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Best Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing. How To Drive Traffic To Affiliate Offers With Solo Ads

– Hey, hey, what's up everybody? Anthony Morrison here and excited share an awesome training you guys Now, you can see I'm kind of doing this from my home office so I've got some awesome art behind me, the beach this way, and, you know, really, this is a great way bring in what I think will be one of the most important trainings that you take here inside this course and it's because we all know that one of the most difficult things get right, no matter what program you're in, is traffic, right? It's one of the most– I guess it's like that thing that we're always chasing but then we never really feel like we've achieved, which is, " can I get consistent traffic? " can I get traffic that's going convert? "How can I get traffic that's going convert "into sales me but at a cost that makes sense me "where I'm spending less than I'm making?" We've gone through all types of channels, right? There's social media, which we'll talk a little bit about, there's Google and Yahoo and the whole search engine type of traffic, and then there's this other traffic source called


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And if you've taken some of my other trainings or if you've joined me on my weekly Success Connections then you know we've talked about solo ads, what they are, how they work, and really why they are so effective, especially for people that are just getting started Where people that want a specific, consistent amount of traffic on a weekly basis Currently, with our company, as we film this training for you, we spent $40,000 to $50,000 a week on solo ads And so what I wanted to do is bring an expert on solo ads into our course here and ask him some tough questions and really try to help you to better understand why solo ads work so well, some mistakes that you can make and how to avoid them when you're getting started, and then how you can really scale your business using solo ads So, of course, the guy that you see on the screen, Igor, one of my good friends here that has been doing solo ads for quite some time

So, obviously, man, I appreciate you taking some time out to do this training with me, do this video for my students It's important to me that they always learn from the and, you know, I'm good at solo ads, right? I don't by any means think I'm the expert at solo ads but I started seeing a lot of your name popping up, people talking about, you know, "I got these from Igor, I got this ad from Igor, "I got this solo ad from Igor and it did well "and did well and did well," and finally I was just like, "Hey, I'd like to talk to him" And so we hooked up, we started talking and I'm so excited that you're able to share some of your insights into solo ads because I think you would agree with me and with some of our students that they work really well for a lot of people – Yes, absolutely And, you know, I really appreciate the opportunity as well because as much as I love solo ads and as simple as they are, we're going to be chatting about this, you mentioned it's one of the easiest ways for a beginner to get started online, especially if they have a good offer that they can funnel that traffic to

So, there are some things you need to know before you start with solo ads to increase your chances of success and, you know, I'm happy to share these with everyone listening now and into the future because once you, again like you said, once you solve that, I wouldn't call it a challenge, it's more of like an ongoing demand, needs, like, you know, you need gas for your car, you need food for your stomach, and you need traffic for your business, you always need that, and once you solve this one thing, everything gets so much easier because there's really two types of people online: the ones who know how to get traffic when they've got an offer to promote and they always seem to make money, nothing seems to stifle them, and if one offer doesn't work for them, all they have to do is switch the offer and kind of move on to the next thing and there's people who can't get traffic and so it doesn't matter what tools you give them, the they want to promote, or the business they want to run, they always stumble into the same wall and it keeps them away from success and that is, "How do I get more lead?" So, this is exactly what this call is all about – Right, yeah, and that's the reason why we do this because, you know, whether someone's in my master program or we give them something to promote, my Success With Anthony program, all the different programs that we have where we kind of provide that avenue for them to build their list, promote good products, it all still starts with traffic, right? So, you can have everything in the world but if you don't have traffic, then it's not going to start your business So, I'll keep this as short as possible but I also want to keep it as informative as possible so I put down some key questions I want to make sure that we went over One thing that I mentioned earlier, and this is for everybody that's brand new to buying solo ads What are some of the mistakes that first time buyers make that you can help my students to avoid? – Okay, that's a good question because most people just kinda ask a big general question

"Igor, how do I become a millionaire?", right? They're not concerned about the detail but when you approach solo ads and when you have to play with your own money, things get real Like, you have your own skin in the game so some of the common mistakes I'm seeing, again just off the top of my head, would be first off, people aren't even aware of the fact that when they traffic, they get lots of fake leads So that's a big issue and for that particular reason, being somebody who spends as much as $120,000, $150,000 per month on solo ads as a traffic source, I found out eventually that there was a big portion of my lead flow that wasn't even real So, I was paying for leads that were getting on my email list and often into my capture pages that simply did not exist, for whatever reason Sometimes it would be a real email that just gets disabled, sometimes it's a fake email because the person doesn't want to give me their email, other times it's a specifically-designed spam trap that hurts your deliverability

