that she had bought a Bentley for his birthday.

Looking at the conversation, the person with whom she was chatting also encouraged her to pack very well so no one would discover it, such as Blessing Okoro who recently got caught for allegedly falsifying the order from his house.

Oddly enough, Nina already knew the title of the blog posts that would be published once the news reached the Internet by the time she wrote.

"Nina buys Bentley as a birthday present".

DM leaks from BBNaija Nina

DM leaks from BBNaija Nina

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