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Beef Stew Recipe – It doesn't get easier than this – Recipes by Warren Nash

When the winter months are drawing in, there's nothing I find better to come home to than my home made Beef Stew So here's my really simple recipe for a basic stew in just 60 seconds

For this recipe you'll need 500g of Stewing Beef, 1 tablespoon flour, 1 tablespoon of Paprika, a large Onion, two Carrots, two cloves of Garlic, a tin of Chopped Tomatoes, a Beef Stock Cube and some Oil to fry Firstly get your Onion and Carrots Chop each end of the Onion off, halve it, peal it, and then roughly chop it Then add to the pan Then get your two Carrots, chop each end off, peal them and then roughly chop and add to the pan as well

Then get your two cloves of Garlic, peel them and finely chop, and you guessed it, add them to the pan as well along with your Flour and the Paprika Now it's time to get the Meat With a sharp knife, roughly chop it into cubes then add to the pan Light your hob and then turn the heat down Stick the pan on and start browning the meat, adding some Oil as well

Once the Meat is nice and brown, get your Tinned Tomatoes and throw them into the pan Crumble in your Stock Cube and give everything a stir Then get some boiling water so the ingredients are just about covered Bring the pan to a simmering point, stick the lid on and then leave to simmer for about one hour and 30 minutes After an hour and 30, take the lid off and your Stew should be nice and thick and ready to serve

If it's not, simply leave it to simmer for a little bit longer without the lid You can check out some more of my recipes by clicking on one of the videos coming up Including my Irish stew recipe which also has Guinness in it!

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