So, what I've had done, because I haven't found a solution to it, eventually, I developed my own solution and I coded this software that we called VerifyShark that I'm now giving to all of my clients for free when they want traffic with us And of course, Ambassador members and your clients will not be an exception to this It protects you from fake leads So, in other words, anywhere between 10% and 30% of traffic that you would otherwise get unprotected, would be fake and you'd just basically paying for that stuff and you're not able to make a profit with these leads or these are not even real people Now, simply, those cannot get on your list because the software blocks them

So, that's one thing Lots of fake leads out there and most people who get into solo ads are simply not equipped with the knowledge and the tools to block them The second thing I'm seeing is a lot of people are driving traffic without building their list In other words, what they're doing is they're driving traffic to an offer page, that may be like a sales page selling some kind of product, but we all know that in direct-response marketing, which is what this is, it's direct-response marketing only the primary media we're using is the internet, we're operating with small conversion percentages Which means if I'm sending 100 people to an offer page and I, say, have five or two commit to a purchase, I still have these 95 or 97 or 98 people that didn't take action

Now, most people, they just leave them as they are and just continue to buy more traffic so it's not efficient It's kind of like buying gas for your car but having 95% of it not end up in your car You know? It really doesn't make any sense So, instead, what's really important, which is why the investor program is such a great program, is because you get to build your asset And before presenting them with an offer, you present them with a capture page, quote unquote squeeze that email, build that list, so then you can follow up with them

So, in the same example, say 100 people, we send them to our capture page, we have, say, 50 of them opt-in So now we have 50 people that continue to the next stage of the funnel We still convert about two or five of them anyway because they showed commitment It's the same people who would otherwise have bought Yet we now have another 45 people we can follow up with and over the course of the next 30 to, say, 90 days, realistically close about five to 10 more sales

And this way, we not only make more money but we now have an asset And here's using this for an example, Anthony Something that even I didn't know until recently Basically, a lot of people think that if your lead doesn't purchase from you in the first 14 days, this seems to be the magic number for people, then they're not going to buy from you and they get discouraged but what I discovered after running a series of promotions to my list in the previous 60 days and then asking my assistant to find out how many people were actually buying each and every single thing that I emailed about She found out that only 3% of people purchased everything and that most people were purchasing different things for the first time

So, in other words, these people spent months, if not years, on my email list without buying anything and then all of a sudden, they started buying So, unlike with other strategies, when you build your business this way, when you drive traffic to a capture page, capture the leads, and then follow up with them, you end up making more money over time So, it's kind of like, you know, investing your money in real estate and having an actual return on investments over time Same thing with list building That's the only way, that's the only way to have positive return on your business and your traffic over time

– Right yeah, and you know, I took some notes You made some good points and these are points that I've taught our students, you know, fake leads A couple years ago we developed software called Mobile Optin which only addresses that issue on mobile but it literally requires people on mobile devices, when they opt-in to your pages, to use the email address that's stored in their phone so it eliminates fake email addresses, secondary email addresses, it eliminates everything And so a lot of our students watching this probably have Mobile Optin, which will help with the situation We also have software like BuildRedirects, which helps to redirect what, you know, we call bot traffic and things so there's always different things that you can plug in and, of course, this VerifyShark, which is verifying your leads

I mean, this is something you give them for free when they get solo ads from you, which is what I want to talk about now because there are, you know, we provide solo ads for our students and we think it's great We have a specific list that we use and we provide solo ads However, I also think that diversity is key I think that, you know, you want to have many options At least a few of your top options when it comes to buying solo ads

However, I also know that one of the mistakes that first time buyers make is they don't know who to buy from when they buy these solo ads and like you said, they get hammered with all this fake stuff And so there's a big difference between your traffic and a lot of the traffic that we've seen out there and that I see out there, and we talk a little about it is that you're spending $100,000, $125,000 or whatever a month to keep your list fresh, to keep the people on your list engaged, to keep– And for those of you that are watching this, that's the important thing is a fresh and engaging list because if you're getting fake subscribers and you're getting bot traffic and you're getting all these things that aren't even real, and then you throw in there traffic that's not really engaged, it's not really– We call it influence, right? Like, they say that social media is influencers, right? Where they make a post on Instagram and all of sudden, they've influenced the world Well, you can still do that through email as well And that's where the original influence came from Influence for marketing came from email

