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Best social media platforms for Realtors

Let's talk about the I am a huge believer that you should not try to be on every platform


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I honestly believe that you should pick the best social media platform you and go all-in So whether that is doing Facebook lives or doing Instagram and Instagram stories or YouTube, it doesn't really matter which social media platform you choose as long as you commit to it 100% Any of you that already know me know that I chose YouTube and honestly I would argue that YouTube is not really a social media platform at all but rather a search engine People go on YouTube and they look how to learn about something so if I were going to be moving to Des Moines Iowa I might go on YouTube and say moving to Des Moines what's it like to live in Des Moines how much does it cost to live in Des Moines I could do that on YouTube or I could do it on Google and because Google owns YouTube if you've got a video that's ranking very well on YouTube it can also show up on the first page of Google results that's why I say it's more of a search engine than a social media platform but I honestly feel that no matter which social media platform you decide to use to promote your business you should just pick one and really concentrate on it I make tons of youtube videos do I share them on Facebook sure do I share them on Pinterest and Google+ and Google my business yes absolutely but do I try to make a video and then upload it on 15 different platforms no I don't we as get so overwhelmed I mean think about what you have to do every day now imagine if I film this video horizontally facebook but then I film it again vertically Instagram or you know I I snip it down to do little tiny 20-second clips snapchat or Instagram stories I think it's too easy to get overwhelmed and then do none of it or do all of it half asked and then not ever see any results me I went all in on YouTube about a year and a half ago and I went from 18 subscribers to currently I'm almost as seventeen hundred subscribers I get leads several times a week from people that say I found your YouTube channel we're ready to sell we're ready to buy we want you to help us so I'm a hundred percent convinced that choosing your one platform and going all-in is the way to go so if you love doing Facebook live and you want that to be your platform that's awesome if you want to go all-in with Instagram stories or your podcasts or alexa flash briefings or whatever it is that you want to do i encourage you to just pick that one thing that you love that's easy enough you to do that you'll continue to do it so that you can be consistent and i promise you you will see results if you stick with it if you decide that you want YouTube to be your platform let me tell you why I chose it number one SEO if you do a Google search and somebody's video shows up and you click on it BAM that is the beauty of SEO right there and guess what it was free I do not pay ads these are organic searches where my videos show up either on Google or on YouTube or both number two its evergreen content if I make a video today about reasons I love living in Savannah I can get leads from it next week next month next year 3 years from now my best performing videos are videos that I made you know a year and a half two years ago so why not harness the power of the internet spend the hour to record and edit the video but have it reap the rewards years to come a Facebook live will never do that you'll get tons of reach the first few days may be a whole week and then nobody will ever see it again number three it doesn't matter what platform people are on instance if you choose Instagram everybody's on Instagram not everybody's on snapchat and not everybody's on Facebook but everybody is on the internet doing a Google search and they don't even have to be doing the search on YouTube so if they are doing a Google search and they find you and they start watching your videos you're in which brings me to point number four the best way to get a new client is to get face to face with them they have to know who you are they have to like you and they have to trust you in order to want to hire you your services if you can't be face to face in front of a group of 500 people the next best way to do that is with video so if you are on video and they watch one of your videos and they like you so they watch the next one and they watch the next one and then they subscribe to your channel and now they're getting notified every week or every three days or whatever it is when you're putting out new content they're constantly getting notified that you have content that is helpful to them and they naturally call you when it's time them to need your services can you get leads from Facebook sure do you have to spend a lot of money on ads yeah do you have to spend tons of time in facebook groups posting and responding when people tagged you know somebody says I need a real turn three of your past clients tagged you that's awesome but if you don't respond fast enough 37 other agents were tagged before you even get the notification on your phone right so that's why I love YouTube it's very effective it's very cost effective and it works so if I have convinced you to start using YouTube your business which I hope I have I did a free webinar called the 7 secrets to making YouTube videos that will get your phone to ring click the link down in the comments you can enroll in this webinar it is free it's about 45 minutes long I'm going to talk 30 minutes about why YouTube is great and how you need to format your videos so that you'll actually get leads from it and then I'll take questions and answers at the end so I hope you can join me on the webinar thanks so much watching and I will see you on the neck

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