When I send an email, people know who I am, they respond based on their relationship or affinity or lack thereof with me The same thing happens with you So, having a branded person on the other end of solo ads makes a big difference and I know that that's something that you have So, what I want to talk about a little bit is– So, you have a service where you sell solo ads I've seen it, we've tested it, a lot of our students have tested it, that's the reason why we're filming this video

I actually found out about what you were doing and the quality of your solo ads, really, from my own students, from other master students and students in other programs And so what I want to talk a little about is– I know that we're getting kind of deep into the time here and I want everybody to be able to learn as much as possible so I'm gonna keep you a little bit longer than we agreed on but how much should people buy? Like, let's say they're buying a solo ad from you They know that it's going to be better quality traffic, they know that it's going to have this VerifyShark in front of it that's gonna help make sure they get real leads, they know that you're actively refreshing your list so it's an active, engaged list that's influenced by you so it's a real brand behind it So what do you think a person should spend on their first solo ad purchase? They're just out of the gate, they're starting their business I always tell them to start small, make sure they don't have any mistakes in their funnels before they buy big but what are your thoughts? – Yeah, so, the way I approach it is not with the exact amount of money to spend because that may be relative to different people, right? Some people play with their $200 in their pocket, other people come in with $2,000

It all depends on the level of commitment and financial possibilities For me, personally, I started out with my very first paid traffic campaign was a $200 campaign that actually resulted in nothing It wasn't with solos, it was with PPV traffic but for me, that was a very painful experience because at the time, I was living in Israel and that would be quite literally about a week's worth of full-time, 12 hour workdays So, when I invested $200 in traffic, my fiance, she just didn't get it I mean, she didn't fight me for it but she did not get it

So, whatever your budget is, here's a couple things that I recommend you consider when you decide how much you would like to invest in your first campaign The first thing to remember is that with solo ads, you usually get what you pay for In other words, what happens is people who you will approach who will be willing to sell you very, very, very, very cheap traffic are usually doing that because they cannot otherwise monetize their email list In other words, because their list is, for lack of a better word, beaten to death In other words, if they try to live off of that list, promoting actual products for their own sake, they will not be able to sustain themselves

So, a lot of times, the price people charge you for every click they are willing to send you, dictates what they know they can get from the list And so, that's one consideration You get what you pay for Now, what I recommend is for your first campaign to be, if you can afford it, about 500 clicks That's a good starting point

Now, if you absolutely cannot, then try to do 300 I do not like the idea of starting out with 100 or maybe even 150 click campaign, although some people do prefer that just because that's their budget, simply because it is very small to gauge any response Plus, you never know if you're just lucky In other word, if you have somebody with a list of 10,000 people who can send you 500 clicks and you're only getting 100 clicks, you may just get lucky and get one or two sales and that's the most their list can do So, you don't know if your– You can't gauge whether or not that database is good

But again, the beauty about solo ads, really, is that no matter your budget, even if your budget is $50, you can still find a quote unquote solo vendors who will be able to accommodate to that price tag Now, I'll be honest with you, we will not be able to Like, we don't have packages as small as $50 We have packages starting from as little as $300, I believe, $327 or something like that But if you actually mention the investor program, you will most likely get a discount so we can go a bit lower than that

But what I can tell you is that regardless whether you get traffic with us, okay, you can go and get traffic with the sources Anthony mentioned or some other sources, you can always find a source that's willing to work with your budget So, you simply have to get patient, start your research, and, again, ask and you shall receive There's always people who are willing And then, you start small, you start getting some conversions, you build your list, you mail your list, you get those sales, you get your commissions, and then you reinvest back That's how I bootstrapped my entire business from the moment I was making as little as $100 a day, which was my initial big milestone, and all the way to today where today, we can produce as much as $30,000 or $60,000 in a single day

Again, it was all bootstrapped from the small campaigns who paid for themselves over time and then money was reinvested – Right, and that's what I like about solo ads is it also– You know, one of the things that I tell everybody, and this is why I wanted to film this training and put this in here is because one of the things that I think is important is if you're sending a person to a squeeze page to ask them to opt-in for a free book or for a free training or whatever, so something within the Ambassador program, or maybe it's just something outside of that, maybe there's students that are watching this that they have other types of businesses where they're trying to be lead in, a person that's already on your list has a propensity for opting into and joining an email list, then opening an email, then clicking on the email So, when they get to your landing page, obviously, this is a person who has given you a real email address, who has opened your email, taken an action and clicked to land on, say, my landing page if I advertise with you Whereas when I run an ad on something like Facebook, I'm throwing it out there into this pond of tons of people, many of which don't care about what I'm doing or have a clue why in the world they're seeing this ad, many of which don't give their email addresses to anybody for any reason, many of which don't have any interest in what we're really trying to promote to them, and it's just kind of like, you're putting this small little grain of sand out on the beach and saying, "Here, let's hope that there's a lot of people here "who are interested in trying" And I'm not saying that it doesn't work

What I'm saying is you're advertising, you're paying your dollars to Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or whatever to reach all these people that don't even have a propensity to do what it is you want them to do, which is opt-in to your email list, right, to take an action That's the first action that happens before even a purchase takes place What paying for solo ads is, I'm only paying for the people that visit my page so I'm only paying for the clicks that you send me, right? Which means visitors to my page I'm not paying to be seen, I'm paying for an action, which is one thing that I like about it It's the way it used to be really with all marketing online And then, when a person gets there, I know that they came from a list where they likely had to do the same thing that I want them to do in order to get on it

Something they have is the propensity to put their real email address in, to opt-in to an opt-in page, to buy something So, I think the– Provided that people are using, you know, comparing apples to apples We're sending people from a list like you have where you're teaching people internet marketing, you're teaching them solo ads, you're teaching them to make money, now you're sending that traffic to a like-type offer, there's a great opportunity there for people to be able to make money You also said something else that made a lot of sense to me, which is, "You get what you pay for" There are a lot of people that will sell solo ad traffic for $0

20 a click and what I don't want is my students to get caught up in the, "Gosh, I can get it for $020," because like you said, if a person that's sending out their emails could make more than $020 promoting other offers, then they wouldn't sell you the traffic for $020 They would just go promote an offer and make $0

50 or $1, $2 So, often times when you see a solo ad being sold, you can bet that that person is generating close to that amount every time they send an email per click, right? So, if you're selling yours for $1 a click, well there's a good chance that you're making $1 a click, give or take, when you do a promo Now, so that begs the question, and a lot of my students will probably be asking themselves right now, "Well, why would anybody sell solo ads then?" Well, it's real simple You can't always find an offer to promote so it's not like there's always something to promote right now to my list whereas solo ads can be very consistent when you're a buyer and when you're a seller It works both ways

And then also, sometimes we're willing to give up a few percentage points for that consistency So, where my list might make $130 when I send out an email promotion, and I may only charge $110 for a click for a solo ad, I might me willing to give up that $020 to have a consistent income, right? And I'll let somebody else make the other $0

20 And one of the things that we teach our Ambassadors and we teach the people within our program is you're building a list so you can become a solo ad seller as well, right? You're not just building your list to sell these products, you can also become a solo ad seller and if your list has quality subscribers, which I know that yours does, you can sell your solo ads for more money So it's all around a better thing to have higher quality in your business than just trying to mass brute force a bunch of people through there that have really no interest in anything like you said most of (audio cuts out) So, it think it's really good We've kind of covered, at least in my opinion, why social media is probably not the best place to start your marketing and your business

I think this is far more consistent and predictable, which is good Obviously, we've talked about how to start off with 300 to 500 clicks and if that's not acceptable, that's not within your budget, then try to find someone to work with you within the budget that you have but it is important for people to realize that when you buy a solo ad and you get 100 clicks and you don't make a sale day one, that doesn't mean that it didn't work And that doesn't mean that– – You could but it's not guaranteed Most people will take their time That first sale is really the hardest

– Yeah and when you get 100, 200, 300 clicks, first of all, you give yourself more of an opportunity to get enough data to see what it's really going to do and then also, you get enough people on your email list now that the follow ups and the everything else that takes place will help And for people in our Ambassador Program, we send emails for almost three years now So, I mean, we see people that convert nine months down the road and they finally get an email that resonates, it finally hits the button and they're like, "Oh, I think I want this," and they buy it So, I mean, it's not like you said where you have to make a sale in the first 14 days or else these people are not worth continuing to talk to That's not true

I mean, we make sales for years down the road and that's what we do for all our Ambassadors So, the idea that a campaign doesn't work if it doesn't make money day one is not an ideal kind of mindset to be in when you're buying a solo ad because, really, you're building an asset and you're investing your money into building your list while also generating sales at the same time So, you've got some packages of solo ads Some of them have been discounted a little bit for our students What I'm gonna do is put a link below this video here in the training

When people go to your website, they're going to see a bunch of different options in terms of just how many clicks they can buy at one time, right? You guys know we're not doing this just to make a ton of money, make a fortune In fact, I even discussed with him, typically in a scenario like this, we get an affiliate commission In some cases, we might even waive the affiliate commission completely in order to get you a lower price on the clicks So, there will be a little bit of that going on as well because my goal is to get you to get as much traffic as you can, pump it through the program, build your list, build your business, and everybody makes money and everybody's happy, everybody's successful in that regard So, that's really what we're here to do – By the way, I do have to cut you for just a second and mention that, like, 99% of people don't do that

Just so you guys understand what kind of mentor you chose to work with 99% of people who decide to recommend us to their tribes and customers, they will happily, they will happily take the affiliate commissions but the first thing that Anthony said was like, "Bro, I don't need affiliate commissions, "I'm doing well, you know, we're all right "Instead, can we apply that to a discount for my people?" And so, obviously we're doing that, absolutely Plus, we're going to get some over delivery on top of the orders So if you, say, get 500 clicks, then we're gonna send you, like, 550 clicks or if you get 1,000, it's going to be 1,100

So, we're going to throw some extra free clicks for you in addition to that but I just want you guys to know that Anthony has your interest in mind first before his own financial interest, which is, you know, let's face it, in this industry, is rare, is really rare so I just wanted to– – Yeah, definitely rare but one of the things that needs to be, I think, more prominent in this industry is a little less about, "How much money can we make off every single person "that buys from us?" And a little bit more about, "How much can we help them make money?" Because I've found that it really is a reciprocal thing The more we started– Like we do a Success Connection training now, which all of our masters and everybody in our programs are invited to and I'm sure most of you are attending on Thursday nights I do that completely free It's an insane amount of time and work and energy and prepping and I mean literally on my desk at all points in time are my notes for each Success Connections I mean, it's like a prom– And this is free, this is not even anything that people pay for

But what I found is is that through teaching them more, through educating them more, through giving them a little bit more and not saying, "Hey, pay me for this, "pay me for this, pay me for this," when we have an offer that makes sense like the Ambassador Program or like our Mobile Optin software or BuildRedirects or something like this, people say, "Wow, okay," and they take action on it because they realize that we're not trying to get every single pay that we could possibly get, it's really a structured program to try to help people to be successful and that's the reason why I brought you on We don't have anybody else in our members area, we don't promote to anyone else in our members area But what I don't want people doing is randomly just going around the internet, trying to buy solo ads and falling into the traps that a lot of people fall into, which is buying stuff that doesn't work, buying from people that don't deliver real traffic and all the stuff we've talked about on here, which is why I said, "Hey, maybe we'll bring you in "and we'll give them an alternate source of solo ad traffic" They get traffic from us now but they can also get traffic from you And I'll be honest, your traffic is more expensive than ours and there's a reason for that We are spending way more money to– Or, you know, way more money on solo ads, right? And so, a lot of times, we're able to get our cost and build our list at an average rate that allows us to just sell our traffic a little bit cheaper

Plus, we take a huge loss in order to sell traffic to our students' list So, we don't make a profit on it at all There's zero profit in it But it's a completely different traffic source than what you have and so it's important to not look at, "Well, Anthony's traffic is $060 or $0

70 "and yours is $1 or whatever" That, again, that's not what's important What's important is having diversity, having multiple traffic sources and some of them will convert better than others, right? Like, your traffic may actually convert better to our offer, through our funnels, through us, than mine, than my own traffic So, we're testing that with you right now so we'll put some results below this when it's finished – It's very simple, really

Like, you said, don't put all your eggs in one basket And in this industry, we have so many options (dog barking drowns out speech) And so what you may find is even you'll get Anthony's traffic and you're gonna get better results from Anthony's traffic or you may find that you'll get results from my traffic this month and next month, it's not going to convert as well Like, it happens I actually– You know, Anthony and I we were chatting about YouTube traffic the other day and we're testing it now and what I find is that today, I can have really cool conversions at as little as $5 a pop and the next day, nothing Like, literally zero

Like, it happens So, it depends on the kind of people you fall into but what's important is that you have to view it in the long term, right, so you don't just see it as today, you see it in the span of whatever your customer lifespan is And like Anthony said, for you that can be as long as three years, easy, easy So, yeah, don't get caught up in, like, feeling like you have to use either one traffic source All right? You want to test them all eventually but you don't have to, like, lock yourself into one

You definitely want to have multiple traffic streams coming in but, again, this is just something you will get into the more you do traffic generation – Absolutely Well, listen, man, I appreciate you being here and filming this video for me for my students We've gone over some really awesome stuff We've got the link to your traffic sources right below

So, to get in on– To get traffic from Igor, get his clicks, to go through some of his packages, all of which have been discounted They'll be over delivered, they'll be underpriced in terms of what his norm is and you'll really be able to kind of have that second traffic source and that source that we've kind of found is working because other people have told us it was working, which is how he ended up getting here You can click the link below Make sure that you use this link because this link is a tracking link It means it is kind of quote unquote an affiliate link

That does not, again, mean that we're always making affiliate– – It gets your price reduction, most important, so we know This is for us This is not for you, this is not for Anthony, this is for us so we know to give you that price reduction and if you're watching on mobile right now and you don't see the big page or whatever, maybe you're on your iPad at home, which I do that sometimes then you can simply remember this address You can go to igorsoloadscom/a

Okay, so, just one letter Igorsoloadscom/a which stands for the Ambassador So, you use that link from any machine, any computer, any mobile device, you'll land on the page and you'll need to submit an application form to start the conversation When you do, we will know that you came from this training video or from any other relationship you have with Anthony or the Ambassador Program

That is how we know to know you're a good, you know, you're a good customer so we can serve you, that's how we know to reduce your price, that's how we know to give you the lead verification software, the over delivery So, it's really important just for us Now, if you're coming to us from any other avenue at all, it's because we're, like Anthony said, we're everywhere, make sure– We always have, like, "How did you hear about us?" fields in our forms Make sure to mention either the Ambassador Program or Anthony so, again, we know So, we know to give you that price reduction, over delivery, and all the bonuses and perks

– Awesome, awesome Well, listen, guys I know we went a little longer than we normally do for our training videos I try to normally keep them at 15 minutes This one's about 33 but there's so much good information here, there's so much knowledge that you need in order to be massively successful at this that I truly believe it's well worth the time

And, of course, if you want to get some more solo ads and you want to kind of, you know, test out a new traffic source, one that I'm almost positive is going to convert really well for you, because again, we've seen other Ambassadors and other students that have used your traffic, you can click the link below inside of the members area here It'll take you to a special page, it gives you the price reduction, it gives you the VerifyShark software, it's gonna give you the over delivery, and, of course, the hand holding that you need in order to be really successful He's promised me he's going to take care of all of our students, that's the reason why I took the time to film this video, I didn't just slap a link into the members area and say, "Here, go buy ads here" This is really, again, specifically to help you guys be successful and build a better, stronger, and more profitable business in email lists So, I'm excited, man

Again, thank you so much for coming on and doing this training and we're gonna send you a lot of students and I know you're gonna send out a lot of traffic for them so I'm looking forward to seeing the results – Same here I look forward to serving your clients, I look forward to helping everyone in the Ambassador Program get more conversions, get you the leads that you need to build your business And, again, my priority is to get you real traffic, okay? No fake leads, no nothing We're also gonna make sure that 95% of your traffic is gonna come from North America, so USA and Canada, because these are the best markets for the types of programs like the Ambassador Program and, also, we have vast experience serving similar programs, not identical but similar programs, that help other people make money online and fire their boss by giving them an automated system

So, we have developed our own backhand system to serve clients like you who want to achieve this particular goal So, that's our business for years now and, therefore, we will do everything, we'll take all of our resources and apply them to help you get the leads you need to grow your business even if you're brand new, you're starting from scratch, you don't know anything technical Even if you're, like, green behind the ears, this is what we're here for So, again, I appreciate the opportunity, I appreciate your trust, and I look forward to working with you guys – Awesome, man

Well, look, you guys heard it from him It's going to be a great, great experience for all of you Click the link below to get tracking You can come back to this page right here in the members area to keep going back and buying more traffic You can use this link below

So, we look forward to helping you guys get some results Fill me in, let me know, post in our groups, shoot me some emails, let me know how your results are, and we'll continue to work really hard to help you have the most successful business, build the best email list, and, of course, be the happiest, happiest students that we've ever had So, with that said, take action, use the links below, and give us some feedback as soon as you have it

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